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Angel Beats!

What We Live For

Operation 55

Fallen Angels

The stairs that he took up were unlike the stairs the group had taken before. Starting from the base, the stairs would spiral upwards continuously These were straight. But the tower was a spiral for a reason. A spiral that went through the different levels of SIN, bringing them through each and every Division leader. The pain and suffering of each leader differed, each representing the darkness within themselves and the despair of the lives they had lived. Everyone had a darkness within them and the amount of darkness affected the amount of power they held while at the same time driving them closer to insanity. This World was meant to be a place for humans to release their pain and regrets, so as to allow themselves to be reincarnated into the next life free from the darkness that bound them in the previous life.

But darkness is not something that would simply disappear. It had to go somewhere and this World was the gathering place of such darkness. While its origins were pure, the limitations of what this World could do were clear. A World meant to hold in the darkness of humans could not last long as the darkness within humans is both immense and unstoppable. Coupled with the Program that uses the darkness to give power to those who use it, this World has become tainted to the core. But Otonashi seems to have a plan. Katsuragi Rei did not know what exact plan his creator had and he was not all too sure if he could trust his own creator, but he had no choice. Whatever the effects of what he was about to do may be, he had to stop the Apocalypse program at all cost. Now, as he walked up these straight stairs, he had to wonder if everything would be all right.

He was to face Kurogane Kou, and the other NPCs that Otonashi had created. Judging by how such developments would occur, Rei had to guess that only one of the two berserk NPCs would be waiting for him. Wasn't that usually the case? But facing either one of them was no easy task. He had one trump card but if possible he did not want to use it. He was also worried about the others. Could the SSS really fight against the Guardians? Though it was reckless of him to leave the fighting of Taeno Yuki to Nakamura Yuri alone, what Yuri had told him was also a factor in his decision.

Few hours back, before Pride

"Do you think it is wise to simply leave them?"

Rei had asked as they climbed up the stairs.

"As in?"

Yuri asked.

"The Division leaders are extremely strong. How can they think that they can face such darkness on their own?"

"... Everyone has a darkness, Katsuragi Rei, everyone has one within them."

Yuri answered, her voice strained.

"But they cannot hope to match against such-"

"Do not think that the suffering of one person is any greater than that of any other."

Yuri cut him off.

"... It is true that the darkness of these 'Division leaders' are great... but it is not an impossible task to overcome. My SSS have suffered regrets and despairs in their lives, yet we have all managed to overcome such pains. Do not say that they have no hope to defeat such things when they already have the determination to do so from the beginning."


"'The suffering of one person is not any greater than that of any other'... huh. Didn't know she could be so philosophical."

Rei muttered to himself as he reached the top of the stairs. At the top of the stairs stood one of the doors of 'SIN'. But unlike the previous doors, this was was... stagnant. The other doors all gave off a sense of dread, a feeling that would reach out and entice, consume you if you were not careful. Each door would 'corrupt' those who stood before it to become like the SIN it was. But this door was not. It was certainly similar to the previous doors in size and the designs were rather... horrific, to say the least. Carvings of people dying in the midst of a raging battlefield was not something you would simply walk by and ignore, not to mention the giant skull of seemed to be a-


With its size nearly as large as the door itself, it towered above the doorway, the teeth hanging dangerously above him as he walked closer to the door. But still, for a door of 'SIN' to be inactive, what could that mean? Somehow, Rei only had bad premonitions about what lay behind this door. But without stepping through, he would never know. He had come all this way to stop the end of all life and all Worlds. What good would it do if he simply stood there because of some fear? He took a deep breath and-


To most people, slapping themselves was a show of masochism and they would frown upon such actions. However it can also be done as a show of renewed determination, or simply just trying to slap oneself out of whatever stupor they were in. In Rei's case, he was trying for all.

"... I feel like someone just insulted me."

Gathering up his courage, Rei plated his hands firmly on the door. And pushed. The giant doors easily sung open without much effort and all Rei could see on the inside was darkness. The darkness was still, silent... and dead. He could not feel anything from within, no signs of life. He was slightly on edge, uncertain and... afraid. But he stepped into the darkness. He should not fear what the darkness holds, nor what the darkness is, but rather what the darkness could do to him. What the darkness represents and how it affects his mind. He continued to walk through the darkness, not able to see anything before him. As he continued on, he felt his uncertainty grow. The darkness was affecting him.

'Do you think you are special?'

A dark voice slithered into his mind. He knew it was the darkness that simply talked straight in his mind.

'What you do will not matter.'


'You cannot save anyone'


'Do not waste your futile efforts.'


'The darkness always win.'

"Not today."

[Katsuragi Rei activated Blue Gear]

With one swing of his sword, the darkness cleared away like a cloud being swept aside by the wind. With the darkness gone, Katsuragi found himself standing in what seemed to be the inside an enormous dome structure. The entire place was empty, save for one simple desk in the centre with a computer being set up on it... and one person standing there. The young man who stood there had dark hair and dark blue eyes, a characteristic that Katsuragi found extremely familiar. He remembered who this person is, and who this person is based off. After all, they were-


The young man who stood there smiled.

"... Amatsukai Ichigo."

Amatsukai Ichigo, one of the two mad NPCs of Otonashi. His base model was taken off a certain AI data hidden within the Program. If Rei could remember it correctly, the base model was the same AI whom Nakamura Yuri had confronted before she had forcefully shut the Angel Program down through her use of guns. Amagami Futayo was based off Tachibana Kanade and Rei did not say anything about his creator's weird fetish to play with 'dolls'. As for Rei himself?

"That's right... Nii-san. I believe this is the first time we have actually met face to face, and not simply relying on the program to relay information."

Rei did not remember whether he had accessed such a relay information network before but he did not say anything.

"My appearance is indeed based off the 'AI' of the 'Programmer'. While I am perplexed as to the reasons why I was given this appearance, I find myself more intrigued... by your own appearance."

"My own?"

"Yes, nii-san, yours. You do not have the appearance of any known NPC or human listed in the database of the program. Why are you so special? What makes you different from me and Futayo? Why does 'father' dote upon you so? Above me, the copy of an AI of the 'original programmer', or even Futayo, the copy of 'father's' lost love? I had to find out why. I had to know and make 'father' recognise me. And so... I found my answer."

There was something the way Ichigo was talking. A certain manner in which Rei did not like. He knew that Ichigo was driven mad by the darkness of the program and the World, but this feeling was more than that. This was...


Rei did not believe this. A mere NPC could take on SIN? Rei knew that NPCs could not handle the darkness of SIN, even if they were berserk. The weight of such raw power and madness would destroy any Angel the moment they came into contact with it. Ichigo smiled at Rei's reaction.

"Yes, nii-san... I took the apple of Eden. You may believe that we, simply mindless dolls, are unable to handle the power of SIN, but you are wrong! 'Father' is wrong! I will carry out the power of SIN and change this World!"

Ichigo laughed hysterically.

"Change the World?! Do you know what will happen when you do that?!"

Rei demanded.

"Of course! The World is corrupted! It is a vile and disgusting place! I have always wondered why didn't anyone do anything about it? Why didn't this, so-called 'God', not do anything and leave the World to humans who would only fight amongst themselves over petty squabbles and destroy it? Then I realised... it is because there is no 'God'! There is only 'power'! And that 'power' has chosen me! Not 'father', not 'you', ME! 'Father' must have known of this and therefore he knew that he could rely on me to rise to power on my own! He knew that I possessed the will and determination to carry on his will! And I shall do so! With this power, I will destroy this World and create a new one in my image! There, I will be the God of the new World!"

Ichigo proclaimed loudly. If this wasn't a sign of madness then Rei did not know what was. God of the new World? What sort of death book did he find?


He really has a book? ! But isn't that just a normal biology textbook?

"You're mad!"

Rei shouted, drawing his sword.

"I may be so, nii-san, but what can you do about it? I am SIN! I have the power! Even those pesky 'Division Leaders' are unable to stand before my might! Behold!"

Ichigo snapped his fingers and a tear in the fabric of space appeared, giving way to a large object that came out, floating in mid-air. It was a giant cross, wrapped by barbed wires and bloodied vines, and tied to it, not responding to anything, bleeding from cuts and wounds all over, was-

"No... Kurogane... Kou..."

Kurogane Kou, the leader of the sixth Division, the strongest fighter of the entire SSS2, was tied to a cross, bleeding from wounds that lined her entire body, her uniform torn, shredded and in tatters. She was not responding to anything that was happening, seemingly unconscious... or dead. But... how could this be? Kurogane Kou was the strongest fighter ever. She would not lose to anyone, so how could she lose to Amatsukai Ichigo? A mere NPC who gained the power of SIN?

"Do you not see, nii-san? I am stronger than those humans so-called 'strongest'! This is proof of my worth! Of my right to rule!"

Ichigo laughed, but Rei was not listening to all of that. He could not take his eyes off Kou. He had vowed to protect her. He had vowed that he would do all he had to save her from the darkness.


A loud beat resounded from his chest.


His mind was going blank.


The sight of Kou's blood.


Something was wrong.


This was wrong.


"You... will die."

[Boss Fight]

[Corrupted Angel]

[Amatsukai Ichigo]

[Alignment: Lawful Evil]

[Type: Angel]

[Level: 500

HP: 500000000000

MP: 500000000000

Strength: SSS

Agility: SSS

Endurance: SSS

Luck: SSS]

[Weapons List:

- Sovereignty (Rank SSS)

- Dominion (Rank SS)

- Mark of the Emperor (Rank S)]


[Angel Rebels]

[Katsuragi Rei]

[Alignment: Lawful Good]

[Level: 500

HP: 10000000000

MP: 20000000000

Strength: S

Agility: SS

Endurance: A

Luck: A]

[Weapons List:

- Blue Gear (Rank SSS)]

Without pause, Rei charged straight at Ichigo and swung his blade at his own brother. But Ichigo merely dodged it, his movements so fast it were a blur.

"You dare to challenge me, nii-san? Ah, that's right, you're angry. You were always so fond of this human. Such a frail being."


Rei snapped as he swung at Ichigo again and again but the powered up NPC simply dodged all the attacks easily and effortlessly.

"Ha ha ha! Nii-san! If you keep swinging wildly like that, you will never hit anything! But with my powers, you will never be able to hit me even if you really tried!"

Ichigo jumped back and ended up hovering next to the giant cross.

"Really now, nii-san, you should be tiring yourself out so soon, after all... the show has only just begun."

Ichigo took a lock of Kou's hair and brought it to his face, smelling it as he let the strands fall back one by one.

"The smell... of death... and suffering. How it soothes the mind."

[Katsuragi Rei uses Blue Gear]

[Raijin mode]

Rei suddenly appeared right before Ichigo from nowhere and before Ichigo could react, Rei swung his blade so fast that it seemed like his entire arm had disappeared. It had seemed as though nothing had happened, everything was still. Then... Blood. A clean cut across Ichigo's chest appeared and black coloured blood sprayed out like a fountain.


Ichigo screamed as he fell back to the ground. Hitting the ground hard, Ichigo struggled to contain the blood. Strings of ones and zeros flew into the wound, closing it and stopping the flow of blood but it was clear that Ichigo was still affected by the attack.

"Y-you! H-how could you land an attack on me? ! I should be faster than you!"

Ichigo demanded as Rei landed lightly on his feet back on the ground. Rei silently took out a pistol magazine from his pocket, unlatching the butt end of the hilt of his sword and flipping it open, slotting the magazine into the hilt itself and closing the lid on the hilt.

"I-it is that sword! A sword that can harm me? ! Impossible!"

"You will not harm another hair off her."

Rei pulled the trigger on his blade. The next thing Ichigo saw, was Rei's blade being so close to his face that he could see his own reflection's sweat. Ichigo managed to jumped back but the blade still managed to cut a line down his face. Rei pulled the trigger again and once more he disappeared and reappeared right before Ichigo, his blade cutting down at Ichigo. No matter how many times Ichigo tried to run away, Rei would disappear and reappear right next to him, his blade moving faster than Ichigo can react. Whatever that blade was, it allowed Rei to fight on stronger terms than Ichigo who was powered up through the darkness of SIN. Rei may have administrative rights and may be Otonashi's 'chosen' creation, but Ichigo, with his enhanced abilities, should be stronger than Rei by a hundred, if not thousand, fold. But now the tables had turned. Rei was pushing Ichigo back.

"I will not allow this!"

Ichigo shouted, releasing a large pulse of dark energy, forcing Rei back. Bleeding from multiple wounds, Amatsukai Ichigo was not able to stand straight but his anger was more than enough to compensate.

"I have the power! I have the will to change all! You and your pathetic human companions are all mere insects to what my power holds!"

[Amatsukai Ichigo uses SIN]

[Apocalypse Program Initiated]

The floor suddenly rumbled loudly below their feet, forcing them to lose their footing.

"Wh-what's going on? !"

Hinata demanded.

"The tower... it's activating!"

Kyou shouted. Len looked up with a slightly sad smile.

"So it has begun."

She looked back down to her opponent, Yamato.

"The end is near."

"That may be so, but we aren't done yet."

Yamato countered, making Len smile as she brought up her weapons.

"You're right... We're far from done."

"Tch, we were too late?"

Nakamura Yuri muttered, looking up the spiral staircase.

"I have to hurry."

She looked forward and continued to run up.

"What is that?"

His second in command pointed up to the tower. The leader of the SSS (USA) turned to see what his second in command was looking at.

"The tower... it's... it's lighting up!"

This was not good. He grabbed the nearest radio set and shouted into it.

"All forces, pull back! I repeat, pull back!"

The SSS forces started to pull their forces back just as the tower started to emit a dark cloud. Everywhere the dark cloud touched, it disintegrated the ground, turning everything into nothingness.

"This is bad, real bad. Driver! Get us out of here, now!"

He snapped to his driver and the Jeep he was in roared off. As he watched the storm of dark clouds grow larger and larger, he could only think of the team that went inside.

"Did they fail?"

"Defence Skill: Hand Sonic"

"Defence Skill: Hand Sonic"

The two 'Kanades' clashed with one another, each using the same exact move as the other. It was like seeing someone fight against a mirror, only that the mirror was an actual copy. As they tried to force their blades together, the two Yuzurus' were... not fighting. Simply standing to one side and observing the fight between the two Kanades.



The two Kanades knew that the two Yuzurus were watching their fight and not doing anything, but they were still more focused on their own situation. They both jumped backwards.

"Defence Skill: Harmonic"

"Defence Skill: Harmonic"

The entire room became filled with copies of Tachibana Kanade who proceeded to fight one another. As for the two Yuzurus', this was certainly paradise.

" "Ooh?" "

Was the synchronised awe from the two. This reaction caused all of the copies of Tachibana Kanade to stop and turn to the two Yuzurus'.

" "YUZURU" "

Came the synchronised symphony of angry shouts. The two Yuzurus' were taken aback by the sudden outburst and turned to one another.

"I guess we have to- ...This is bad... Well, this will have to wait for now. Hand me the shut-down disc. Now."

Otonashi said as he suddenly looked up.

"What is it?"

"... The program has started."

The dome ceiling suddenly started to crumble away, swallowed up by some dark cloud that appeared above. Soon the entire dome was gone and all was left was that dark cloud that surrounded the top of the tower. Stormy winds and loud thunder roared within the clouds, threatening to blow Rei off his feet.

"This-... this is not good."

Rei muttered, reaching into his pocket to make sure the disc was still with him. The Apocalypse program had been initiated and Rei only had a small window to stop it. But the strong winds had made it impossible for him to move even an inch.

"I... must-"

Before Rei could even try to move, a bolt of lightning came streaking out from the storm clouds, striking him dead on.

[Katsuragi Rei suffers 1000 damage]


Rei was thrown back by the bolt, crashing into the ground like a rag doll tossed aside. He tried to get up, but another bolt shot out.

[Katsuragi Rei suffers 1000 damage]

"I know what you're thinking, nii-san, and you will not be able to stop me!"

More lightning bolts shot out from the clouds, striking mercilessly at Rei.

[Katsuragi Rei suffers 1000 damage]

[Katsuragi Rei suffers 1000 damage]

[Katsuragi Rei suffers 1000 damage]

[Katsuragi Rei suffers 1000 damage]

Rei suffered bolt after bolt. Attack after attack. He could not move, could not retaliate, could not even think before another bolt would strike at him. Could this be the end? Rei could watch helplessly as Ichigo laughed maniacally.

"How does it feel, nii-san?! To have yourself rendered completely hopeless?! To be completely useless?! The power of the Program is unstoppable! I WILL BE THE GOD OF THE NEW WORLD-"






Ichigo stopped talking as he felt something odd. A strange sensation, one that he should not be feeling. Some discomfort in his chest? He looked down.

"... Huh?"

He noticed that protruding out from his chest was a very long and shiny black curved blade, stained and dripping in thick red liquids. Blood? But he should not be bleeding. He was sure he healed all of his wounds.

"... Why... is there... something?"

Ichigo did not understand. What was this? A blade? He was... attacked? From behind?

"You talk too much."

A voice spoke up from behind. That voice. Ichigo knew that voice. That voice that filled him with dread. With fear.

"B-but... how? You're suppose to be-"

"Dead? You can never kill me... I am death... I am chaos... You cannot kill what you cannot reach."

"But I killed you!"

"You never really understood just who you were up against... that failure to realise is your undoing."

"You cannot kill me! I am the new God!"

"My very existence... is to kill Gods."

The sharp edge started to slice upwards without any resistance.


With one slice upwards, the sharp weapon went through the head. The blade was spun around, cutting through the entire body vertically before slicing horizontally. The body of Amatsukai Ichigo stood still for a moment, before it split into four, spray blood everywhere and standing there, under the rain of blood, was the cold look of darkness itself. Holding onto her black scythe that was covered in blood, the reaper of the sixth Division, the leader of the Guardians stood there look at him. Kurogane Kou.

"... Kou..."

"Katsuragi Rei... I have been waiting for you."