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NOTE: I don't like this couple. But my mind randomly decided to bug me into writing it. So. Yeah.

Disclaimer: I don't own Blaise or Ginny.

i was at the top and now its like i'm in the basement
number one spot, now she find her a replacement
i swear now i can't take it
knowing somebody's got my baby

-just a dream, nelly

It's almost like you're some sort doll the great Merlin uses to let his anger out at, pinching, hitting, kicking, and ripping the doll until its head is hanging onto the neck by a thinthin string and has stuffing leaking out of every edge and corner, because you can't tear yourself away from that untouchable disaster with redhotflaming hair and bluesapphire eyes (you'll be fine kid, it's just a schoolboy crush). You're Blaise Zabini, the pureblood Slytherin though, with your chocolatebrown hair and brownchocolate eyes, so you keep on coming for more (no-o way is he going to back down). And maybe it's because you've always been good with words (or maybe it's just because of your mother's genes), but you're able to touch the untouchable girl, and holy shit, it's almost like love at first sight.

"What in the world, Blaise, are you thinking about?"

"Nothing, mother."

"A girl? Is she a pureblood? Is she rich?"

"N-no, mother."

There's a shudder for each touch, a moan for each groan, and heart(s) beating f-f-fast. It's a dream that'll never[everever] see the future, but you're B l a i s e the Zabini, and you think you're inlove when she presses her softwarm lips against your's, wraps her longslender arms around you with tears running down her rosypink cheeks (because her Romeo hasn't quite noticed his Juliet [again]), because bloody hell, you're quite content with that (maybe one day you'll be her perfectperfect Romeo). It's not fair to think that this happiness can neverever be real, because you're stealing time from her ideal happilyeverafter (it's oh so obvious, kid, that they're the missingpuzzlepieces, the loveatfirstsights).

"Ginny, holy shit, Ginny!"

"Oh, Har—Blaise."

And then BOOM! it's like an earthquake, sent directly from Merlin.

"We can't do this anymore, Zabini."

"W-wha…? W-wh…why?"

"I love him, and he loves me. That's why."


And you say that you're perfectly fine with it, and that you always knew that BlaiseandGinny was only ever just a joke (of lovely nights and secret places), that HarryandGinny was the real deal. She smiles her one dimpled smile as she thanks you for understanding. She stands on her tippytippytoes and you shudder as you feel her lips brush against your cheeks, and oh, you can't help it when your over controlling hormones take over and you snake your arms around her delicate waist and press your lips to hers, ignoring the fact that you're kissing a taken woman, and that her sweet vanilla scent's been washed away (just like the rest of her).

You force your tongue into her mouth, running your tongue over her teeth, spiraling your tongue with hers, groaning pathetically (because, son, you're fighting a lost case, and you know it). She whimpers slightly, trying weakly to push you off, but you've always been stronger, so you just hold onto her tighter, "Please, Ginny, please." You whisper feebly, askingbeggingpleading for her to say yes. She bites her bottom lip (ohohoh), glances at you long and hard (pleasepleaseplease), and you can see "yes" forming on her lips, but with sudden strength, she shakes her head, her redred hair swishing this way and that. You're Blaise Zabini though, and Zabini'sdon't get rejected that easily so you find your lips hard on hers and your arms circled around her before she can leave.

She's standing as still as a stone though, so you force your tongue in again, and tilt your head as those pathetic groans leave your body. There's still no response, so you let go, and plead and plead and plead, because she's everything you've everever wanted. Shit, you even spill your metal heart out to her, but then again, she's the Ginny Weasley, with the Chosen One as her goddamn boyfriend, and she's always been stubborn. She sends you a glare that somehow turns into pity before exiting the suddenly freezing cold room.

It's not pity that you want though, because it's not pity that'll bring the sun's golden rays back into your frozen, cold-as-metal heart, so when you wake up the next day, you're on the hardhard floor, curled up into a pathetic ball, with tears staining your cheeks and puffy red eyes.

You are hereby invited to



Caligraphy fills up the parchment in your hand as what is supposed to be fury fills you, causing your hand to trembletrembletremble and your head to shakeshakeshake, because fuck, this can't (can'tcan'tcan't) be real can it? It seems like yesterday that you inhaled the sweetsweet vanilla and felt those softsoft lips of Ginny Weasley. She's Ginny Potter now though, and all the unknown hope that's been filling up your mind disappears (no happilyeverafter for this story, son). And so for the second time in your whole goddamn life you fall forward onto your knees and start shedding pointless tears because of a girl (you wonder if you really l-l...lo…love her, because bloody hell, you're supposed to be happy that she finally got her fairytale Romeo, aren't you?).

Your head's still hanging from that thinthin string (hang on there, boy), but thinthin strings don't last forever. There's always gonna be that one day when it just snaps, and when that final [ultimateabsolutelast]day comes, there's nothing you can do about it (just watch it fallfallfall).


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