Prompt: This drabble was written for the 500themes challenge at Livejournal. The prompt is #149: transcendent joy

Spoiler: Tells something about the end of book seven.

Warnings: Two dead characters have some sort of conversation...

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this drabble, J.K. Rowling does.

Have fun!



No pain, no worries, no darkness.

Severus Snape indulged in the warm light that had finally taken over him. He could not feel the warmth though, like he was able to when he was still alive. Yet he somehow knew it was warm. He was unable to feel anything and at the same time he could sense everything.

He would have sneered at that notion if he had been still alive.

Something tingled. Something at the edge of his new existence. Like waves teasing the shore with their tedious persistence. It annoyed him to no end. Wasn't the afterlife supposed to be peaceful?

The tingling sensation increased, so did the annoyance. It invaded more and more of his space. It was messing with the strands of his very soul and the more he tried to evade it the more tangled he became.

Was hell coming to claim him at last?

The tingling stopped for the sake of a rattle. With its steady pattern it almost felt like a chuckle. An awful familiar chuckle… Did he come to haunt him?

Albus Dumbledore.

Instantly the chuckle stilled. Slowly the invader untangled himself from Severus' soul, although not completely. Thus, Severus was still able to feel the sudden sadness that emanated from Dumbledore. It was nauseating.

I did not wish for us to meet so soon.

Please. Avada Kedavra.

Those were the last spoken words between them. It did not matter for Snape that he was fulfilling a dying man's wish, or that it was for the greater good. What did matter to him was that he would never be able to forget or forgive himself for that.

I asked you to. There was nothing you could do.


Dumbledore's grief withdrew and was replaced by sudden warmth. Carefully strands of the foreign soul caressed his own. Against his own will, Severus calmed down.

Do not blame yourself for my sake, Severus. I consider myself very fortunate the way I died. Instead of facing an enemy or to wither away, I was granted to have my final look at one of my dearest friends. Thank you, my friend.

The soul started to hum with joy and only when the other started to vibrate in response, Severus noticed that it was his own soul that had initiated the concert.