disclaimer: All rights go to the lovely JKR.
character: luna lovegood

an. edited 12.18.11

(stop it; can't you see you're scaring her?)

only once have you heard those words,
only one time in your five years at
hogwarts school of witchcraft & wizardry
has another student cared enough
to protect you.

because you, you're
loony lovegood.

you're a fixture at this school,
another odd quirk
just like the vanishing staircase,
or the blank tapestry on the second floor,
or the nargles in the Great Hall.

but o n c e,
once in third year,
a boy from gryffindor tried to help you.

(he reminded you of a
thestral: dark, beautiful,
invisible to the untrained eye.)

a crowd of silly children.
(gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff, slytherin.
who knows where they thought they belonged?
it's so hard to tell the difference, these days.)

they surrounded you and began taunting you
rocks were thrown,
wands were pointed and hair was pulled
and your face was scratched, scratched

you were ready to s c r e a m
(for the first time)
because it hurt and you were scared
and then he came.

Colin Creevey.
Colin Christopher Creevey.

the most beautiful boy you know;
and he kept you from forgetting
about the fairy tale.