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It was freezing, the weather said it would be cold today. Amaya knew that as she looked out the classroom window then focused her eyes on the clock.

'Please come on, let it ring right now' she thought to herself as her eyes kept pacing back to the lesson in class and on the clock.

She can barely hear what the teacher was saying since she putting her attention on the time.

'3..2...1' she counted silently as the bell went off, along with everyone else she rushed out of the class room.

Amaya went by her own locker and took out her items and placed them in the bag.

The hallways of high school always reminded her of a traffic jam, its difficult to move or get through. Amaya was sort-of used to this and it was bad enough to feel like a car being compacted in the city junkyard. "Come on, let me through!" she angrilly said as kept squeezing through.

She felt someone nearly touched her back, she nearly let out a shriek before she was shoved to the floor. She blew a loose bang that was infront of her face "Creeps" she muttered to herself as she got back up again.

After a few minutes of squeezing through she was finally out of the building.

"Finally, it was suffocating in there" she muttered to herself as she reached a hand inside her bag and grabbed her iPod.

"Hmm, maybe Going Under will work I can take the scenic route to get home" she said to herself as she put on her headphones and listend to the music.

"Now I will tell you what I've done to you

Fifty thousand tears I've cried

Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you

and you still won't hear me

Going under"

She lost herself in the music as she felt a gust of wind blowing her loose dark brown hair. Amaya looked up from her iPod when she saw a few kids, by her standards those in their early teens.

'I can't believe already in my sophmore year, and yet these people can still have friends' she thought, even though she was in high school most of her own friends outgrew their interests and gone seperate ways. She never wanted to admit it to anyone even her family she couldn't deny it, she felt alone.

No matter how hard she tried to ignore it, it was true. She was considered an outcast at school just because she loved fantasy. Amaya thought to herself how what it would be like to live in a world were magic was possible.

"Who am I kidding? It would be cool to actually have a break from this boring-" her words were cut off when her foot caught hold of something and fell to the ground.

"Stupid, your suppose to stay focussed" she said to herself and looked at when made her tripped over. At first she thought it was a rock until she scrapped off the leaves and saw it was something else.

It looked like a jewel, it was an unknown shade of blew which Amaya can close to describe as sapphire. Something like this would be in a museum or a jewelers not out in the open.

Amaya carefully studied it and noticed how well it was cut in the form of a sphere.

'I am not an expert at gems, but I can't believe how well carved this is' she thought to herself as she felt something vibrate. She quickly dug into her pocket to bring out a cell-phone and pressed the button.

"Hello" she said to the caller "I know, I know I'm coming so don't... wait what?" she paused for a moment before catching herself "What?... You said that you can have the night off!" she nearly raised her voice to the phone.

"You promised us.. forget it" she said angrilly as she hung up and shoved it back into her pocket. 'Man another late night again, I guess I can try to figure out what this is?' she thought. Her mind started to wander off and thought about a world fantasy. She dreamed of magic and things that most people her age would normal dismiss.

As she held it in her hand, something from inside the jewel began to glow.

"Wait a minute what?" she said in surprise as the light started to become brighter until it became completely took over the jewel.

"What on Earth!" was all she said before it grew so bright that she felt something pull her, and then she blacked out.

When the light cleared up what was left of Amaya seemed like she disappeared without a trace.

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