DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Brady Bunch, the only characters I own are the ones you don't recognize and my girl Delta.

The telephone rang loud and clear.

"Hello? This is the Brady residence." Alice said into the receiver.

"Brady? I'm calling for a Carol Hasting." The lady on the other end said confusedly.

"Oh she's Mrs. Brady now, I'll get her for you." Alice said into the phone. "Mrs. Brady telephone!" Carol walked downstairs.

"Thank you Alice." Carol said taking the phone. "Hello?"

"Carol! It's Loretta." The woman said.

"Oh Loretta, I haven't heard from you in years!" Carol smiled.

"I realize that we were never the closest, and I hate to ask so much of you." The woman stammered.

"Loretta what is it?" Carol asked.

"You see John and Charles are overseas, I can't get a hold of Amanda, and Nicholas is in prison." She said softly.

"Yes?" Carol gently urged on her ex-husband's sister.

"I got a job and it requires me to go away and I can't take Delta." She finished.

"Are you asking if I would take in Delta? I would love to! When do you go away?" Carol asked excitedly.

"Oh thank you Carol! I have to go Wednesday evening, I'm sorry I called on such short notice." She said in relief.

"Oh its no problem Loretta. Really. Just send her up, our address is 4222 Clinton Way, it's a bit out side of Los Angeles."
"Oh thank you Carol!" I have to go though, Dale and Delta will be back soon and I have to take a pie out of the oven."

"Of course Loretta, good luck on your job and I can't wait to see Delta again, she's just a little older than Marcia so it will all work itself out. Your Welcome!" Carol smiled as she hung up the phone.