Summary: "Fucking Dean and Sam… all of them… I'll show them… I can have sex in public places too…"

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Putting On A Show

Take me on the floor

Can't take it anymore

I want you, I want you, I want you to show me love

Just take me on the floor

I can give you more

You kill me, kill me, kill me with your touch

-"Take Me On The Floor" The Veronicas

Adam was frustrated. He and Michael had been together for over three months now. More specifically, it was three months, two weeks, and four days or three months, two weeks, and five days depending on whether he was counting from the first time they had kissed or the first time they had slept in the same bed (not that he would do a girly thing like counting, for fuck's sake). For some reason, Michael had yet to let them move past mutual hand jobs. Adam had tried everything he could think of to get Michael's control to slip, but though he was hundreds of years old mentally, his body was regrettably still that of a teenager and as a result, his ability to keep himself from being distracted was minimal at best. In fact, when Michael was involved, his restraint was practically nonexistent. The older man was very good at distracting him. So far, he hadn't had even a little bit of luck at getting Michael to push for more.

It was really starting to piss him off.

To make matters worse, it seemed like everyone but Adam and Michael were getting busy. It was driving him up the fucking wall and it was about time that he did something about it. He was going to go find Michael right now and give him a piece of his mind. And maybe his body. Adam was ready to take things to the next level and Michael was going to have to get that through his thick skull.

Adam immediately got up from where he had been sitting beneath one of the trees on the castle grounds, mapping out his search in his head. He decided to start with the stables, since it was on his way to the castle and was the closest of the places on his search list. Michael probably wouldn't be there, but it couldn't hurt to take a look.

Adam stalked toward the stables with single-minded purpose, the images of what he was going to do to Michael driving him forward. When he finally got to the stable doors, however, the fact that they were closed made him stop dead in his tracks. Those doors were almost never closed during the day unless it was nearly freezing outside. A soft breeze blew through the trees, ruffling Adam's hair and pushing it off of his forehead; he didn't even shiver. It definitely wasn't cold enough for the doors to be closed.

He was putting his hands on one of the doors to push it open when he heard a strange noise coming from inside. Adam leaned closer to press his ear against the door, but he couldn't hear anything aside from a few thumps through the wood. Curious, Adam opened the door a crack and stuck his head in.

A few seconds later, when his brain had finally processed what he was seeing, he really, really, really wished that he hadn't.

Dean was bent over, his pants around his ankles and his upper body braced against the stable wall directly opposite the door. Castiel was behind him, still fully clothed, but his hips were pumping in a rhythm that was unmistakable, even to someone who had never had full blown sex.

Adam froze in horror. His fingers went numb and slipped off of the door, causing it to creak as it swung open a few more inches. Castiel tensed and his wings snapped out to cover Dean as head turned toward the door. Once Castiel realized just who it was that had interrupted them—and more importantly, that he wasn't a threat to Dean—his shoulders relaxed, but his wings stayed around Dean as though to shield him from Adam's unworthy eyes.

An abstract, distant, and thankfully numb part of Adam noted that whatever Castiel had been doing to his oldest brother, he had evidently been doing it very well, because after a few seconds of inaction on Castiel's part, Dean let out what could only be called a whine of protest, apparently so lost in sensation that he hadn't even noticed that he and the angel weren't alone anymore. Castiel's cheeks turned red as he soothed Dean and started rolling his hips once more, but his voice was steady as he told Adam, "If you desire to use the stables, they will be free shortly." Then he turned back to Dean and put all of his effort into fucking Adam's brother into the wall.

Clearly dismissed, Adam stormed away from the stables, making sure to slam the door firmly shut as he departed. Adam would have given almost anything to have not seen that. It was one thing to know that your brother was having sex—really Adam would prefer to think of his brothers as asexual creatures—but it was a completely different thing to see him taking it up the ass in the fucking stables of all places. Shit, he and Michael had had their first kiss there and now he wouldn't even be able to go to the stables when he was feeling nostalgic about it because Dean had gone and fucking tainted it.

Adam walked along the castle grounds, still thoroughly pissed off. Fine, he thought savagely. If Dean can get it on in the middle of the fucking day, then I'm gonna go make damn sure that from now on I'll be able to sex up Michael all day long if I want to. The next place on list of places to search was the gardens. While Michael had no particular liking for gardens himself, Adam knew that he and Castiel—he shuddered in horror at the images the name had inadvertently called up in his mind—liked to spend time there together. Like before, Adam was fairly certain that Michael was not going to be in the gardens, but as with the stables, the gardens were on his way into the castle, so there really was no harm in checking.

He was wandering down the path through the middle of the garden when he heard rustling and a high-pitched female giggle. Oh god, please don't tell me… Adam panicked. Unable to help himself, his head turned in the direction the noise had come from and he found himself once again playing the voyeur for a couple in the midst of flagrantly exhibitionistic sex.

Two bodies—one dark, one light—twined together in the grass between two tall hedges. For a moment, Adam didn't even recognize them, but after a solid minute of just standing there—partly aroused, partly horrified—he finally realized that it was Anna and Joshua.

Holy shit, he mused in what he would never admit to himself was awe. I didn't know that position was possible. I don't know if I could get my legs up that far. Maybe Michael could…

Adam shook his head as the thought reminded him of what he was supposed to be doing. He was looking for Michael so that hopefully he could soon be doing what every other person in the fucking castle seemed to be doing today. With one last look at the couple—who hadn't even noticed he was there, which strangely enough only made Adam feel more invisible than he already had—he hurried down the path to the castle.

Once he was through the castle doors, Adam relaxed a bit. He felt a bit more secure now that he was indoors and there was no chance of him seeing naked people having sex everywhere he looked.

Cheered up by the thought, Adam continued his search for Michael, deciding to start with their bedroom since that was the most likely place for him to be. When he got there, however, he saw no sign that Michael had even been there since they had woken up that morning.

With a sigh, Adam tried to guess at where else his boyfriend could be hiding. The only places that he could think of were the dining room and the library. Adam nodded decisively. Yes, he would check the library first, since it was closest, and then, if Michael wasn't there, he would check the dining hall.

Adam strode purposefully down the hall, determination once more showing in every step he took as he methodically hunted down his elusive boyfriend. When he reached the library, he marched up to the door and threw it open.

Unfortunately, two people were already using the room and neither one of them was Michael.

Sam was laying on one of the couches, naked except for one hideous pink button up shirt and Gabriel, who was doing a spectacular job of protecting Sam's modesty by bouncing up and down on his dick. Sam had one enormous hand on his lover's hip and the other on his erection, which was the only reason Adam didn't see just one body part more than his 'way more than I ever wanted to see of Gabriel' quota.

Both Sam and Gabriel had frozen when Adam had entered, but the minute he realized who it was, Gabriel had started moving again. Sam sat there—seemingly as shocked and horrified as Adam was—as his boyfriend lifted and dropped himself on his dick. Gabriel smirked at Adam. "Saw you out by the stables earlier and thought about joining you," he panted at Adam as he slammed down hard on Sam. "Then I decided that this ride was a much better use of my time."

Adam choked—unable to even think about Gabriel's words, let alone respond to them—before turning around to run, not bothering to close the doors behind him. He regretted this a moment later when Sam and Gabriel's shouts of completion followed him down the hall.

He couldn't help thinking about how unfair everything was. God damn it, he fumed. Not only am I completely useless at getting my own boyfriend to fucking want me, but my own brothers and even the fucking help have to go and rub it in my face that I'm the only one who isn't getting any.

More determined than ever to find Michael, he stormed off to the dining hall, thinking, That's it! I am going to find him and get him to fuck me if it's the last thing I do!

It was lucky for both of them that Michael was alone when Adam finally found him in the dining hall because a minute after the teenager spotted his prey, Michael was laid out, back flat to the table.

Adam sat on top of Michael, tearing at their clothes and muttering to himself, "Fucking Dean and Sam… all of them… I'll show them… I can have sex in public places too…"

By the time Michael managed to figure out what was going on, Adam had removed both of their shirts and his own pants. As he reached down to take off the other man's pants, Michael's hands reached out and caught his. "Adam, what are you doing?"

Michael's eyes were wide and worried, which was the only reason Adam stopped what he was doing. "I'm having sex with you," he stated bluntly. He pulled at Michael's grip on his wrists so that he could once again try to get into his boyfriend's pants.

"Adam!" Michael said, cutting off Adam's attempts to free himself. Though Michael's voice had grown deeper with desire, he was still apparently managing to think clearly. Adam intended to change that. "You're upset. Why don't we get off of the table so that we can talk about this?"

Adam shook his head vehemently. "No! No more talking." He was panting now with both exertion and lust and his erection was pressed hard against Michael's upper thigh. Adam whimpered and couldn't keep himself from thrusting as Michael shifted beneath him and accidentally rubbed him through what little clothing he had left. Adam blushed when he looked down and saw that there was a fucking wet spot on his shorts. He wasn't going to be able to take much more of this.

"Michael!" Adam forced the man's eyes away from the wet spot and up to his own. "I want you to fuck me now. I am way beyond ready for this." Something occurred to him and he swallowed convulsively before continuing. "That said, if you don't want me, I will…"

Michael grabbed Adam's hips, jerking him forward so that he could grind his erection into the teenager's ass. His eyes closed and his jaw clenched when he heard Adam moan and thrust down into him. "Do not…" Michael said through gritted teeth. "…tell me what I want." He opened his eyes and looked up at Adam. "I want you so much, but wanting isn't enough." He shook his head. "I can't do this just because you want sex and can't control your hormones."

Adam stopped struggling and stared down at Michael, hurt widening his eyes. He laughed self-deprecatingly and looked down at their joined hands. "For someone who's so fucking smart, you sure are an idiot." His eyes—filled with tears, though Adam would deny it with his dying breath if asked—lifted to meet Michael's. "I love you, asshole. I want to have sex with you because it kills me inside that I don't have the freedom to touch you in every possible way that I've imagined touching you." The grip on Adam's wrists loosened and Adam slid his hand down to rest on Michael's cheek. His voice softened and he leaned closer. "I told you before. If all I wanted from you was a quick fuck to get me off, I would go find someone who would give it to me."

By the time he had finished speaking, they were almost nose to nose. Suddenly, Michael surged up to kiss Adam, one hand coming up to cup the boy's cheek, the other gripping the hair at the back of his head. They were locked together passionately for a moment before Adam jerked his head back, panting and trying to catch his breath. Michael leaned up once more, but instead of kissing Adam, he whispered, "I love you too."

Adam breath caught in his throat and he didn't protest when Michael rolled them over so that he could be on top. Michael quickly shucked his pants and underwear and then gently removed Adam's as well before lying down on top of the younger man. Adam groaned when he felt their dicks press together between their bodies and somewhere in the recesses of his mind he was embarrassed about that. At the moment, however, it all felt so good that he could ignore any twinges of humiliation at the noises that were coming out of his mouth.

Michael reached between their bodies and stroked them together a few times, but that wasn't at all what Adam wanted so he rolled them over one more time, straddling Michael and reaching for his pants. The older man looked confused momentarily, but after Adam rummaged around in his pants pockets for a second and his hand finally emerged, triumphantly holding a bottle of some sort of lubricant, Michael's expression turned to one of pure lust.

Adam poured a copious quantity of the liquid onto his own fingers before reaching back to press one of them to his hole. He shuddered as the first finger breached the ring of muscle, instinctively closing his eyes to savor the sensation, and when he opened them again, Adam saw that Michael was watching him with an intense concentration that he had never before seen on the other man's face. The look was so primitive, so hungry, that it made him want to hurry up so that they could get to the fucking good part.

Unfortunately, Adam had already had some experience with stretching himself and knew that if he tried to go too fast he would end up walking funny for a while. Before Michael, Adam had never been attracted to another guy and when they started their relationship, he had been worried that he wouldn't like being fucked, and he sure as hell couldn't see Michael taking it up the ass. This worry had led to some experimentation that may have gotten slightly out of hand when he tried to shove three dry fingers into himself at one time. The looks he had gotten from his brothers and Gabriel—Castiel might have been giving him looks too, but with him, Adam never could tell—had been bad, but the confused looks he had gotten from Michael had been worse. His boyfriend may have been too polite to ask, but just the thought of having to answer the questions he would have asked had he been a bit more nosey was enough to make Adam blush.

"You've done this before," Michael commented.

His tone wasn't accusatory, but Adam paused the motion of his finger and went on the defensive. "So what? I wanted to be ready when you finally got over your hang-ups and decided to fuck me."

Michael smiled at Adam. "I didn't mean it like that." He chuckled. "I'm just putting two and two together and realizing why exactly you were limping a few weeks ago."

Adam blushed. "Well, I…nngh!" Adam gasped as one of Michael's fingers slid into his ass next to his own. He was panting harder now and couldn't manage to catch his breath enough to speak. Instead, he settled on giving Michael a reproachful glare.

"I thought your finger might be a bit lonely up there," Michael deadpanned, somehow managing to keep the grin Adam could see in his eyes from spilling out onto his face.

Adam rolled his eyes but he had to admit, the need was building in him too. Hastily, he pulled his finger away from Michael's, stretching his hole wider before inserting another finger. He thrust in and out with both fingers hurriedly before pulling them out.

"Okay," Adam said shakily. "Okay, I'm ready."

He felt Michael's finger slip away and couldn't suppress a gasp at the feeling of the emptiness inside of him as his hole clenched at nothing. Adam shook it off quickly and moved his hand down to grasp Michael's dick so that he could slowly lower himself onto it.

There was a pinch of pain as the head of Michael's dick stretched the ring of muscle his entrance, but soon enough, it was inside of him and he was sinking down in a smooth, steady motion. Adam realized that Michael must have coated himself in lubricant at some point and was ridiculously grateful that he had thought ahead enough to do so.

Everything was awkward at first. Adam tried to move lift and lower himself, to roll his hips just the right way, but it was his first time and not only were the sensations overwhelming, but he had a hard time coordinating the movements. Michael seemed to understand his dilemma and put his hands on Adam's hips to help him get the rhythm.

After a few false starts, Adam was able to keep up the movements on his own and he soon found out that if he clenched on the downward thrust, he was able to make Michael throw his head back and let out a few embarrassing noises of his own. Adam fucking loved it. He leaned back slightly and braced his hands on Michael's thighs. The change in position made him scream the next time he slammed himself down on Michael's dick.

Holy fucking shit, he didn't know what the hell kind of pleasure button he had just pressed, but all he wanted was to do it again. And again and again.

What felt like hours later, Adam was coming, covering Michael, the table, and most likely himself with semen. A drop of the sticky liquid had landed on Michael's bottom lip and Adam felt himself come undone even more when the man's tongue flicked out to lick it off.

Adam crushed his lips against Michael's, barely noticing when the man flipped him onto his back and started thrusting until Adam was feeling the warmth of Michael's release spilling inside of him and swallowing his lover's choked off cry. Adam enjoyed kissing Michael languidly until his hips stopped jerking, basking in the afterglow of his own orgasm even as he reveled in Michael's.

Adam nuzzled his nose into Michael's hair and kissed him on the cheek. "Fuck, that was amazing. If I'd've known it would be that good, I would have forced you to fuck me weeks ago." Adam pulled himself off of Michael, wincing a bit as the other man's dick slid out of his sore hole. Ignoring the slight discomfort, he stretched his arms over his head and then curled back into Michael's side.

Michael pulled Adam closer, wrapping his arms around him, and looked down at his boyfriend warmly. "I love you," he whispered. "So much."

Adam grinned at him and leaned forward to give him a soft kiss on the lips. "I love you, too," he murmured. His hand wandered down Michael's chest. "So," Adam said seductively. "Ready for round two?"

"What the hell're you two idjits doin' on the table?"

Bobby's voice cut through their post-orgasmic haze, causing both of their heads to swing around. Adam yelped and scrambled to grab his pants while simultaneously trying to hide behind his lover's broad shoulders. It was only once he was half crouched and peeking over Michael's shoulder that he realized that his brothers were there too with both Castiel and Gabriel in tow. Luckily, it seemed as though they had come in after Michael and Adam had finished having sex, but that wasn't stopping Gabriel from laughing like a deranged fool or Bobby from cursing and muttering about idjits. As usual, Castiel was showing no expression, but Adam could see that his ears and neck were turning red and knew that it was only a matter of time before his whole face would match.

Dean and Sam's faces were vacillating between horror and amusement. Finally, after a few minutes of them simply staring at Michael and Adam in shock, Dean snorted and elbowed Sam in the side.

"What d'you know?" he gasped and, though he didn't know what Dean was about to say, Adam knew that whatever it was, he wasn't going to find it as funny as his brother obviously did. "The teacup spilled all over the table!"

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