Here is my first chapter of my new story about my favorite movie. Hope you guys like it. I would love feedback. Should I keep or delete?

I can't believe I'm finally here, college. Its like a dream, that I never thought would come true. This is the first step to happiness, that means no parents, fun parties, and cute boys. I was so excited stepping into my dorm room with my parents.

"This looks nice", my mom said

"Yeah, huge for a dorm room", I said looking around I saw a bed and a bunk bed.

"Well lets get to unpacking", My mom said

As we finished unpacking, my parents lounged around for a bit. As we walked around on campus, saw all the sites we need to see. After 2 hours of just walking around looking at stuff and just having it was time for my parents to leave.

"Bye, sweetheart", my mom said hugging me

"Bye", I told them waving goodbye

When I walked back into my dorm room I saw two girls standing around talking.

"Oh hi, so you two must be my roommates", I said smiling

"Yep," said a with reddish-brown wearing black eyeliner

"Well, I'm Daffney Williams", I said

"My name is Stokely Mitchell", the girl with the reddish-brown

"And my name is Delilah Profitt", said the other girl with long dark brown hair

"Hi", I said to both of them

As Stokely and Delilah got done unpacking we sat down and talked. We got to know each other alittle better, they're both from Ohio. They came with their boyfriends and one of their guy friend. They asked me did I want to meet them I said sure.

We walked to the boys side of the campus. We stepped in the boy's dorm house and it looked like a boys house literally. As Stokely knocked on the door, the door swung open revealing a cute guy.

"Hey Stan",said Stokely smiling

"Hey Stokes",Stan said kissing her on the lips

Stokely pushed Stan out of the way so we could get the dorm room.

"This is the guys me and Delilah were talking about. This is my boyfriend Stan, Delilah's boyfriend Casey, and that guy over there is Zeke", she said

I looked over at Zeke and I was in shock, he was a super hottie. He had short dark brown and warm brown eyes. He just smiled at me.

"So are we going out or what", asked Casey

"Sure, Daffney you wanna come", Delilah asked

"I mean if its okay with you guys", I said

"Sure", they all said

"Okay, lets go then", I said

We walked out of the dorm room, talking and getting ready for what we were going to do tonight.