Vampire Diaries - The Oracle

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Chapter 1:

Sam's POV:

I kept twirling my gold-ring around, anxious and impatient, and worrying about what on Earth was going to happen to me. However, then the car stopped and all of a sudden I felt relieved as I noticed my uncle Alaric Saltzman.

The social worker Mrs. Freeman turned looked over her shoulder to me and smiled as though she was comforting me or trying to make me relax. She knew I was scared and had a hard time trusting certain people after what had happened to me.

Instinctively, I scratched my sore neck, but the reminding of the Doctor telling me not to scratch my stitches open, stopped me after a few seconds and instead I turned my attention to my sore wrist. Self-inflicted, but not scratch able too.

Mrs. Freeman sighed heavily as though she had to send a beloved one off to the big and scary world all alone. She was a mother of three children and two of them were teenagers like me, so of course she couldn't help, but feel bad about leaving me here even though they were my family and supposed to make me feel safe. She was worried, because she didn't think they would be safe enough, when my own father had been violent to me too. What stopped my uncle from being mean to me too? What made him more trustable and caring more than my own father did?

"Sammy", she said in a soft tone and turned towards me. "If you don't want to stay with your family or you just want to talk with me, then…" She took out her business card and gave it to me. "Promise me, you'll call, kay?" I nodded.

My Uncle Alaric looked older and more mature than the last time we met. I was only four or five years old and my mother hadn't run away from me and my father with her lover yet. Alaric was her younger brother and they used to be so close, until my mother met my alcoholic father and chose to marry him when she got pregnant. But Alaric seemed like he still loved me dearly and didn't hesitate to take me into his embrace.

"Wow, you've gotten so much taller now! I can't believe it's been what? 12 years?" he exclaimed.

I nodded and felt tears run down my cheeks. I quickly dried them away and tried not to show just how glad I was to see him. I knew he deserved to see it, but I didn't want him to see the tears and the sadness. I only wanted him to see me smile.

"I know it's late and I know you're probably tired so I'll just show you your bedroom before I head back to the school", Alaric said, while carrying my bags upstairs to my new bedroom.

"When are you coming home?" I asked worriedly.

"Around eleven, I think. It's parenting meeting." He sighed and gave me a goodbye kiss on the top of my head before leaving his house.

I went early to bed, feeling completely exhausted from the long trip from Los Angeles to Mystic Falls, and wanting to forget how horrible my past had been. I tried to fall asleep and get some rest for tonight, but the minutes went by and I was still fully awake.

Therefore, I got dressed again and took my jacket on before leaving my home for a little walk outside. I enjoyed the beautiful moon which was shining very brightly tonight, and looked curiously at all of the shining stars. They were enchanting to look at and made me forget about my problems for a moment.

But then I suddenly felt my face bump into someone – a young man – and I felt my cheeks become blushing red from embarrassment. I hadn't notice him walking towards me, but luckily the man didn't get mad or anything. He just looked at me and smiled weakly as if he recognized me. And I, who had become completely dazed by his charming smirk, his enchanting sky-blue eyes which seemed to look right into my soul, and that muscular body of his, made me rather star-struck.

"S-sor-sorry", I tried to say, but it came out more like a nervous stutter.

"It's okay", he said and reached for the bracelet I always easily dropped. He helped me get it on and smiled again. "You must be new. Alaric Saltzman's niece, right?"

He knew Uncle Rick? I nodded and tried not to blush too much when he gave me his hand to shake mine. His hand felt soft and warm and made my knees go weak. I didn't know why I felt this way towards a stranger and especially to a 20-22-year-old guy.

"I'm Samantha or just Sam", I said.

"Damon Salvatore", he said and I pulled my hand back. "So… Sam, what are you doing outside this late? Haven't Rick told you about the animal-attacks?"

"No, but a woman I know did. I'm not scared of whatever animal is going around at night…"

Damon laughed for some reason and smirked. "Well maybe you should be", he whispered into my ear and made me feel a shiver go through my body. "C'mon, I'll follow you home."

Even though I wasn't too fond of talking with strangers or letting them follow me home, then Damon told me that he was a good friend of Alaric and he promised me teasingly that he wouldn't bite me or anything, because I looked too cute and innocence to do such a heinous crime.

We came back to my home around 10:30, which meant that Alaric would be home very soon. Damon wanted to speak with Alaric about something important so I offered him to stay and let him inside. I made a cup of tea for both of us and told him about why I had to live here. He was curious, but at the same time he also understood me and didn't seem like a jerk even though he kindda looked an arrogant jerk, who liked to sleep with girls and then leave them right after.

"You never told me what happened to your father", Damon said after a while. I shrugged and turned on the television. Damon pulled me down next to him, took the remote control and turned the television off again. "Your story will be safe with me. I promise you that."

I sighed heavily. "He… he didn't want to go to prison again so he resisted and got himself killed by the cops", I said and began to feel rather uncomfortable around Damon. It was like he was craving for something and hopefully it wasn't sex. I enjoyed talking with him. "I should better go to bed now. Alaric will probably be home soon, so…"

I got up and went to the staircase, but was stopped on the way by Damon. He pushed me up against the wall and had his body so close to mine that I could feel his heart beating. I tried to say something and to get away, but I couldn't take my eyes away from those enchanting sky-blue eyes. It was like I was staring at the beautiful moon or watching the sun rise. I saw Damon's pupils dilate and began to feel dazed. I was hypnotized by his look.

"Do you like me?" he asked and I couldn't stop myself from nodding. He smiled. "Good. Then let me have a taste of that sweet blood of yours."

Automatically, I took off the bandages around my sore wrist and lifted my arm to his mouth. He showed me his fangs and his eyes began to glow in a dark reddish way with pulsating veins around them and on his cheeks. He bit me and I let out a squeak, but I ignored the pain and let him fill him up with my blood. He smiled and let go of my hand after a few seconds. He helped me get my bandages on again and hid the fresh wound he had given me.

"Good girl", he smirked and gave me a kiss on my cheek. "Now forget about what has happened and go to bed. I want you to forget ever meeting me. But… don't forget your feelings towards me."

I nodded understandingly and went back upstairs to my bedroom. I felt extremely tired and this time I could fell asleep without any problems.

Damon's POV:

Heavenly delicious. That was how Sam's blood tasted like. I had never tasted so sweet, fresh, and pure blood before, and I was craving for more. But I knew that old Uncle Rick would soon be home and therefore I had to wait. I had to use the information I had gotten from her to win her heart over, because she had defiantly won mine over.

"Damon", Alaric said in a firm tone and looked worriedly after his dear niece. "What are you doing here?"

"What? Can't I hang out with my favorite friend? Oh, and don't worry about that cute little niece of yours. She's still sleeping upstairs", I said knowingly that Alaric would get annoyed and he did. "Why haven't you ever told me you have a beautiful 17-year-old niece?"

"Because she's none of your business, Damon", Alaric answered. "But again – what are you doing here?"

I frowned. "Stefan and I have a new lead about Klaus. We've been told that full blooded vampires can be lured out and killed by an Oracle. You know anything about such thing?" I said.

Alaric had to think about that, but nodded hesitantly and went in to his library where he took out an old book from the top shelf. He had been given this book by his very own sister and I could tell that by looking at the name that was written on the first page. It said "To my dearest little brother – Kaia." Kaia was the name of Sam's mother and according to Sam she ran away with her lover.

"My sister studied ancient religion and she used to obsess about oracles, priestesses, and old magic, and according to old legends with oracles and vampires, she has written that in the legend about the sun and the moon that the daughter of the Shaman who cursed them, was a very powerful oracle. The daughter was the final piece in which the curse could be lifted. But the daughter had to remain pure if she could be used to the ritual or else the vampires and wolfs were basically screwed. The daughter is of course dead, but it says that every 100 year an oracle would be born with the same powers as the first oracle", Alaric told me and sighed. "However, the oracle isn't able to use her powers until her true love has declared his love to her. This is great and bad news, because this means that the curse can't be lifted, unless they know about the oracle's whereabouts."

I nodded and felt relieved. This meant that Elena couldn't go on a suicide mission to save everybody she loved, but we had to find this oracle before Klaus or the other vampires did.

"I'll let Stefan know", I said. "But about that niece of yours… You'd better tell her to stop walking around alone in the streets at night. She could get killed, you know."