Malon's Journal

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21st day of Din's Second Month; 6:33 pm.

Hello, dear journal!

            I bought you (yes YOU) about two weeks ago during the monthly Hyrule Castle Town Bazaar. That day… Hm. Perhaps I shouldn't write about that day's events. I don't want to think about it anymore. Just like that saying goes: to heal is to forget. Right?


            On to you. Let me take a quick moment to describe you. You're a beautiful royal blue in color, darker than the Zora's Sapphire, and your cover is made of fine and smooth velvet; a gold and small Triforce symbol is emblazoned on the upper right hand corner of the front cover. Your pages are thick enough to prevent ink from bleeding through, but they're also thin enough to make leafing through them easier; they're fresh white with faint gray lines, too. I find it very hard to believe that I only paid 20 rupees for you! I'd say you were the best bargain out of that whole bazaar! I've never had a journal before so here's hoping that I fill your every page with my words of feelings and daily events.

            Alright, with that out of the way, let me start filling in a few pages. Heh! Today is the official first day of summer, even though it has felt like it for about a month now. The days feel considerably longer and the sun is a lot larger and brighter. The sky is very blue and cloudless, too. It's also very humid---especially in the Castle Town where it's very crowded and packed. I'm glad I'm out here on Lon Lon Ranch, in the middle of the open fields of Hyrule, where a gentle breeze blows every now and then. Who ever said there were never any advantages of living out on a ranch?

            The animals of the ranch have been coming outside a lot more because it's so stuffy inside sometimes. I don't blame them. The cuccos have that annoying tendency to leap out of their pens when they're not supposed to and even the cows are coming out onto the pasture more and more often these days. (I wonder if that's a good thing?) The horses are still as beautiful as ever, especially Epona. However, with the humidity comes the risk of them suffering from heat exhaustion, dehydration, and things of that nature. Sometimes I have to drench them with water to keep them cool even though they hate that…

            Speaking of which, Link is supposed to come by tomorrow a little bit before lunch to do just that.

            'Who is Link?' you ask?

            Well, he's… He's my best friend. Yes, that's it. Best friend.

            …As I was saying, Link offered to do that troublesome chore, as well as a few others, for me tomorrow.

            "You need a break, Malon," he said with an air of confidence about him.

            Yeah, right! Without me, this ranch would fall apart!

            I argued politely with him on the matter but he wouldn't accept any of my refusals. He can be so pigheaded sometimes. I guess that's one of those features you can't help but love about someone… Especially when you realize you have the same trait.

            I lost the argument---on purpose, mind you! I figured I might as well take the chance of having him for company. After all, a chance like that only comes once in a blue moon, especially nowadays, as he is very busy doing whatever it is he does in Hyrule Castle. Guard work or something…

            My… It must be great to work at such a magnificent place. I've never been inside (Dad always delivered the milk there) but I can imagine how it must look. I always envision it as a place of magnificent splendor with marble walls, lapis lazuli, ivory, fresh furniture, red carpets… Just like in the fairy tale books, complete with a princess. In this case, it'd be Princess Zelda. I tell you, I'm very envious of her. I've seen her those few times she'd make public appearances in Hyrule Castle Town but I've never met her up close or anything like that. Still, I can discern many a thing about her and everyone who is anyone in Hyrule knows about Princess Zelda! She's wise beyond her years yet she's no older than me or Link, she's been known to be a good judge of character, and, as Dad says, "she's as cute as a button." Really, cute is a word that doesn't befit her---beautiful does, however. She'll make a fantastic Queen.

            Oh, just listen to me. My first entry and already I'm rambling! The sun is setting now and that is my cue to start ushering the horse into their stables for the night. After that is dinner and then my bath! "Talk" to you later! Hee hee!

                                                                                                            ' Malon

21st day of Din's Second Month; 11:01 pm.

Hey journal! I'm back!

            Things went exceptionally well when it came to turning the horses into the stables. They were especially obedient---let's hope they remain like this for Link tomorrow!

            Dad made dinner today: chili with beans; my favorite! Dad, his employee and longtime friend Mr. Ingo, and I sat and ate. It was pretty quiet and civil between us although I really wanted to have some good table talk… The only discussion we had started with Mr. Ingo's complaints about the heat. He complains about everything, really, but I did find myself agreeing with him on that. It has been a bit humid these past few days, moreso than usual. And the breezes have been more like simooms, too… At times like this, I wish the ranch was closer to Lake Hylia where it's generally cool and comfortable year-round.

            I wish too much…

            I realize now that it's waaaay past my usual sleeping hour. The crickets outside are chirping nonstop; it's very dark outside and my room is lit with a few candles. And---

   Oh, wait. Dad just knocked on my door and told me to go to bed. Easy for him to say!

            Well, he does have a point…

            Okay, I'm going to turn in now. Something tells me tomorrow is going to be a day worth writing about…

                                                                                                            ' Malon



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