Well this is my first Deathnote fanfiction so I hope it's good. Basically L becomes a child somehow and it turns everyone's worlds upside down. And everyone especially Light begins to open up a side to L they never have. L is amazing, anyhow here you go! Of course I don't own Deathnote otherwise L and Light would be alive!

Chapter 1: From 25 to 5

Light woke up sensing something was wrong. Not necessarily something bad was bound to happen, but something was defiantly different today. He opened his eyes to see the small rays of sunshine, just peeking in through the holes of the closed blinds. Sunshine? Light and L always got up much earlier, due to L's persistence and lack of sleep. They were always up before sunlight. This time, L had slept in?

For once Light felt well rested and stretched in relief. Maybe L was just being nice to him today. It felt somehow different, but almost in a good way, when Light thought that. Light blinked looking around the room for the detective.

He was nowhere to be seen. Where was L? He wasn't on the bed, the chair where he usually sat, or at the desk working - where Light had woken up many times to find him working. The bathroom maybe? Light yawned shifting the bed, and swung his legs around when he realized something. L's handcuff was off. Usually he took it off to shower, or change, leaving Light chained to the headboard of the bed. But not this time.

Today he wasn't chained to the headboard. L's chain was still closed, like when it's closed around someone's wrist, and it was just sitting next to Light. Why was his handcuff just sitting there? To follow that question: where exactly was L?

Light blinked around confused simply standing there, and getting up freely from his bed.

"L? L?" He called wandering around the hotel room. L wasn't in the bathroom. He wasn't anywhere to be found in fact. Did L seriously just leave on his own like that? No, no L wouldn't do that. Light thought. He didn't know why or understand why, his heart squeezed slightly at the thought. "Ryuzaki?" He tried L's alias name. Still no answer.

Light began to get angry now. If L was messing with him or playing a game, he would regret it. Light gritted his teeth walking out of the room.

"Light!" Light jumped when Matsuda yelled his name as loud as he could. Light ran from his room, momentarily forgetting about the missing L, wondering what the hell Matsuda needed. Why did he sound worried?

Light ran into the small waiting room where Matsuda was. Matsuda looked at Light, his eyes bugged in confusion. "What? What is it Ma-" That's when Light noticed Matsuda wasn't alone. For in the corner of the room was...a child.

Light only continued to stare at the child, who covered his face shaking. When he saw Light, he had tried to move back farther into the wall, as if trying to go through it. His black hair stood up messily, all along his face. The baggy, white, overlong t-shirt that was unmistakengly L's, covered his small pale body. The faded jeans were far too big for his small legs now. He was wearing all of L's clothes, he even looked like L, but how? How could this be L?

L was an adult not this little child!

"Light what's going on? Who is this?" Matsuda asked eventually, needing some answers. "Is that L?" Light merely continued to stare at the detective child. He looked like he was about three or four years old.

"W-who are you? You look familiar." The child squeaked. Even his voice sounded like L's, just higher.

"I'm Light and that's Matsuda." Light bent down next to the shaking child. His eyes ran over the boy, and this truly looked like L, just as a kid. "Who are you?"

The boy hesitated staring at Light, as if he was deciding whether that was a good question to answer or not. "I'm L." That's when Light's heart skipped a beat and Matsuda nearly fell over.

"A-Are you sure?" asked Matsuda.

"Yes I'm L!" The kid said now looking towards Matsuda. Light was simply astounded. Ryusaki. L. The world's greatest detective was now a child. How?

"L how old are you?" Light asked hoarsely. Little L thought and began biting his thumbnail. It really is L. It's him only younger. Light thought still in shock.

"Five years old." L said proudly. Light couldn't help but think that L was a small child then. Size wise. Smaller than most five year olds, but as an adult he was just as tall as L, or taller with a slouch.

Light just sat there letting the feeling sink in. L was now a five year old kid with no memory of anything, right in the middle of the Kira case. Crap.

This was going to be a long day.

So there'd the first chapter. I hope this was kind of a good start, slow I know. Did you guys like it? I like it, but please review and tell me what you think! Thanks for reading and happy 2011!