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Dinner with Dad

Horatio Caine sat at the table in the restaurant, waiting for his daughter to arrive. Jessica had been working at the Miami Dade Crime Lab for a little over a month now and she was already becoming an excellent Forensic Specialist. He was so proud of his daughter. Jessica was turning out to be just like her mother, and Horatio couldn't have asked for anything else.

Jessica came walking up to the table, escorted by the male host. Horatio could tell clear as day that he was flirting with her. Jessica politely smiled but obviously didn't return the favor. The host was persistent though, Horatio had to give him that, but Jessica clearly was too much like her mother.

"Hey Dad" Jessica said when she got to the table. Horatio stood up and encased the young woman in his arms. He kissed her cheek and smoothed her hair.

"However are you Sweetheart?" Horatio asked as they sat down.

"I'm doing good." Jessica replied. Horatio looked at his daughter long and hard. There was something different about her tonight, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. She almost seemed to glow; her smile was wider, her eyes were brighter, and she spoke with a cheeriness Horatio had never heard before.

"I checked out your car last night after you called." Horatio said, "I couldn't find any other cars with slashed tires, like you said. There was no other obvious vandalism and I couldn't tell if anything was missing. I don't know why your car was singled out, but it bothers me a little Jessica. I'm worried someone's found you and now they're out to get you."
Jessica listened to her father's words. She had been wondering the same thing herself. She knew there were Crip Kings in Miami, but they couldn't know she was here or who she was.

"You don't think someone knows about Izzy, do you Dad?" Jessica asked with a slight tremble to her voice.

Horatio thought it over for a second. Izzy was their biggest secret, but Izzy had been dead for thirteen years now, it wasn't possible that someone could have been following them that whole time.

"I hope not Sweetheart." Horatio said, and he reached across the table and took Jessica's hand into his own.

"Now," Horatio said, releasing her hand and leaning back in his chair, "Tell me, what's his name?"

Jessica looked up at her father from her menu and asked "Who?"

"The guy you were with last night."

Now Jessica was really puzzled. How could Horatio know she was with someone last night?

"What makes you think I'm seeing someone?"

"I can see it on your face." Horatio said leaning forward, "He makes you really happy and you must enjoy spending time together. Now, what's his name?"

"I will never understand how you can figure these things out." Jessica smiled at her father.

"Father's intuition; I know when there's something going on with my little Jessie Bug." He returned her smile and their blue eyes locked together for a moment. Horatio could tell Jessica was uneasy with the subject and didn't want to discuss it, but she continued anyways.

"I've known him for a couple of weeks now." Jessica began, "We hit it off really well and I really liked him. We went out to dinner last night and we decided that we wanted to be in a relationship." She paused for a moment not sure whether to continue, but knew Horatio would figure it out either way. "We had sex last night. It was amazing. For the first time I felt safe and he listened to me. When I said stop he stopped. When I said keep going he kept going. When I said I didn't know what I wanted he waited until I knew. I didn't panic and there were no flashbacks. I did have a nightmare though, but he held me and talked to me in my sleep. I felt safe and wasn't hurt."

Horatio smiled and joy filled his blue eyes. After all these years Jessica had finally found someone who understood what she had been through.

"What did he say when you told him about your past sex life?" Horatio asked.

"I didn't. I didn't want him being cautious and trying to not hurt me because of what James did. I wanted him to be who he was and not worry about me. But he was still more concerned about me than his self.

"He hit a scar and it hurt like crazy. I didn't tell him at first it hurt but he could tell. He stopped right then and there and listened to me when I gave him specific directions. He didn't question anything about me. I even let him feel the scars on my back and chest and he still didn't ask. I didn't let him see them, but he didn't ask why. He told me when I was ready we would talk."

"He sounds like a wonderful person."
"He is Daddy. I can't believe it either. After all these years of fearing I would forever be alone because of what he did to me."

"Don't speak of him. He's gone and he's never coming back." Horatio took Jessica's hand in his and could see it in her eyes there was still fear of James's return, though she knew it wasn't possible.

"Now, are you going to tell me his name?" Horatio prompted his daughter. He wanted to know more about this mystery man his daughter was seeing.

"Why, are you going to run a background check?"

"No, but a name would be nice."
Jessica thought for a second about giving a false name, but Horatio might just do a background check. She decided it was best to tell her father the truth.

"No, I'm not going to tell you his name." she said, looking back at her menu.

"And why not?"

"I'm not ready." her eyes never leaving the menu.

Horatio looked at his daughter and smiled. "You always were stubborn. You get that from your mother."
Jessica finally looked at her father. "Do I really? Or do I get it from you?"

They looked at each other and chuckled. The waiter came over and they ordered their food.

Did you make it to the end? Good, then as promised here's a preview from my next Ryan/Jessica story. I hope you enjoy it and I promise it will be up as soon as I can upload!

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Jessica began biting his neck and brought him back to reality. Ryan allowed him self to be pushed onto the bed and Jessica crawled on top of him. She pulled his shirt off and began kissing and biting from his jaw all the way to his waist line and back again. Ryan began running his hands under her shirt. He felt the scars that had become familiar but remained a mystery to him.

Ryan wanted Jessica so bad now that he couldn't take it anymore. He switched positions with her, pinning her underneath him. He kissed her deep and grinded his desire between her legs.

Jessica arched her back and pressed her body against Ryan. She wasn't sure if she wanted this while he was drunk, and began to worry.

Ryan sat up and removed Jessica's jeans and panties, and leaned down to savor her scent. He slowly tasted her and felt her respond. Ryan needed to have her now, but he didn't think she was ready. He continued to explore her with his mouth and tongue and listened to her moans.

Jessica tried to appreciate what Ryan was doing, but it was so hard. The smell of beer lingered in the room. She wondered if he would remember this in the morning. Her anxiety grew and she could feel the panic start. She didn't want to stop him, he clearly wanted her, but she didn't want this, not tonight, not anymore. How could she tell him to stop? He was drunk, would he listen?

Ryan moved up and began kissing Jessica's stomach and running his hands along her thighs. Her entered her with one finger and moved it around inside of her. She was so tight!

Ryan's finger burned as he pushed it inside her. Jessica squirmed under his pressure and didn't know what to do. Then the pain increased as he shoved a second finger in. God, why was this happening again! Jessica thought Ryan was better than this! Why wouldn't he stop!

Ryan kissed Jessica deeply and then realized she was crying. He stopped moving and didn't even breathe. He leaned back and looked into her eyes. She didn't say anything, just looked at him with eyes filled with pain and sorrow.

Got you thinking, didn't I?