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"Boss, here is a new case. It is about a woman sexually assaulted. The case ended today and it was not favorable to her. Would you like to take a look at it?"

"Yes, Faith. Thank you. Put the file here. Who was the judge?"

"Judge Rayne."

Angel clenched his teeth. The man was a complete bastard who believed that if a man resorted to force to have a known woman, she was the main culprit because of the provocative clothes and behavior. If there were any technicalities as an excuse, a man would found a way to get out of prison time with him.

"That bastard?"

"Yeah. I still can't take that man."

Faith Lehane Weinberger was married to William Weinberger, one of the firm lawyers and his best friend. She was the first woman sexually assaulted he defended just after he was accepted in W&H. William already worked in the place and helped him around in the first days. Therefore, they became friends.

One day Angel was at the Court waiting for a hearing when a huge commotion took the main corridor. A young woman, Faith, passed him crying, something he didn't like to see. He decided to investigate the matter and discovered she was sexually assaulted, but the man went out in some technicality in a case judged by Rayne. He found her and offered to take her case. At first, she refused because W&H was a big firm and she wouldn't be able to pay.

Angel believed a person could not only be rich in this job, but that she or her could help people. Therefore, in his free time he took free cases from poor people who couldn't pay for legal advice and depended of the State. So, he said to Faith he was not going to charge her and left one of his cards with the girl.

Two days later, she got over her own fears and called. He defended her and won the case. During that time, Faith showed a great knowledge of laws. She said she had to read a lot after what happened to her so she'd be able to have a full view of her case. Angel noticed she was a really smart girl and hired her to be his secretary. She and William met in the office and hit it off. Two years later, he was the witness of their marriage.

"Drusilla called to say she arrived at her doctor to her appointment. She said when it ended she would give you a call. Don't forget you have to go to the bank with her."

"Thanks, Faith. Warn me when she called."

"How is the baby by the way?"

"Everything is ok. She is happiest because the baby is moving like crazy."

"You happy?"


Faith left his office and Angel caught the file with his new client to be data. Buffy Anne Summers, what a strange name.


Buffy was tired. She hadn't be able to sleep after the result of the judgment the day before. Her assailants had left the court free of charges and she had spent the night crying. Now she was in the damn bank to solve some stupid problem about a credit card bill that couldn't be solved on the phone. She was distractedly looking around when she saw a tall man and a beautiful pregnant brunette walking in. They were directed to the VIP area of the bank where only the rich can go.

Buffy stayed eyeing the man. He had spiked brown hair and, as long as she could tell from distance, dark eyes. He was gently holding the arm of his pregnant wife while talking with the manager. The woman smiled at both occasionally while caressing her distended belly. They formed a beautiful couple and she thought of the time she wished to find someone as caring as that man. However, all of her dreams were shattered by Xander and his friends Riley and Forrest actions in a night six months before.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose.


Four men were inside the bank holding guns and threatening everyone. People were scattered on the floor in a far corner of the main hall, while the police was outside. During the initial confusion after the burglars' announcement of the robbery, someone used a communication system to call the police. Police arrived and the burglars decided to keep everyone as hostages to leave the bank. They asked for a car and a free way out of the city, without police behind them and threatened to kill one of the hostages each hour. The men kept showing the gun while walking in front of them.

Buffy looked around and saw a woman with her girl in her lap. The small girl made a crying face and the woman panicked silently probably afraid her daughter would irritate one of the man and he'd shot her. There was a couple holding hands near her. From what she heard, they just got back from their honeymoon. An old woman that passed out after the robbery announce laid out in the floor and her head was being held by one of her relatives. The rich couple she saw before was holding hands, but the woman was clearly sweating. She seemed not god at all. She sometimes scrunched her face and held her belly. Maybe she was ready to have the baby. Buffy crawled her way to go near the couple because she wanted to see if she could help the woman. She heard the man voice when she approached. He looked at her.

"Dru, just try to relax?"

The woman hissed and made a face to Angel before replying.

"Screw you! You know… I'm in pain here!"

Then, her voice softened.

"Angel… I can't lose the baby. Not now, not after everything we went through."

"Shshsh! It won't happen again."

Angel eyed Buffy the whole time Drusila was talking while she looked at her.

"Hi. I couldn't avoid to see you are in trouble. Can I help?"

Drusilla eyed Buffy and gave a little smile to the petit woman in front of her. At that moment, one of burglars approached the place where the hostages were. He pointed Drusilla and shouted. Buffy had the sinking feeling the men would hold to their promise to the police.

"You! Come with me!"

"She can't move."

Angel panicked when the man grabbed Drusilla's arm and pull her up and tried to avoid it. Drusilla doubled over in pain, while the man pulled her more with him.

"You will be a perfect present for the police. A pregnant woman killed because they refused to obey us."

The man left Drusilla standing and prepared to shot, Angel and Buffy screamed and run to help her. In the last moment, the man changed his mind, pointed the gun to Buffy and shot her. Buffy fell while holding her stomach and seeing the blood seeping through her fingers.

Then, everyone screamed when several shots were heard.