Once again, Waluigi was in his comfortable bed, feeling even more exhausted than the first day. With Petey Piranha and Gooper Blooper absent, the bedroom seemed a bit calmer, but alas, Toadette and Nikki were jumping with no care in the world on Toadette's bed, as Bowser Jr. was making some science potions with Ashley. ROB made it up, looking at the teenagers and then turning his attention to Waluigi, having turned off all the lights in the other rooms.

"So... how was earlier today when you were-" ROB was about to ask, but he was met with a glare from Waluigi, somewhat intimidated. "Oooh. I take it things didn't go well?"

Waluigi sighed as he shrugged, falling back on his bed as he looked up at the rainbow colored ceiling, sighing. "Still terrible. That digging, the damn girls teaching magic, Toadette and Bowser Jr. playing around the house..." He then turned to his right as he looked at ROB, a grim look spread across his face. "I don't... I just don't know if I could go on with all this madness."

ROB chuckled as he shook his head, wrapping his left mechanical arm around Waluigi as he reassured, "Well, it could always be worse."

"Truly?" Waluigi asked for a moment, leaving himself to ponder that as ROB shut off, the other four still wide awake.

Day 3

Turns out the morning didn't go better for Waluigi. In fact, it only kept getting crazier and crazier.

"I told you this was a bad idea from the start!" Waluigi yelled out at the top of his lungs, remarking on everyone moving in with him. The others clearly didn't get the message as only Waluigi himself was able to hear.

Waluigi screamed frantically as he was hanging on the back of a red colored radio controlled go kart, Bowser Jr. controlling it with a remote controller in his hands as Toadette giggled with glee, clapping her hands. The go kart went zooming out of the house, crashing through the window and landing on the smooth grass, zipping towards the northern direction. Waluigi gawked as he tried pulling his long lanky legs out, but to no avail as he was pinned several times in his privates by the picket fences that were placed on the grass. The go-kart started steaming with smoke as it exploded, sending Waluigi flailing in the air.

"I regret nothing!" Waluigi cried as he came falling down to the ground, his head stuck as he tried pulling himself out.

Toadette and Bowser Jr. looked at each other and laughed as they high fived each other, Bowser Jr. tossing away the remote controller. ROB was cleaning up the kitchen as Bowser Jr. and Toadette entered.

"Is Waluigi all right?" ROB asked as he placed down a set of clean dishes.

Bowser Jr. scoffed as he waved his right hand at ROB, reassuring him, "Oh please. That loser will be fine."

Toadette innocently placed her hands behind her back as she giggled, telling ROB," Me and Junior are gonna go and get Waluigi to help us with a little something."

ROB stared at Toadette oddly for several seconds as he shook his head, resuming his cleaning duties as Toadette and Bowser Jr. ran off, giggling like mad.

Petey Piranha was doing what he promised to do, and that was digging underground. By this point, he was likely two hundred feet below the surface of the Earth, not looking back as he wanted to explore the underground. Spitting out a flashlight he hid inside his mouth, Petey carefully went through a series of mazes that would be too conflicting if we described each and every one of them, so we cut to the chase with petey ending up at a wall.

"Huh?" Petey gulped as he looked up, scratching his head in confusion. He took a few steps back and looked at the wall again, to see that there was something on the wall inscribed. He gasped as his jaw dropped, dropping the flash light he was holding as the area went completely dark, the flash light breaking into several pieces.

Gooper Blooper sighed as he took out a tanning screen, sitting on the sand and bending a bit back as he placed on sunglasses, his back tentacles placing on sun screen as his front tentacles held the tanning plate, the sun shining brightly on him. The Nokis nearby were playing cheerfully, adding a sense of innocent to the beach as several crabs were scuttling into the salty sea to get some grub, while a plethora of seagulls were circling above, their various cries being heard amongst the blowing wind, splashing, and giggling.

Ashley was in the basement with Nikki, moving stuff about as Nikki sat on an old worn out tire, kicking her feet back as she cheerfully hummed. Ashley sighed as she ripped off her red dress, revealing her red tank top, as well as her sizzling white jeans.

"Man, Ashley, you're pretty stacked!" Nikki exclaimed as she pointed at Ashley's huge boobs, which were hidden inside the dress earlier. "Did you use magic on them?"

Ashley laughed as she approached Nikki, patting her on the head. "Oh young Noki, you got a lot to learn about puberty." She turned around, bending down slightly to reveal how big her butt was. "I had these clothes for a while, but I've never had the chance to show them. Now with me teaching you magic, I can show you!" She winked at Nikki as she placed her hands on her big butt, sticking it out as far as she could as she stood up. "Go on, get close to it!"

Nikki shrugged as she jumped off the tire, waling towards Ashley. The female bluish Noki placed her right hand on Ashley's butt as Ashley farted loudly, the force of the gas being enough to make the basement and enough to push Nikki into the ceiling. Ashley rubbed her butt with her right hand as she let out a raunchy poot, giggling as the smell didn't bother her. Nikki clung to the ceiling tightly, panting frantically as Ashley laughed, placing her hands on her hips.

"Come on, girl!" Ashley called out as she tapped her right foot, "You're not gonna get anywhere if you just stay up there!"

Nikki chuckled nervously as she shook her head. "N-no thanks. I like to get back some dignity first..." The ceiling started to crumble, and Nikki landed right on Ashley, the ceiling rubble covering them both. Nikki groaned in pain as Ashley accompanied the groan with another poot.

Waluigi finally managed to get his head out from the ground as Toadette and Bowser Jr. rushed to help him. Waluigi spotted the duo coming for him, and he tried running as fast as he could, but he tripped on a rotted eggplant, landing on his face. Waluigi groaned as Toadette and Bowser Jr. managed to catch up.

"There you are, Waluigi!" Toadette chimed as she giggled, helping Waluigi stand up. "You shouldn't leave us behind like that!"

Waluigi pulled away from Toadette as he folded his arms angrily. "Leave you behind You nearly killed me with that stupid go kart!" He turned to Bowser Jr., pounding him on the head and stepping on his right foot. "And you! Just what gave you any idea to send me going about like that?"

Bowser Jr. yelped in pain as he held his foot, growling at Waluigi as he smirked, "Well, you weren't doing anything, so I figured that you wouldn't mind a ride."

Waluigi's right eye twitched as he pulled his elf like ears, screaming in rage as he chased Bowser Jr. and Toadette, who were luckily faster as they ran as fast as they could, trying their best to avoid the rage Waluigi would supliment them with.