The World Only the Girls Know: Azalea Side

Chapter 1: Of a God, A Devil and the Girls

Author's Note: Characters from the Light Novels and Manga will be included as well



Original Title: The World Only God Knows / 神のみぞ知るセカイ

Original Concept by Tamiki Wakaki

Written by: wrathie

Additional Notes: Azalea represents romance, first love, fragile passion and temperance.

Author's Notes: As it follows the Light Novels along with the Manga, there might be inconsistencies in some figures. Thank you dongaro for the Beta-read and the Touch-up!



I will not accede to any request by reality today, I am the Capturing God; and as God, I have to save all the Lost Lambs in the world who are in need of my advice.

After all, I am the one who will save all the Heroines, I am the one who will reach the Ending before anyone else.

That is my job and my role! Nothing can stop me!

The World that we seek is waiting for us! We have not reached the end of what can be achieved! There are so many possibilities waiting for every one of us to discover.

We do not need reality! This useless reality that has tied chains to us all, and thus reduced our lives into being so boring and repetitive.

Reality is fixed, and the monotonous life bothers me. Why do we study? Why do we work? Why do we trudge the same path as a million other persons?

There must be a meaning for this nonsense… But the answer is not in this world, no, it cannot be found here…

All I need is the other world, in which you can call me God!

I need nothing else! You need nothing else besides this!



That is what everyone should believe in, and which shall always be the eternal dream. After all, in this world, anyone can be the hero of the story!

So follow me, my lost Lambs, seek your happiness in this New World with me!



This story begins with a name, and my name is Elsea De Lute Irma.

To make it easier to explain, I have to introduce the world that I belong in as well.


I am a demon from Hell. My job is to capture runaway spirits and bring them back to Hell where they belong.

In order to do that, I have a partner who is my Nii-san, Kami-nii-sama Katsuragi Keima. He is a God in the Human World known as "Otoshi-gami", or the Capturing God.

But Kami-nii-sama had never even held a girl's hands when I first met him!

But Kami-nii-sama is the greatest, as with his help, I've already captured 11 Runaway spirits within just half a year!

It is a great honor to work under Kami-nii-sama but troubling as well. For instance he really hates reality. He is the Capturing God but he is not interested in 3D girls at all!

But but but…! I must phrase myself better. 3D girls is a term he uses to describe real girls and 2D girls he uses to describe the Heroines in his games.

Right now, Kami-nii-sama is busy playing with his PFP again while I am cleaning the house.

Ohka-sama is busy preparing dinner right now and I am looking forward to the time when we gather to eat as Kami-nii-sama always ignores everything when he is playing his games.

That is his bad habit, but his eccentric behavior does not stop there.



Kami-nii-sama is currently in his own world, in something he calls the Virtual PFP, it is a device that lets him play games through a headset.

I don't quite understand what Kami-nii-sama finds interesting in his games but from his expertise on games, he is able to help me capture Runaway Evil Spirits.

Although, I find it sad that Kami-nii-sama is always in his own world and I am unable to interest him in the real world at all. He seems so detached that I feel sad just looking at him gaming like this…

"Elsi~ Dinner is ready~"

Ah, Ohka-sama is ready with dinner! I was supposed to help with it, but Ohka-sama says it's her treat to me for working so hard in the café in the morning. Ohka-sama's name is Mari Katsuragi and she believes me to be an illegitimate child of Kami-Nii-sama's Father.

But in fact the letter proving my identity was forged by Branch Chief Docrow Skull for me to partner successfully with Kami-Onii-sama. I feel bad for Mari Ohka-san, but she seems to like me very much and I feel as part of the family as much as with my own family back in Hell.

Today Ohka-sama prepared Ramen for us and I really love Ramen!

There was one incident when a Runaway spirit possessed a girl who loved Ramen, and the struggle I have to eat Ramen that day was unheard of! I went around to six stores before I finally got to eat Ramen. Ramen! Delicious Ramen that I would never forget in my life.

Life is good here in the Human World, after the jam packed holidays we are once again going back to school.

That is the reason why Kami-Onii-sama is in his own world, as he has only three days to finish all his games he has not played over the summer.



Besides the Ramen lover, Uemoto Sumire and Granny Rieko Hinaga, we captured one of our neighbor's runaway spirits as well, Ayukawa Tenri.

There is something odd about Tenri-san that I don't understand; a part of me hates her and a part of me likes her as well. It is an odd sensation that I get whenever I look at Tenri-san, that I feel like I am looking at another person at the same time.

But it is probably just my imagination playing around with me… Is Kami-onii-sama rubbing off me as well?

"Keima, it's time for dinner!~"

Ohka-sama is gently calling Onii-sama, but I doubt that she would be able to get him to eat dinner without a struggle. Ohka-sama was once part of a Biker gang and she is scary when she gets mad. Once she lets her hair down…

Oh wait, she did just that!


I nervously called out to him, but as expected he simply continued playing. Honestly, can't he just eat his meals normally? If he would just do that, and eat the lunch I prepared for him, I'd be very very happy~




A sudden chill at the back of my head just when I reached a crucial flag in the game… curses, who is it that dares disturbs me? Do you not know that she is waiting for me?

Do you not know that Rin is waiting for me to save her? If I do not, who would be the one to save her from this harsh reality of her parents leaving her alone?


There it goes again, that annoying voice trying to pull me back to Reality.

But no, I refuse. Not today. The world is harsh and reality is even harsher. If I even let my guard down for a single second, I would be sucked bone dry.

Reality is slowly eroding my freedom… I will not tolerate any interruptions in the last few days of Summer!


In the next second, Katsuragi Keima, the Capturing God, was dragged out of his reality by his Mother who glowered at him angrily while pulling the headset of the Virtual PFP off him.




"… At least let me save."



In this world, there are Demons and there are Gods.

There are Good Spirits and there are Bad Spirits.

I know for sure as there is one in front of me right now.

My Sister Elsi, or Elsea De Lute Irma, is a Demon and not just any ordinary demon. She is a demon from the Runaway Spirit Squad and I am her collaborator.

As her collaborator, my task is to assist her in capturing all the Runaway Spirits who escaped hell. In addition to this impossible task, our fates are linked. If I break the contract, I will be beheaded and the same fate will befall Elsi.

Yes, our contract is as screwed up as that; it makes no sense… and it borders on reality.

I believe that by now all of you would have dismissed me as insane; but I have more to share.

Besides Demons and Spirits, I have myself met a Goddess.

But that's a story for another time.



My name is Katsuragi Keima and as I mentioned earlier, I am the Capturing God. I am called such as I have never failed to capture any 'girl' that I wished to capture.

From Rinall the way to Miyo, I have captured over a thousand girls, unknown to Bad Ends nor to Failure…

However, I do not mean real girls. Real girls have nothing to be proud of. They do not have distinct personalities, they do not appreciate one's efforts, they make fun of others in a regular basis and most importantly of all...

All of them are so distinctively similar to one another. Following the same fashion trends and chasing the same boybands, with the same narrow minded mindset of people around them.

I have no interest in girls or the reality that holds them.

All I need are my games and the time to play them!

Thus my displeasure in being stuck in the real world; in the real world I require sustenance and to gain sustenance, I must eat…

Eating means wasting time; there could be so many things that I could do instead of eating! Especially when Dinner in my home is a serious affair...



"Keima… you should finish up."
And of all the things to have for dinner is to have Ramen. Looking at the dish in front of me, although Ramen is delicious, it is also filled with excessive oils and stock. This means that its cholesterol level is way off the charts.

But looking at Elsi gulping it down and praising mother for the good soup she made, I have no choice but to finish it as well.

"Naturally I will do that."

It is only a way to the means, as without sustenance I would not be able to play my games. Thus, it is a dastardly plan that I have no choice but to follow through with.

"Good boy, Keima… You really should help Elsi out in the Café, she does so much work and you're just playing your games."

Making casual talk as we eat dinner, I know that Mother does not actually mind the working arrangement between the three of us. Elsi is one of those girls that makes friends and bonds with others easily, but she is a natural klutz and airhead as well.


If it was not for our contract I would never accept her as a Sister… even if we share the same blood, memories and her treatments of me like a big brother.

In any case, this is the situation at hand right now. I, Katsuragi Keima, am awaiting the end of Summer Break and going back to school.

This summer has been a hectic one for me, and this has caused me to nearly lose my status as the Capturing God. However I have not relinquished that title, I am still the first Person to have finished capturing all the Heroines.

The title of God will not be challenged or taken by someone so easily while I am still breathing!

However, soon it is going to be the start of a new school term! That means I will be able to game to my leisure during class.



Oh weep mortals whom have to attend class, as God, I do not have to pay attention to something as silly as classes; for as long as I remain in the Top of the Class, I do not have to spend time in this worthless reality for a single second.

After all, the teacher's lessons are boring and are not worth listening to in the first place.

Dry content from a dry teacher indeed!

What could go wrong by simply wishing for a small glimpse of my normal life in school as well?

With the arrival of Elsi into my life, she has successfully turned everything upside down. Both my personal life, my family life and my school life have had severe changes due to her intrusion into them.



But I have taken it all in my stride, as much as I am able to anyway to retain some normalcy in my life.

All I wish is to now have sufficient games to retain my title as the Capturing God.

Author's Notes: Yes, it really is.