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Chapter 10: Illness Takes A Toll

"L! L!" Light practically screamed as he raced towards the small boy, who had was currently lying in his own vomit. Light felt like hurling himself once he saw the small parts of L's vomit that was red with blood. He knelt down right next to L, just as the young boy's eyes had closed completely while his body shook. "L! L! Oh god, L!"

Light scooped up the little boy into his arms and shot back to his feet. L's eyes barely opened, to reveal slits of black eyes staring up at him. Light's heart hammered at L's barely conscious look at him.

"Light?" L groaned hoarsely. His voice sounded so pitiful and broken that Light just wanted to scream at the buffoons that did this to poor L. However, Light simply hugged the boy closer to his chest, moving quickly when L moaned again. Aizwa and Ide had gathered all the models and rounded them to one corner of the room. Neither looked anything but stern with the young women, who all were frightened beyond belief despite their drunken state. Mogi looked ready to kill Misa; he had a look on his face that Light had never seen before in all the time he had worked with the older man. Matsuda was absolutely furious. Actually, he looked to be the definition of fury, as he shouted at their photographer.

"I should damn well arrest you for giving a goddamn minor alcohol! He is five-years-old, you asshole!" Matsuda hissed through clenched teeth. His eyes narrowed dangerously, not at all looking like the unintelligent man that many people thought he was. "He could very well die! And it would be all on you!"

Light's father had walked in at this point in time. From all of the commotion in the room, Soichiro face became dark and furious. Little L had weaseled his way into every one of the cops' hearts, and to see him like this was infuriating every one of them. Light ran towards his father and Soichiro helped Light move L into his car. The other officers then followed the two men out except for Ide and Aizwa, who both decided to stay and deal with the models and photographer.

L shivered in Light's arms, swallowing dryly. He attempted to find more warmth by burying deeper into Light. Wearily, L opened his eyes and looked at Light.

"L, hey. Are you doing okay?" L saw Light dimly, and could hear his gentle voice. Shaking his pounding head, he moved even closer to Light's chest. "Right that was a stupid question. But we're going to get you help, okay? Don't worry L. We're going to the nearest hospital and –"

"No!" L cried suddenly. His cry was so sudden and loud that Soichiro jumped and almost swerved the police cruiser to the side of the road. Light, Matsuda and Mogi stared at L with shocked looks, while L had tears running down his face. "No hospil'!"

"But L, we have to! You're so sick!" Matsuda protested openly. His own eyes were filled with unshed tears. L opened his teary eyes once more.

Light swallowed. "L, we need to make sure that you get better. You're too sick to skip a hospital." He tried to persuade the young boy, but L was having none of it.

"No. No. No!" L sobbed into Light's shirt, clutching on to the fabric tightly. Light's heart sank at the sight of this broken and pain filled boy. Everyone else's hearts all dropped at the sight. And this was all because of Misa.

No h –" L jerked upright on Light's lap, clutching his stomach suddenly. L hunched over and cried out in agony, before coughing harshly. Light watched in horror as blood dripped out of L's mouth and onto his shirt. This was worse than he thought. L cried out sharply in pain again.

"Speed up! Step on it to the nearest hospital dad! Now!" Light shouted frantically. This time L did not argue with anyone, and instead curled against Light as he sobbed. He allowed Light to hold him only as the pain grew.

"Let's see here, Ryuusaki Yagami?" A nurse came into the waiting room after almost three whole hours of waiting. Despite their lack of sleep and exhaustion, Light, Soichiro, Mogi and Matsuda ran to the nurse as if it were a race. As soon as the men and L had entered the hospital three hours earlier, a doctor and two nurses immediately attended to L before barking orders and scrambling around. Until they had wheeled a sobbing L through two double doors, leaving the others to wait. "Well, the doctor can see you now about Ryuusaki."

She led the four men down the hall and into a conference room. It was a room completely dark – except for the machines – that had a glass window along the entire front wall that looked into a CAT scan room. In the chair looking at the window, was a man with dark blonde hair, a clean face and a white lab coat on. He looked up at the four men and nodded towards them.

"Hello, please sit. This will just take a bit longer and I would rather you not be standing when I tell you everything." Light's heart sank at the careful pronunciation of the last word. He knew it meant nothing goo to them. Out of nowhere, a beep was heard and Light found himself hearing L's voice.

"C-Can I come out now? Am I done?" He sniffled, sounding far more upset and frightened that Light had ever wanted to hear. The doctor's eyes softened at L's questions and he sighed.

"Not yet Ryuusaki. We just need another scan and then it'll be done." The doctor replied to the five-year-old. L whimpered into the mic but didn't speak any further. Slowly, the doctor looked towards a computer screen in front of him and pulled something up. He clicked on the mouse.

"So, it would see that Ryuusaki has," The doctor paused as he inspected each of the officers for their reaction. "Ryuusaki had alcohol poisoning. And it is one of the worst cases I have ever seen in a child."

Light froze in his seat, dread overcoming his body as his fears were coming true. Matsuda choked as his body jerked forward. Mogi clenched his jaw, anger instantly filling his veins, and Soichiro closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"A-Alcohol poisoning?" Matsuda whispered, causing the doctor to nod solemnly.

"Yes. And from what you stories have told me about what happened, Ryuusaki was given many, many drinks that even adults wouldn't be able to handle. He's has alcohol in him from wine to Tequila…" The doctor trailed off and rubbed his forehead. Tequila?! Light thought furiously, fists clenching tightly. Misa, you will pay for this! "It has already affected his liver, his bloodstream, and even parts of his heart. Luckily, it seems you officers found him just in time. While any amount of time that a child consumes alcohol is dangerous, many of Ryuusaki's organs would have failed him if you had found him even thirty minutes later. We've got it in time to reverse this." Matsuda swallowed a large lump in his throat, willing for the tears to not spill from his eyes.

"We've been able to stabilize him and –"

"C-Can I c-come out now? P-Please?" L's voice came through the speakers of the room once again. I wish L, I wish. "P-Please?" Light desperately wanted to help L out of the CAT Scan room and into his arms. He just wanted to take all of L's pain away forever.

"Almost buddy." The doctor murmured gently. L sniffled fearfully once more. "Just give me a few more minutes. Hold still.

The doctor acknowledged for Light to come over to him, and the teen followed. The doctor pointed to the screen before him which, to Light, just looked like a mass blob of red with yellow and green and blue. "You see, this is how much alcohol in is Ryuusaki's system. All of the red indicates high levels of alcohol that even an adult would get ill from. And see, Ryuusaki had a great amount of red. It nearly made his liver shut down and this is the reasoning for Ryuusaki coughing up blood. Luckily, his system is beginning to flush out and he hasn't thrown up too much blood. But he's very dehydrated now." The doctor sighed while he and Light reviewed L's file. The microphone beeped again.

"A-Am I d-done now? C-Can I come out? I'm s-scared." L croaked into the microphone. The doctor looked at the CAT Scan painfully.

"One more minute Ryuusaki." He said into his own microphone. He turned back towards the taskforce. "He is going to be very ill over the next few days and even weeks, so he will stay here under –"

"L – Ryuusaki!" Matsuda jumped to his feet, from his chair. Mogi and Matsuda ran to the glass window and Light followed the two. From there they could see that L was crawling out of the machine on his hands and knees, pulling off all the chords and wires. He crawled as quickly as he could to the edge of the machine.

"Ryuusaki, I said one more minute! What are you doing?" The doctor exclaimed as he leaped out of his chair. The five men all watched as L heaved and heaved until blood splattered along the machine bed. L coughed, staring at his own blood, when the doctor rushed to his side. Light and the others followed after the doctor.

"L-Light?" L coughed and covered his mouth with one arm. He winced, closing one eye as other nurses and another doctor all rushed in to help him. "G-Guys?"

"Hey. Yeah, we're here. We're here. Are you okay?" Light whispered, moving next to L's side. L looked up weakly at L before eyeing all the strange equipment coming near him. What were they going to do to him?

"Does your tummy hurt?" One nurse asked L and gently raised him onto a moveable bed. L nodded painfully, slightly relaxed that Light was following him everywhere. L sniffled when Light wiped the blood off his mouth and pointed at his stomach. Another doctor was cleaning a small needle while his nurse prepared an IV. L moved away from this in terror.

"NO! No needle!" He cried, new tears filling his eyes. L squirmed uselessly against the nurses hold and the tears streamed down his face.

"Ryuusaki! Hold still. This will help you, I promise. Please!" The doctor pleaded. But L only continued to cry in fear.

"No! No needle!" He wept, rubbing at his eyes. The sound of heartbreaking cries tugged at the strings of everyone's hearts. Then, Soichiro knelt next to L's bed and took his hand as he opened the other shaking arm.

"Ryuusaki, hey look at me. You're going to be fine okay? We've got you safe. Do not cry." Light's father smiled at the crying boy. L's cries stopped for a moment, but the tears still fell. His attention then became focused on Soichiro, as the older man pulled out the stuffed panda that was L's. "You left this behind. Do you know something? This brave little guy needs a name. Don't you think he needs a name? Does he have a name?" L shook his head timidly, not noticing the doctor who was cleaning his free arm. Soichiro squeezed L's hand and laughed. "My goodness that he needs a name, doesn't he? You need to give him a name then!"

L's lips quirked in a small smile. L pondered thoughtfully for a moment, clearly thinking of the best name. "Hmmm. How about…Holmes? Like Sherlock Holmes! Only just Holmes 'cause that's better!" L smiled warmly, taking the panda with the hand that was holding Soirchiro's. L blinked suddenly and looked at the doctor who had just finished putting the IV in L's arm and settled it there. Soichiro smiled at Light and the doctors. "I used to do this with Sayu, my daughter, when she was little and needed her shot. They just need some distraction to help them." Soichiro smiled again.

"There we go. All done Ryuusaki. That didn't hurt, right?" Light grinned at the small boy. L leaned back against his pillows yawning, as the medicines began to enter his system. His eyes drooped low and L nodded sleepily. Thankfully he was no longer upset or in anymore pain.

Light grinned warmly and his heart jumped when he realized that L had been holding his hand the entire time.

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