So yes, I am aware that it has been over a year since I have updated this story and I know that the only reviews I get anymore are those that say, "Have you abandoned this story? " or "When are you going to update?" I am here, 16 months later to give some form of closure to all of you… I am currently done with this fanfic… BECAUSE, I will be posting a REMASTERED version of The Puppet Master's Game as a second story!

Now, I know that doesn't sound very thrilling to you guys because you have all been waiting for the continuation of what has currently been written, but I was having the most difficult time with writing chapter 35 and that was because I had all these ideas in my head but due to past events, I couldn't use them. I tried to work around them by making small changes to past chapters, but as I made these few small changes, more ideas came and these small changes turned into paragraph rewrites and then eventually, I decided I wanted to rewrite the whole chapter! And that's exactly what I have done!

It's mostly the first few chapters that have the most dramatic rewrite as there were a lot of things that I would skim over or all in all just skip the chapter. When I complete this story, I want the entire product to be something I can show off and be proud off and I always found myself trying to justify my early chapters by saying that the later ones are better. I figured though, if you can't hook a reader at the beginning, then you can't expect them to make it to the ending. And I know you guys are going to enjoy the rewrite as well.

I want to post this "remastered" version, as I'm calling it, because I don't want to remove my original piece of work. I want readers to be able to see the changes and transition this story has made as well as I want to have something to compare it to, whether it's for better or for worse. Also, with the rewrite, I have removed some scenes that I think you as readers will miss, and I missed being able to write them, and I want you guys to still be able to enjoy those scenes for what they originally were. Although, I will say, even though some scenes are missing, I've done my best to replace them and I think the result is significantly better. The current, rewritten result is much more mature and thought out and I think you'll all enjoy it.

So now you know what I have been up to these past 16 months, aside from my normal day to day life, but I can assure you The Puppet Master's Game is still alive and well and becoming stronger with ever rewritten chapter. My question to you is: Do you want me to post the first 7 chapters that I have rewritten now and post the others as they come, or do you want me to post every chapter (including chapters 35 – 40) all at once. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a review, or a PM letting me know what you want me to do! In a week from today, you'll either have a second Authors Note with a sneak peak at the remasters version of TPMG, to you will have the remastered chapter itself. BUT YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO!

Finally though, I want to apologize to all my readers. I know I've kept you all waiting so long to even offer an explanation as to what is going on and on top of that, that I've kept you all waiting for the next chapter , and also that you guys wait now that much longer for an ending to this story. But I can guarantee you, there is an ending to this story that you won't be able to predict nor will it disappoint! It's much more impactful and malicious!

And finally, I have said it once, and I will say it again, and I think you all know what it is…

I will NEVER, EVER, abandon this story!