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xxXXxx Metropolis

"Well this was a waste of time." thought Naruto as he walked through the streets of Metropolis. The reason for these thoughts were because he had arrived in the city a couple days ago, but he had yet to find out anything about the famed man of steel.

He had been watching Superman, but he had yet to find out anything that could really help him. Besides, it wasn't like he could just follow him. He knew by now that, in order to get Superman's attention, he would have to do something.

He didn't want to cause to big a scene however, so he decided to just do a little bank robbery to get some attention. While he hadn't found anything on Superman, he had found a few good things with Superman's known enemy, Lex Luthor.

He could still remember when he had broken into Luthorcorp in order to see if the man had anything on the man of steel and had found things that he really hope he didn't have to use, especially that.

He decided to wait until night to put his plan into action, since at the moment he wanted to just enjoy the sights and try and find something to take back to Jump City for everyone. As he was walking he noticed a small fast food restaurant and since he was hungry he decided to get something to eat.


It was now nighttime and Naruto was ready to start his plan. He had already made four clones and had them transform to look like robbers. "I'm sure that you all know what to do." spoke Naruto to the clones who nodded in return.

"Good! Don't forget to let him take down three of you, and the final one is to lead him here." spoke Naruto again. The three clones saluted before jumping into a black van that they had stolen in order to get away in.

Naruto watched them speed off before turning around to face a large building with what looked like a giant globe on the roof. "The Daily Planet. Well, I might as well go and get her." spoke Naruto as he walked into the building and disappeared in a blur.


The four clones had successfully broken into the bank by blowing a large hole into the wall. "Alright, let's make this look good." spoke the lead clone. They then started packing the bags they had with money and throwing them into the back of the van, which was right by the hole.

"We have maybe ten minutes if we're lucky before the man in blue appears and tries to stop us. So let's try and be gone by then." spoke the clone, which caused the rest to speed up.


Naruto was watching two of Metropolis's best journalists, Clark Kent and Lois Lane. He knew that he would have to knock out Kent in order to get Lois without making too much of a scene. He couldn't help the feeling that he knew him from somewhere though.

Just as he was about to move in, he heard what sounded like a police report. That's when he noticed the police radio on the desk, and they were talking about the robbery that his clones were involved in.

He was once more about to move in, before he noticed Clark getting up. "Lois I have to go." he said.

"I know." replied Lois as she to got up and kissed him. "Hurry back, and I want to know all of the details." she said as Clark just nodded. It was then that he took off his glasses, and Naruto couldn't have been more shocked.

He now knew the reason why he seemed to recognize Clark, though he had never met him before. "Talk about leading a double life." thought Naruto as he watched Clark run into the elevator.

He then sensed Clark leaving the area extremely fast, heading in the direction of the bank. It was at that time that he decided to reveal himself. "You really do take your job seriously don't you, Miss Lane?" asked Naruto.

Lois spun around in shock, only to see a man standing there in a black cloak with red clouds and a hood, along with some weird orange spiral mask over his face. "W-who are you?" she asked.

"Me, well that isn't important. What is important is that I need your boyfriends help, and you're going to help me get it." replied Naruto. He had opted to use the Akatsuki getup since Kitsune was too well known in the underworld, along with being known as being from the Jump City area.

He couldn't afford for them to track him down, so he had opted for the disguise that few people knew. Before Lois could even scream, Naruto was behind her and had landed a chop to her kneck, knocking her unconscious.

"Now it's only up to my clones to bring Supes here, then the fun can really begin. I just hope that he agrees to help me so that I wont have to use more drastic measures and possibly cause a lot of harm to both him and this city." thought Naruto.


Back in Jump City everyone was just hanging out playing video games. "This is boring." complained Billy, who was playing a racing game against one of his clones. The others could be seen hanging around doing different things.

Mammoth and Private Hive were having an arm wrestling tournament, which Mammoth was winning. Seemore was watching the match while Kid Wykkid was sitting in a corner reading a book that was in some weird language.

The only people who were missing were Jinx and Gizmo who were in the infirmary watching over Blackfire. They wanted to make sure that nothing went wrong while Naruto was away.

"*sigh* When do you think Naruto will be back?" asked Jinx as she checked over Blackfire.

"He'll be back soon, don't worry." replied Gizmo. He didn't want to be mean since he knew how much Jinx cared about Naruto and he saw them both and everyone else as the family he never had when he was growing up.

"I really hope that he hasn't gotten into too much trouble." she said.

"Come on don't worry about him. If he had done anything big it would have been on the news by now. And besides, even if he does get caught, he can easily disappear in a flash back here." replied Gizmo.

"Yeah, I guess that you're right. I just wish that he would at least call or something so that we can make sure that he's okay." said Jinx.

"If you're so worried, then why don't you call him instead?" asked Gizmo. Jinx was about to reply before she actually thought about the idea.

"You know, that's not a bad idea." replied Jinx as she walked out of the infirmary in order to call Naruto.

"Finally! I thought she would never leave." grumbled Gizmo. Sure, he didn't mind having her around, but he was getting a bit annoyed with her constant worrying over Naruto, the person who could single-handedly wipe out the entire HIVE Academy.


Jinx had just left the infirmary and pulled out her cell phone from her pocket. She pressed the speed-dial number for Naruto and waited a few seconds before it started ringing. It rang three times before someone answered.


Naruto was standing on top of the Daily Planet roof, waiting for his clone to lead Superman there so that he could get the solar suit from him. As he was waiting he felt something start vibrating in his pocket.

He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Jinx who was calling him, which he had already guessed since she was the only one that overreacted.


"Naruto, why the hell haven't you called us since you left?" asked an enraged sounding Jinx.

"Uh, because I didn't know that I had to. I mean, if you guys ever really needed me then you have my kunais so that I can be there." replied Naruto.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean that we still wouldn't like to hear from you and know that you're okay." replied Jinx, sounding a bit calmer now. She knew that she was taking this way out of proportion, but she just couldn't help it.

"Don't worry I'm about to start my plan, so that means I'll be back home soon and I'll give you guys all of the details." replied Naruto. He heard a sigh on the end and knew that it was one of relief.

"So how's our patient doing? Is she getting enough sunlight?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, she's doing a lot better than when she got here, but she's still really weak." replied Jinx. Naruto nodded his head at this bit of information. This just gave him more motivation to hurry and get the solar suit.

Before anything else could be said, Naruto sensed his clone coming towards him, along with another signature that he hoped was Superman's. "Jinx I'll have to call you back. Supes is on his way." said Naruto.

"Alright, but be safe and hurry back" said Jinx as she hung up the phone. Naruto just smile as he closed the phone and placed it back into his pocket. He then walked the ledge and looked down, where he saw his last clone get caught by superman.

Naruto held out his hand and created a small lightning bolt in his hand. He then threw it directly at his clone who sensed the attack coming and got prepared for the pain that was to come.


Superman had finally caught up to the last member of the crew that had robbed the bank. The first three were easy to take down, but this one seemed to know how to dodge him and was 'trying' to get away.

He watched as the man ran down a street and ran across the road. He had been so preoccupied trying to catch the man that he didn't even realize that they had come back to the Daily Planet.

It was at this point that he decided to end it. He once more used his superspeed to appear in front of the man and grabbed him before he could move. He watched as the man pulled out a nine and shot him in the face, the bullet bending in.

"Fine take me away." said the man as he dropped the gun. Before Superman could do anything else however, what looked like a lightning bolt hit the man, incinerating him in seconds and shocking Superman.

He shook his head for a while and tried to get rid of the tingling feeling. He then looked towards where the bolt had come from and noticed a man standing on the Daily Planet roof.

He quickly flew up to the roof in order to confront the man who had just 'killed' someone. "Who are you and why did you kill that man?" asked Superman who looked tense and ready for a fight.

"He served his purpose." replied Naruto as he crossed his arms.

"And what purpose was that?" asked Superman.

"To lead you here so that we can have a conversation." replied Naruto.

"And what exactly would we have to talk about?" asked Superman while raising an eyebrow.

"Simple, you have a special suit that I need."

"Oh really, and what suit might that be?" asked Superman.

"A solar suit that absorbs solar energy." replied Naruto. This caught Supermans' attention.

"Oh really, and why would you want that?" asked Superman getting a bit curious.

"It's for a friend that's a bit like you, except she's really weakened right now and needs that suit." said Naruto.

"Well why don't you take off that mask and turn yourself in. Then we can talk about getting help for your friend." said Superman.

"Sorry, but I can't do that. I am willing to make a trade however." said Naruto.

"Oh, and what would you have that I would want?" asked Superman.

"Her!" replied Naruto while gesturing to a spot beside him. From that spot the unconscious figure of Lois Lane appeared before sinking back into the ground. This caused Superman's eyes to widen in shock.

"What did you do to her?" asked Superman, all the joking now out of his voice.

"Nothing yet, but I will if you don't give me what I want. And as an added bonus, I wont tell the entire world exactly who you are, Mr. Kent." replied Naruto. This caused Superman to completely freeze up.

Not only did this man have Lois, but he also knew his secret identity. "Who are you?" asked Superman.

"Come on don't you remember me Supes?" asked Naruto with a small smirk under his mask. It took only a minute for Superman to remember who he was talking to.

"You were one of the people from Centauri. So I'm guessing that your friend is the girl that you broke out of prison." said Superman. Naruto nodded an affirmative.

"So do we have a deal?" asked Naruto.

It only took a second before Superman replied. "Yes, but if anything happens to Lois I will personally hunt you down." said Superman. Naruto once more nodded.

"Bring the suit back here. You have two hours." spoke Naruto before he turned around and disappeared in a blur. Superman sighed before turning around and flying off into the night.


Superman was flying across the skies of Metropolis thinking about what had just happened. He knew that he shouldn't make deals with criminals, but he had no choice in this matter.

Not only was Lois's life on the line, but his secret identity as well. And since this guy seemed to know his identity, he might go after his parents as well, something that he really didn't want to happen.

He thought it over and knew that this guy really wasn't someone that they wanted running around, so it was with this thought in mind that he made his decision. He instantly switched his direction and started flying into outer space.

It took him a short while to reach the watchtower. He quickly went into the meeting room where he found all of the founding members, which was really lucky. He sighed before he walked into the room.

"We have a serious problem." he said in a serious voice, which immediately got everyone's attention. "Earlier tonight I had a run-in with one of the people who helped in the Centauri jailbreak." said Superman.

This immediately got everyone even more interested. "So, what happened. Did you catch the guy?" asked Flash.

"No, but the problem is even worse." he replied.

"What's the problem?" asked Batman, looking as serious as ever.

"He has a hostage, Lois Lane. He also knows my secret identity." said Superman. This got wide eyed looks from everyone, except for Batman whose eyes narrowed.

"This isn't good." said Batman.

"Yes, but he tried to make a deal with me." said Superman.

"What type of deal?" asked Wonder Woman.

"He wants my solar suit in exchange for Lois and keeping my identity secret." said Superman.

"What! You can't trust him." said Green Lantern.

"I know that, it's the reason I'm here. He gave me two hours to bring the suit to him." said Superman.

"This gives us time to make a plan." said Batman as they started discussing what to do and how to capture this unknown assailant before he could do anything that could cause other people to get hurt.

xxXXxx Two Hours Later

Naruto stood on the roof of the Daily Planet with a now conscious Lois standing next to him with her arms tied behind her back. "What do you want?" asked Lois with anger in her voice.

"Don't worry I wont hurt you as long as you boyfriend delivers what he promised." said Naruto.

"What makes you think that he's my boyfriend?" asked Lois trying to play it off.

"So you don't have any interest in Kent?" asked Naruto.

"What does Clark have to do with this?" asked Lois, hoping that he wasn't implying what she thought.

"Don't try and play me like a fool. I know that Superman is Clark Kent." said Naruto, getting wide eyes from Lois.

"H-how did you know?" asked Lois.

"The bank robbery was my idea. I was coming here to kidnap you to use against Superman, but that's when your boyfriend did his little elevator disappearing act." said Naruto. This caused Lois to curse under her breath.

Before she could say anything she noticed her captor looking off into the distance. "It's time." spoke Naruto. Seconds later Lois saw Superman flying towards the roof with a suitcase in hand.

It took only a minute before Superman landed on the roof. "Is that it?" asked Naruto, gesturing to the suitcase.

"Yes, now let Lois go." said Superman.

"Well normally I would, but there's just one problem." said Naruto.

"And what's that?" asked Superman with a serious look on his face.

"You're not Supes." said Naruto. This caused 'Superman's' eyes to widen. Before anything else could be said a red blur rushed pass Naruto grabbing Lois in the process. Naruto looked towards the corner of the roof to see none other than the Flash with an untied Lois in his arms.

"Nicely played." said Naruto. "You might as well tell the rest of your little party to come out, I can tell that they're here." spoke Naruto while looking at specific places where the rest of the team was.

It was then that the real Superman landed on the roof. Naruto looked towards him, his mask covering his face. "Well Mr. Kent it seems that you've made your choice, so I guess that I'll have to force you to give me what I want."

"Save it, because you're going to be locked up for a long time." spoke none other than Batman who was now standing beside Superman.

"I don't think so." said Naruto with humor in his voice.

"Hey man are you retarded? There are seven of us, and only one of you." spoke flash with a cocky smile on his face. Naruto looked around before nodding.

"You're right, but don't worry I'll let you go get more people." said Naruto. This caused Flash to laugh.

"Please, you and your crew didn't stand a chance against Superman and Gl, what chance do you have alone against all of us?" asked Flash. This caused Naruto to let out a bit of killer intent and direct it at Flash.

"Do you want me to kill you?" asked Naruto in a demonic voice that sent a shiver up everyone's spine. When they looked closer they noticed that the eye hole had a red glow coming from inside it.

"That's enough. Time to end this." said Bats as he ran toward Naruto, followed by everyone else. Batman threw a punch which was dodged. Flash tried to rush in from behind, but when he got close Wonder Woman, who had tried to attack from above, was thrown into him after being caught.

That was when Naruto started floating in the air. Everyone looked towards Martian Manhunter whose eyes were glowing red with his arm extended. Naruto struggled in the air for a second, before looking towards the Martian.

"You're annoying." said Naruto. In an instant Naruto disappeared only to reappear in front of Martian Manhunter. Before anyone could do anything, Naruto released a blast of wind from his palm, sending the Martian flying into the wall of the building opposite them.

This just fueled everyone to try and take this guy down faster. Superman flew towards him at a fast speed, catching him in a spear like move, but Naruto just jumped back up. This caused him to barely dodge an electrocuted mace from Hawkgirl.

"Do you guys always play this rough?" asked Naruto with humor present in his tone.

"Don't worry, we can be a lot rougher." said Hawkgirl as she tried a jab to the face, which was dodged easily, followed by Naruto jumping into the air and doing a backflip, allowing Green Lantern to fly right under him and into Hawkgirl.

Although Naruto talked as if he was joking, he knew that things could escalate pretty fast if this fight went on. He was sure that they had already attracted some attention and soon more heroes might start showing up. With a heavy sigh, he made his mind up to not be delayed any more.

It was at that moment that the entire League team decided to rush him. "ENOUGH! Shouted Naruto as he let out a burst of energy that caught everyone by surprise and sent them flying back.

"I tried to do this peacefully, but you wanted to do this the hard way. Well so be it." said Naruto. Everyone could immediately tell that he had decided to get serious, which wasn't a good thing.

Superman was the first to rise and flew towards Naruto, cocking his hand back for a punch. It was at this moment that Naruto slammed his hands onto the ground, getting an array of seals to appear around his hands.

Superman, seeing no point in the move, continued to charge forward. Just as he was about to throw his punch, a huge wooden box sprung from the ground, Superman punching through it and hitting something inside.

Everyone stopped and stared at the strange box, which for some reason resembled a coffin. That's when they heard movement from in the box, and something gripped Superman's hand.

Everyone watched as Superman began to struggle to pull his hand free. Just as he was about to try a punch with his other hand, he was beaten to it as a large gray hand shot out and slugged him in the face while releasing his hand, sending him flying off the roof and through a building.

They heard the distinct crashing noise, signaling that Superman had fallen onto the streets. Everyone looked at the box, along with the hand protruding from it, and recognized it instantly.

They didn't have to speculate any more as the cover of the box fell, revealing the monster that was inside. The monster was well over ten feet tall with sickly gray skin. He had a bit of white hair on his head and what looked like bones jutting out from all over its body. It wore black shorts and gray boots.

This was something that only three people had faced before, with only one of them fighting the real one. This was the being that had went toe-to-toe with Superman with ease and had caused the destruction of almost half of Metropolis.

It was at this time that Superman speedily flew back on the roof and looked the beast over, the look of shock, and a bit of fear, evident in his face, though it was understandable since this thing had brought him extremely close to death.

"Doomsday!" whispered Superman, bringing everyone's fear even closer. It was at this time that Naruto walked out from behind the coffin.

"This is my final ultimatum, either you bring me what I asked for, or I let this guy loose on the city for round two." spoke Naruto, all joking and humor out of his voice. Batman then decided to voice his opinion.

"Don't worry, since it's a clone it's a lot weaker than the original." he said, getting sighs from those who had never faced the behemoth. Naruto decided to crush their hopes.

"That would be true, if this was a clone. This is the original Doomsday, only better." said Naruto. This got wide-eyed looks from everyone.

"That's impossible, the real Doomsday is dead." said Superman assuredly since he had been the one that ended the creature.

"Yes, which allows him to be here right now." said Naruto. Seeing the confused look on all the faces he decided to elaborate. "You see one of my abilities is to bring back the dead. All I need is a DNA sample and a sacrifice, but since Doomsday never had a soul I can bring him back for free." said Naruto.

He saw no reason not to tell them about his technique since they couldn't stop it anyway. This just raised more questions though. "Oh really, then where did you get it's DNA?" asked Green Lantern.

"Why, Luthorcorp of course, along with a bit of Supes." he said, getting even more wide eyed looks.

"So what's to stop Superman from just beating him again?" asked Flash.

"Simple, because you can't kill him. You can't destroy or even weaken him any more. He would just regenerate, even if you disintegrated his entire body. And the best part is that he is under my control, and only I can stop him." said Naruto, getting the heroes even more worried.

If what he had said was true, then they knew that they stood no chance in defeating this guy. "Now for you insolence!" said Naruto as he looked at Doomsday. "Destroy the entire of downtown, but don't kill anyone yet." said Naruto. Without a word Doomsday jumped in the direction of downtown.

"When you bring me what I want, I will stop him." said Naruto as he turned around and, before anyone could do anything, he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Well, this is just fucked up." said Flash as they started hearing the sound of destruction and saw the smoke coming from Downtown. The group of heroes quickly dashed off to try and stop the beast, though all of their efforts would be in vain. From atop a tall building nearby, Naruto watched the scene unfold.


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