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She hesitated for a moment too long. I had already begun to plot my next steps if she walked away now. Would I have to start over again? A new day. I could try to wait until she was ready—more comfortable around me. I feared that time would never come. I had to trust that she knew we were to be together some day. That she was made just for me. My mouth, my body, my desires. Make no mistake, she would be fulfilled. My soft petal, apricot: smooth and ripe. She was a Carolina rose pushing up through rough, dry soil. She was delicate see-through white and sanguine rose hips. Bursting with a captivating fragrance that even the larder served here could not drown out. Every bit of her called to me and I was despondent, yet raging with desperation to know why her heart, mind, and body weren't screaming at her to feel the same.

Make up your mind

Decide to walk with me

But those feelings are painful and needy and I inflicted it, I did not suffer it. Anger became my release. Today, however, she would keep the monster at bay with the subtle upturn of her lips, the slight shift in her balance from one foot to the other. She was coming to see me. Maybe no one would die today.

"Hi." She was so unaware of her own seductive beauty; she stumbled over meaningless phrases in my presence.

"So, you live here now?" Embarrassed by her own forwardness, she lifted her fingertips to her lips in an attempt to hide a growing smile.

I folded the paper smoothly and set it down, gesturing to the vacant seat across from me. "I do. Well, close enough. This, however, is the closest thing to a town, so it looks as though I'll be in the area."

Around the lake tonight

By my side

She lifted her left hand and pulled the sleeve of her coat back to reveal her delicate china-doll wrist. She checked the time piece and visibly debated with herself.

"I don't want to be late."

"Of course not, I wouldn't want to keep you. It was just so nice to see a face I recognized. I've moved so much, recognition seems to be an oddity."

"Bella, honey!" The nondescript waitress I had seen opening the diner held out a paper cup with a lid on it. "Your tea is ready." She stood waiting expectantly for Bella to leave me.

"Oh, um, that's for me. I have to go anyway. Welcome to Forks, and I'm sure you'll begin to recognize just about everyone soon enough."

Her smile faltered and she hiked her bag higher on her shoulder. It was too heavy for her frame. It was throwing off her balance and her hips were becoming displaced. Even under her bulky jacket I could see her perfect gait had been changed permanently. I quickly stood, not wanting to waste the opportunity I had so often pissed away. I threw a twenty dollar bill on the table and met her in two strides.

"This looks heavy," I told her as I lifted her bag from her back. She looked surprised and somewhat displeased. Wasn't I being a gentleman? I only wanted her to notice me, know that I was here for her. I wanted to take care of her in every way possible. Alas, I had been around humans long enough to read her haughty expression. I relinquished her bag and stepped back.

I'm not gonna lie

I won't be a gentleman

"My apologies. I just wanted to help." I held my hands up in surrender. She was not weak—this I knew.

I watched her grab her tea and thank the waitress with a genuine smile. The luminescent look reserved for all others but me.

I felt compelled to leave with her, so I silently held the door and waited for her to pass. I gave an involuntary sad smile and waved as I walked away. This attempt had failed. She was not the forward type. I would have to step back a bit and give her some space. I would need to give her reminders of myself without getting in her way.

I walked slowly, reveling in my impetuous inadequacies. A new tactic, a new way. I considered contacting the coven for suggestions on wooing my pusillanimous little doe out of the woods and into the line of my sight. Although polyamorous, they were mated to only one and had cumulatively been so for several hundred years. They held far more experience than I, and it would give me a good opportunity to bring up the event that had taken place on the Quileute's land. They would be my best resource should I have the need to return to the sacred land.

The pup had been merely a thorn in my side but continued on that path alone. Despite his attempts at closeness with my silk petal, she did not avail her soft, pink pistil to him. He remained frustrated and she remained pure of body and mind, unaware that he was anything more than her dear friend. I was less concerned of ridding our budding relationship of him and needed to focus on garnering her favorable attention in less conventional ways.

Behind the boathouse

I'll show you my dark secret

My precious jewel; my brilliant peacock feather sparkling against a pale and perfect backdrop; I follow your lush scent on a hidden breeze in the midnight air. Tender is your pulsing heart, calling my name with each beat. I can hear it now. When will you? How will I open your senses to me? My heart has been stilled for so long but finding you brought it to life. Let me in…

I stole into her room while she was at school. The paltry lock on the door did nothing to secure the home. I crept to her bedroom, inhaling her essence in every corner of the house as I went. Her bed was unmade, and clearly she had been the only one in here in quite some time. Although I knew she had been spending her time with the dog on his land, at least he had not been here. I lay down on her bed and rubbed my face against her pillow. The covers were still drawn back and the sheets were pushed down in a tangle at the end of the bed. I removed my clothes and reveled in the warm imprint she had left behind. I pulled the covers up to my face and inhaled deeply, cursing the burn and welcoming it at the same time. I rolled around hoping to collect her scent on my body, or leave some of mine behind. Her subconscious mind would hopefully pick it up and carry thoughts of me into her dreams. After several hours of contemplating how best to convince Isabella of our destiny, I gathered my clothing and left my love letter on her pillow.

I'm not gonna lie

I want you for mine

My blushing bride

My lover, be my lover