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This was the absolute worst time and place for a migraine to hit. Pin-pricks of light obscured the road before me. A flash erupted, wiping out the left side of my vision for a few seconds before disappearing to reveal a car heading in my direction. I panicked for a moment before I realized that the other car was in its lane and I was still safely in mine. My hand darted out to turn down the radio, twisting the knob with shaking fingers. The throbbing bass of the music was painful as it assaulted my ears.

As soon as the noise from the radio was gone, the road noise became too much to bear. I clenched my teeth against the onslaught of painful sound waves. There was nothing I could do. I either had to stop the car on the side of the road or try to reach my destination faster. My eyes darted to my purse. My migraine pills were in there. Two of the red ones would wipe out the pain within five minutes, but I had enough common sense to know that driving under the influence of narcotics wasn't the smartest idea ever. But I had Excedrin Migraine in there, too. I didn't like to dry swallow pills, but this was an emergency situation. I grabbed my purse and pulled it into my lap. Another flash of light flooded my vision as I glanced back toward the road. Shit, I have to get off the road. This one is too intense to drive through.

The blare of a horn startled me, making me jerk the wheel. As my vision began to clear from the flash of light, I saw that I had started to drift into oncoming traffic. The jerk of the wheel had only taken me further into the wrong lane. Panicking, I pulled the wheel hard to the right, careening out of oncoming traffic, across the correct lane, and all the way off the road. I slammed my foot on the brake as the car bumped along the uneven ditch, jarring my brain. My head was surely going to explode any second.

The wheels skidded along the damp grass, the back end fishtailing, skyrocketing my heart rate. I steered into the skid, as anybody raised on dirt and gravel roads would. The car corrected but it still wasn't stopping. Why the hell wasn't my car stopping? Right, because I had needed new brakes for a couple months now but hadn't had the money. Shit. I was about to die because of a damn migraine. Well at least my head won't hurt anymore.

And that was my last thought before I slammed into a tree and everything went black.

I'm alive? I sat up slowly, honestly surprised that I had lived through that. Damn, my head still hurts.

I lay back down. I must have hit the tree so hard I was thrown from the car. But I had been wearing a seatbelt. I closed my eyes. My whole body hurt now. But what did I expect? I'd just wrecked my car. How the hell was I going to pay to fix the stupid car? How the hell was I going to afford to tow it back to the city? I was in the middle of nowhere.

I didn't have medical insurance. The ambulance alone was going to wipe out my bank account. I couldn't afford to go to the hospital to be checked out. I watched the lights flashing behind my eyes and counted my heart rate as it throbbed through my head. Nausea rolled through me. It was about damn time. I would start to feel better once I finally threw up. Groaning, I rolled myself over. There weren't enough words for how much that hurt, but I sure as hell didn't want to survive the wreck just to suffocate on my own vomit.

Voices filtered into my awareness just as my stomach clenched. This wasn't exactly the first impression I wanted to make on my rescuers. But I had no control over my body as I began to heave. I lost my breakfast and continued to heave for a full minute. Someone came up behind me and lifted me up, so at least I wouldn't be lying in my own mess. The person had ice cold hands, which actually felt really nice against my skin. It seemed to help as they ran their cold hands along my neck and forehead.

When I finally stopped heaving the person pulled me back against his chest and spoke. "Are you okay? How did you get out here by yourself?"

I frowned. Was this guy stupid? "Car wreck."

I looked around for my car, to point it out to the oblivious idiot, but I couldn't see it anywhere. What the hell? Confusion filled me. I turned my head to look behind me, but my car was nowhere to be seen. Where was the person my rescuer had been talking to when he walked up? More importantly, where the hell was my car? What was going on? Had I gotten out and walked around after the wreck? That must have been it. I had been in shock and walked away from the wreck. That was the only explanation that made sense.

But that didn't explain why I didn't recognize where I was. I had been on the way from home to my college, driving along a state highway that I drove every day. I knew every inch of that road and every turn-off. I'd grown up in that area. But I had never seen this road. I had never seen these trees. I had never seen anything like these trees. This scene was completely foreign.

How hard did I hit my head?

"I think maybe I should take you to my father. He's a doctor."

I finally turned to view the Good Samaritan who had stopped to help a stranger on the side of the road. My breath caught in my throat when I saw him. He was beautiful, no that wasn't strong enough of a word; he was ethereal. His eyes were an unnatural topaz color. His hair was bronze and wild. His skin was pale. Only now did it dawn on me just how icy cold and hard his skin had been.

Holy shit, I was hallucinating now. And it couldn't even be good hallucinations. No, it had to be my least favorite character from a series of books and movies I didn't even like.

This was a really elaborate hallucination. The house was huge, and pristine. I wonder how much time they spend cleaning every day? My eyes darted around the small room once again. I was feeling a little hysterical. This was the study. The painting of Carlisle and the Volturi was right there on the wall. I didn't even like this stupid story. Why was my mind fabricating all of these details? Sure, if I was one of those so-called 'Twi-hards' I would understand why my mind would try to find comfort in imagining I was suddenly thrown into their world. But I had grown so fed up with the main character's dysfunctional relationships with everyone around her that I hadn't even finished the last book.

I jumped as the door opened, revealing Edward and another man. This one was just as gorgeous, if slightly older. He sent me a smile that was probably supposed to comfort me. How the hell was I supposed to calm down when I was in the room with two vampires? Sure, they fed off of animals, but who knew when one of them would fall off the wagon, so to speak? Goodness knew Jasper had enough trouble. And look at all the trouble Edward had resisting Bella.

Give the guy a break, she is his singer after all. Of course he wants to drain her dry.

Edward frowned, shooting a glance Carlisle's way. His lips blurred the slightest bit, but that was probably just my migraine playing tricks with my eyesight. The migraines messed with my senses. Every sound seemed to be ten times louder than it should. Someone downstairs, probably Emmett, was playing Call of Duty and the gunfire was driving me crazy. There was a clock on the wall behind me ticking away. If I didn't either get out of this house or take a couple Midrin soon I was going to rip that clock right off the wall and do a little flamenco dance on it.

Where would I go though? I had no idea how to get out of this hallucination. Hopefully in reality I was lying comfortably in a hospital bed, possibly in a coma. There was always the possibility that I was still on the side of the road. Maybe bleeding out. This could be my last moments. Yet again though, why the hell would my mind choose this over the traditional life flashing before my eyes bit?

Focus. If I escaped the house, where would I go? Wouldn't anywhere be better than a house full of supernatural creatures who might eat you for a midnight snack?

Valid point.

"I'm Dr Carlisle Cullen. My son Edward tells me you believe you were in a wreck?"

I frowned. "I know I was in a wreck. I hit a damn tree. I'd call that a wreck. Wouldn't you?"

He sent me a small smile, again trying to calm me down with the non-verbal signals. Like I was going to buy that shit from a figment of my imagination.

"But there were no wrecked cars for miles around…" He trailed off with a questioning tone.

"Well I don't know where my car went. But I know I was driving. I grabbed my purse to take something for this migraine. When I looked up I was in the wrong lane. I over-corrected, slammed into a tree, and woke up in Wonderland."

Carlisle frowned. "Wonderland?"

"Well this sure as Hell isn't Missouri, is it?" I replied in the most reasonable tone I could manage.

"You're in Forks, Washington," Edward stated quietly.

I snorted. Sure I was. By now I had to be in the hospital. Someone had to have found my unconscious form. The doctors would be taking good care of me and hopefully I would wake up from this craziness soon. I'd figure out a way to pay for it later.

Edward had a truly concerned look on his face now. His lips did that weird blurry thing again. Oh hell no. That wasn't my migraine playing tricks on me. He was talking about me, right in front of me.

"That's really rude, you know. Talking where I can't understand what you're saying. If you're going to talk about me at least have the common decency to leave the room first."

He raised his eyebrows and shared a look with Carlisle.

Carlisle scrutinized me for a long moment before seeming to make up his mind about something. "You seem to know quite a lot about us."

I raised an eyebrow, regretting it as pain shot through my head with the slight movement. I really wish they would just shut up already and let me take my medicine.

"We don't even know your name," Edward pointed out.

"Tommy," I replied.

They stared at me, dumbstruck. I was used to that reaction though.

"Your name is Tommy?" Edward asked.

I shrugged. "Thomas if you want to be a dick about it. But most people call me Tommy."

Carlisle's eyes darted down my body and back up. Again, I was used to this reaction. He had to check to make sure he remembered correctly. "But you're a girl."

"Dad was so sure I would be a boy." There was more to the story, but why go into the boring family details?

Edward stepped closer. The movement wafted a sweet scent to me. My stomach rebelled. If I hadn't already lost everything on the side of the road, I would be covering Carlisle's expensive looking rug.

"Tell me how you know what we are, Tommy."

Fear seized me. Jasper came immediately to mind. How was my reaction affecting him? This creature before me could snap me in half. Even if he didn't eat me for lunch, he couldn't allow me to live. I knew too much. As he was so fond of telling Bella, it was too dangerous for humans to know about his kind. At least he would probably be more kind about it than the Volturi. He would probably just kill me quickly and bury the body. The Volturi really would eat me. I shuddered at the thought.

He turned to Carlisle. "She knows exactly what we are, what we eat, and about the Volturi."

How the hell…right, mind reading vampire. Edward turned back to me quickly. "How did you know about that? Who told you?"

"What?" Carlisle stepped forward to stand next to his adopted son.

"She knows about my ability," Edward spoke quietly.

The sound of the game downstairs abruptly shut off. There was a sudden absence of all sound in the house. Shit. I was toast.

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