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Love and Daggers, Rain and Sunshine

Chapter 1

Hundreds of miles in outer space, a comet raced across the galaxy, leaving a ghostly trail behind it, bringing along a dark corridor of anonymity and animation. (If the reader wishes, literally.) The body of the comet burned white hot with an intense zeal that burned with the passion of supernatural power, currently unknown to the human race and beyond. But just only…

Down below, the stars winked innocently up in the dark sky, and a cool whispering breeze flitted through the trees. In the far distance, traveling cars could be heard driving by and somewhere nearby music throbbed against the walls of a neighbor's house, trying to escape into the freedom the outside promised. Lying on the cold earth about a half mile away laid two friends staring up at the heavens, wondering why their love lives sucked.

The smallest one had straight, dirty blonde hair that was fanned out across the blanket they were laying on. Bright hazel eyes gazed up at the stars, and a small smile played across her lips. She was wearing a pink sweater that had gold and bright blue hearts printed on it, and worn out blue jeans that showed all the right curves. Over her sweater she wore a long, leather jacket that reached down to her ankles. Around her neck, she wore a silver chained necklace with a red elliptical jewel pendent that gleamed in the moonlight.

Directly across from her is her friend, completely different in appearance than the first. She had brown, wavy hair that reached a little over her shoulders, brown-green eyes that looked thoughtfully up at the heavens. She was wearing a dark T-shirt that said in red, bold letters DISTRICT 12 TRIBUTE, and faded blue jeans that have seen better days. Like her friend, she was wearing a black leather jacket, and around her neck was a silver necklace, but unlike her friend, it had a deep blue stone instead.

As the two girls watched the heavens become darker, the blonde's watch beeped ten times to signal the late hour, the brunette gave a sigh and tilted her head to look at her friend.

"Amy, the comet isn't coming. Even if it does come it's going to be so far off that all we will see is a star with a smudge behind it. We should go back to your house."

Amy rolled onto her stomach and gave her best friend a playfully stern look.

"Now, now, Vlad, is this doubt I hear? Ye have little faith!"

Vlad rolls her eyes at Amy. It was always like this. Every time Vlad hears any promises of shooting stars or rare celestial sightings, she and Amy camp outside for hours to see a glimpse of something magical. However, this time the roles were switched. Amy had to drag Vlad out of her realm of self-pity and despair (Breakups suck.) and get her to do something that was healthy (our language for abnormal) and fun (that does not include daggers.)

"No, it's not that. I guess I'm tired of waiting around for a shooting star to pass by. I'm tired of waiting for something to wish on."

Amy gives her an obdurate look, all signs of mirth and lightness gone. "Well, perhaps you're placing too much hope on the heavens."

Vlad covers her eyes, hiding the pain surfacing inside of them. "Or perhaps I place too much hope in things period."

Amy suddenly sits up and smacks Vlad's arm. "Baka! He was no good for you! He didn't deserve you; he never did! You need to get over him, Vlad. He is not coming back. I'm sure that if you give someone else a chance-."

Vlad abruptly bolts up and glares at Amy. "Hark who's talking. I'm not the one who was waiting for a phone call- I'm not-." Vlad starts to stutter, and out of frustration punches her thigh.

Amy's eyes narrowed in anger, hurt and upset that her best friend would bring up something so personal when she was only trying to help. Then her pretty hazel eye softens as Vlad continues to try to make coherent words through her anger. She always starts to stutter when she gets upset or excited, and besides, Amy did started it in a way by bringing her out here where she knew that once sweet memories became bitter in a matter of minutes.

Amy reaches over and stills Vlad's hands, flattening them over her thighs. "Vlady…"

Vlad shakes her head. "Don't say it. I'm the one who is sorry, Amy. You really are trying to help, and you are." Vlad looks up at her friend and smiles. I'm a jerk, she thinks as she looks up at her friend's gentle and concerned face. She is only trying to help. It's not her fault I don't want to be here. I have to stop acting like this is all about me. Grow up chicka!

"I know that he isn't coming back. Even if he did, I don't think I could take him back. He's like…" Vlad's voice trails off, and her brow creases as she tries to find a good descriptive way to describe her ex-boyfriend.

"Saralegui?" suggests Amy. She shudders as she states the sentences. Gosh I HATE that guy! He's such a bitch, thinks Amy as the image of the devil himself flits across her mind. He looks like a guy who is pretending to be a girl to get guys. Ick! Amy violently shakes her head, trying to get rid of that haunted face.

Vlad tilts back her head and laughs. "There we go. Perfect name! Eh, are you ok?" Amy was now banging her head against the ground.

"IT BURNS!" Amy moans as she continues to pound her head into the ground. How could something so fictional freak a girl so much? (If you seen how Saralegui looks and acts, you would understand poor Amy's seizures.)

Vlad watches her friend go at it for a moment, shaking her head in amusement. She knew only one solution to this matter, and that was the image of a blond, green eyed prince charming (Harr de harr). Vlad digs her cell phone out from her jeans pocket, looks through her folder of pictures, and thrusts the phone into her friend's face.

Amy gold eyes slide down to the screen, and she quiets for a moment, and then screams in a very high pitch voice, "WOLFRAM!"

She grabs Vlad's cell and hugs it to her. (I would use the word 'huggles' but I'm not entirely sure if it's an actual word) "My love!"

Vlad chuckles at her friend's rapid change of reaction. If only if a face could bring world peace…Amy loves Wolfram Von Bielefeld, a fiery character from Kyo Kara Maoh, not just because of his looks, but because of his devotion and never ending loyalty to Yuri, who (in Amy's opinion) does not deserve such a beautiful creature.

Amy looks up at Vlad, tears streaming from her eyes. "He's beautiful! Where did you find this one?" she asked, fiddling with Vlad's phone, trying to send the half naked picture of (quote), "Her love," to herself.

"Photo bucket," Vlad replies as she lies back down on the blanket. "There's one of him with his pants unbuttoned somewhere on there if you want it."

Amy squeals in excitement and starts to flip through Vlad's pictures. She finds the glorious picture of,"Her love,", and drools over him for a minute. He is so cute, Amy thinks as she stares into his headstrong features. Wait, cute is so not the right for him. It's more like sexy, hot, beautiful, shag-a-del-whoa hold on there! Amy shakes her head; a faint blush appears on her cheeks. He isn't real! He isn't real! He isn't real!

"Amy, look! It started," Vlad exclaims, sitting up hurriedly, pointing up into the night sky excitedly.

"He isn't real!" Amy yells, then covers her mouth with her hands, the rest of her face that's visible turns beet red.

Vlad gives her friend a dreamy look, and in a distant voice says, "Ah, but we sure can wish for that tonight, can't we?"

Just then, hundreds of shooting stars fill the night sky, streaking across the atmosphere silently. Amy lies back down beside her friend and they both stare up into the heavens, placing their wishes silently on the falling stars. Directly above them, a star appears, slowly growing larger with each passing second.

Vlad watches that star with a slight interest and whispers, "I wish that Conrad was real."

Amy sighs, and mutters with longing, "I wish Wolfram and Murata were real, too."

"Screw that; I wish that the Demon Kingdom was real, along with all of our would-be lovers."

"Don't forget Alph and Roland!"

"Along with Alph and… wait, what?" Vlad takes her eyes off of the enlarging star and gives Amy a confused look. "They're not demons! They're dragons!"

Amy crosses her arms and in a pouting voice says, "A girl can dream, ok?

"Yeah, she sure can. So can I for that matter…AMY MOVE!" Vlad screams as she jumps to her feet.

"What?" Amy startles at the rapid change in her friend.

Vlad grabs Amy's hand and roughly pulls her up with a yank. "You know, we have seen the falling stars, but not the comet. Well, Reeves," Vlad says, calling Amy by her surname, "I just saw it and it's heading right for us!"

Amy gasps in pain as Vlad yanks her upwards, and she stares in disbelief at her friend. "Are you sure, Vlad? I think that's highly unlikely."

"Of all the times to be questioning my sanity, it has to be now. Look up, Reeves," Vlad growls as pulls her friend forward.

Glancing up, Amy sees the once microscopic star turn into a blazing ball of white flame and enter the stratosphere. She feels the blood rush out of her face, her eyes widened in fear, and she quietly whimpers, "Kuso."

And then she was off, running ahead of Vlad, adrenalin pushing her forward. Vlad watches her run past and pushes her legs to move faster. "Amy!" Vlad yells out for her friend, frightened that she was going to leave her behind.

Behind them, they could hear the comet's flames rumble like thunder and everything was illuminated with white fire. It was rushing up on them swiftly, and then Vlad could feel the heat rise up on her back, and she reached out and cried out for one last time. "AMY! RUN!"

The words finally trigger a reaction in Amy's brain, terror for her friend momentarily kicked out her naturally instinct to survive, and she turns to see Vlad be consumed in the heavenly fire. "VLAD!"

Amy plants her feet in the ground and runs toward the rushing comet, her hand outstretched, and anger towards the white flames contorts her face. "STUPID COMET!"

She rushes into the comet, and, like Vlad, vanishes into the blinding doorway.

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