The Miami Dade Crime Lab has a new intern, the first one anyone can remember. She's smart, sassy, and seems to captivate everyone in her presence. Unfortunately she's all Ryan Wolfe can think about. But who is this mysterious young woman that seems to already know Horatio Caine and why does her relationship with him seem so different?

First Encounter

Ryan walked out of the elevator and stopped at the front desk.

"Hey Mel, any mail for me?" he asked the young woman at the desk as he signed in for the day.

"Nope, sorry Ryan."

"How about me?" asked Ryan's new goofy coworker Walter.

"No, nothing today Walter."

"Oh well." replied Walter, as he turned to leave.

"Aww, did your mommy not send you your care package this week Wally?" teased Ryan.

"Shut up man! That was just the one time when I was hired! I told her not to send it here anyways. At least I have a mom to embarrass me!"

"What did you say!" Now Ryan was pissed. If there was anything that he hated more it was people making fun of the fact that he was an orphan. Even at the age of thirty-two it still stung Ryan's heart to hear someone mock the fact that he had never had the chance to grow up with his family like everyone else. His parents had died in a car accident when he was six. There were bringing home his little sister from the hospital, she had just been born three days prior to that. Rachael had survived the accident when another car hit his parent's car head on, sending the hood of the car flying through the windshield. The hood decapitated both of his parents and sailed right over Rachael's car seat and through the back wind shield. The only thing that Ryan's family was grateful about that day was that Rachael was far too young to remember what happened.

Ryan advanced towards Walter, ready to fight the man that towered over him.

"Mr. Wolfe, Mr. Simmons, is there a problem here?" Both men turned to see their supervisor, Lieutenant Horatio Caine, standing just mere feet away, watching their confrontation.

"Wolfe made fun of my mom!"

"Walter said I don't have a mom!"

"You two need to cool your jets, you're acting like a couple of children. We don't need this kind of behavior in our lab, especially today."

"Why not today?" asked Walter.

"Because Walter we have a new intern arriving today from Miami University. She's working on her graduate work in forensic science and selected this location as her final project for her internship." Horatio explained, "She'll be working for the lab while finishing her final few semesters."

"An intern? It's been a while since we've had one of these hasn't it H?" Ryan commented, "You're usually really picky about who works here."

"Yes, but this young lady is the daughter of an old friend of mine. Her father and I worked together on the Chicago police force before I worked the bomb squad."

"When will she be here?" Ryan asked Horatio.

"Right…about…now…." Horatio answered looking at his watch.

Just as Horatio finished his sentence the elevator doors opened and out walked one of the most beautiful young women Ryan had ever seen. Her hair was a dark honey blonde with a slight wave to it, her skin beautifully tanned, and her long legs seemed so much longer in the black heels that she wore. She had pin stripped pants and a dark royal blue shirt with sleeves that seemed to flutter when she lifted her arms to embrace Horatio.

"Horatio! It's been so long!" she exclaimed.

Horatio pecked her on the cheek. "Yes, too long Jessie. I've missed you so much. You should have…"

"Should have called more, I know I know! I've just been so busy with school and all that I just sometimes forget there are other people in the world besides me, my classmates, and my computer."

"Well I guess you can be forgiven this time. Jessie these are two of my CSIs that you will be working with, Ryan Wolfe and Walter Simmons. Ryan, Walter this is Jessica Stone, our new intern."

The young woman turned and looked at both men with the most intense blue eyes that Ryan had ever seen. They were a sapphire blue that seemed to just peer into his soul. He just stared for a moment before he realized that she had said something and held out her hand. He quickly grasped it a little too fast and shook it. She had a firm grip, much like that of a man's. This young lady clearly had a mass of confidence in herself. Was that a blush Ryan detected form on her cheeks?

"My name's Ryan Wolfe." He hoped that was an appropriate answer to whatever it was she had said.

"It's nice to meet you Ryan!" Jessica responded, "So you must be Walter." now extending her hand to Walter to shake. "It's so nice to meet both of you!" She had such a bubbly personality and an amazingly seductive voice. Ryan thought he could listen to her talk for hours.

"Let me show you around the lab, Jessie. Mr. Wolfe, Walter, will you gather the rest of the team in the conference room while I show Ms. Stone here around the lab. I would like to have a meeting to introduce her to everyone."

"Oh you don't have to H!" Jessica suddenly exclaimed, "I'm fine with just trying to blend in, I swear! I don't want to make a big deal out of this!"

"Well you kind of are a big deal." Ryan said without thinking. Everyone stared at him for a second before he quickly followed up with "You're the first intern that we've had since I started working here six years ago! H is kind of exclusive with his picking."

"Well, Mr. Wolfe," Jessica said in a very much Horatio manner, "I guess we'll just have to see about that, now won't we? How about that tour now, Lieutenant Caine?"

"Of course, Ms. Stone." Horatio extended his arm out and Jessica wrapped her arm around his. They walked off, almost too close for normality. Ryan and Walter watched as they walked down the hall. Ryan was so busy focusing on the way that her muscles flowed under her clothes as she walked that he didn't hear Walter say his name.

"Hey! Earth to Ryan Wolfe!" Walter exclaimed loudly, "Stop creeping on the new intern and let's go you cradle robber!"

"Whoa buddy, who you calling a cradle robber?"

"Oh please, I practically had to mop the floor you were drooling so much!"

"Shut up! Go find everyone in the AV labs before I call your mom and tell her how much you miss her! I'm going to DNA and the morgue."

As he walked away from his coworker, Ryan couldn't shake the feeling in his stomach. Jessica was really pretty, he couldn't deny that. But Walter was right, she was an intern, a much younger than him intern, she may have been the same age as his sister. What stuck out most in his mind were those eyes. Jessica's eyes had so much depth and wisdom to them and Ryan couldn't help that he had seen them some where before. But that couldn't be possible, could it? He never attended Miami University and there wasn't a Jessica Stone at the Florida State Police Academy. But where had he seen those eyes?