Chapter 1: Gina, The Honor Roll Student

Nate Wright is sitting at his desk.

He thought to himself, "I'm doomed," because he was taking a pop quiz for social studies.

You would know that he meant it when he said he was doomed because he had slammed his head against his desk, and was moaning.

Finally, he decided to start his test.

It was a test on the 27 amendments.

Suddenly the social studies teacher, Mrs. Godfrey said, "10 minutes left, class."

Nate filled in question number 20.

"9 minutes left, class." Mrs. Godfrey said.

Nate filled in question number 24.

"7 minutes left, class." Mrs. Godfrey said.

Nate slowly filled in question number 27.

"5 minutes left, class." Mrs. Godfrey said.

Nate filled in question number 30.

"3 minutes left, class." Mrs. Godfrey said.

Nate filled in question number 32, but he was hesitating.

"1 minute left, class." Mrs. Godfrey said.

Nate quickly filled in question 34, and was about to finish the final question when…

"TIME'S UP!" Mrs. Godfrey shouted.

"Mrs. Godfrey I'm not…." Nate started to say.

"Quiet, Nate." Mrs. Godfrey barked.

"I am doomed." Nate thought to himself as his test was collected.

The next day, Mrs. Godfrey was passing out the graded quizzes.

"Here, Nate." Mrs. Godfrey said as she handed Nate his quiz.

Nate looked down at his quiz.

His eyes popped out of his head.

"An F!" he shouted. "But I got all of them right!"

"It was a completion grade." Mrs. Godfrey replied.

"But it's always a matter of it being right!" Nate shouted.

Then, Nate started banging his head against the desk again.

"Mrs. Godfrey, Nate is distracting me." The girl who sat behind Nate, Gina said.


Later, Nate and his friends, Teddy and Francis, were walking down the hallway.

"If it weren't for Gina and her lying, I wouldn't have detention." Nate grumbled.

Francis heard this.

"What do you mean, lying?" he asked.

"There was nothing for me to distract her from!" Nate shouted.

"Yes, there was." A voice said.

Nate, Teddy, and Francis spun around.

There, of course, was Gina.

"Well, what was it, Perfect Person?" Nate asked.

"I was reading my report card." Gina said." I made the honor roll.

This set Nate off, which you don't want to ever do.

"You're not supposed to read during class!" he shouted." You should have detention, not me!"

Then, I guess he decided as long as he was mad, he should go insane as well.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" he shouted in a half insane, half carnival-like voice. "I give you our latest freak, Gina, the Honor Roll Student!"

"You set him off." Teddy said to Gina.

"Sorry." Gina said rolling her eyes.

Then, Nate walked over to the office door to get yet another lecture from the principal.

He walked inside.

He sat on a chair outside a door with "PRINCIPAL NICHOLS" on it.

"Nate, the principal will see you now." the secretary, Mrs. Shipulski said.

Nate sighed, and walked into the principal's office.

As he did so, big orange letters popped up saying BIG NATE: THE MOVIE.