So, this is my third story-ish type thing based off of a song, although the other aren't fanfics, this is the first one I'm writing for fanfiction. All the lyrics aren't used it's just a few random parts of the song. This will be in America/Alfred's 3rd person POV, because I highly doubt England would listen to this song. Man, you gotta LOVE being bored, and scrolling through your iPod, and getting ideas for fanfics XD….it's actually quite enjoyable really…so ANYWAY here's the 'story'…..ENJOY

Song used: If I Had You by: Adam Lambert

Disclaimer: I in no way possible own APH….sadly….

'If I had you, that would be the only thing I'd ever need! Yeah If I had you, then the money, fame, and fortune never could compete! If I had you, life would be a party, it's be ecstasy! Yeah if I had you! You-y-y-y-y-you, you-y-y-y-y-you, you-y-y-y-y-you. If I had you'

He shook his head. 'Adam MUST know me' America thought. He looked down at the radio and lifted his hand to the volume dial and turned it up almost all the way. He wished he could tell England how he felt, but honestly, HOW do you tell your former mentor/ older brother you're in love with them…especially when you know they don't return the feelings? He sighed, and kept aimlessly driving around the streets of Buffalo. It probably wasn't the BEST idea he's ever had since Buffalo was well….not one of the best cities, but he loved how Buffalo looked, especially near the water front and near Niagara Falls. And, it's not like he was driving around at night, it was noon.

'The flashing of the lights, It might feel so good! But I've got you stuck on my mind, yeah! The fashion and the stage…It might get me high…But it don't mean a thing tonight!' He couldn't help but think about how well this song related to him. He parked the car and got out and started walking around. He looked out at the Niagara River and leaned on the fence type thing that kept the pedestrians away from the river. He saw jet skies and boats fly by, and he couldn't help but think how he HAD to bring Arthur here. He knew he'd be stuck up and not want to come, and put up this front that he didn't like it, but Alfred knew that on the inside Arthur would love it. He sighed yet again and rested his head in his folded arms. He didn't know why, but he couldn't get a certain person out of his head these days, it seemed as though everything he did, anything someone said, or whatever he saw it all reminded him of Iggy. He also didn't like how close this said person was to France and Seychelles. It infuriated him when at world meetings France would openly flirt with him and touch him and he just shrugged it off as nothing! He thought England hated that wine loving, escargot, annoying French frog/ asshole/ bastard/ mother fucker! When this happened, he wished he could walk up to France and punch him right in the face, hopefully doing some damage to that hideous face of his, then grab England by the wrist and pull him out of the meeting room to get him as far away from France as humanly possible. But, he being the somewhat civilized nation he was, he didn't, and the sad part was that when all of this transpired France would look over to him and wink, almost as if he was doing these things to England just to get a reaction. And America promised himself that at the next G8 meeting he would be England's hero (be he IS the hero,) and he wanted to walk up to Cuba or Prussia (the ex country) and tell them that they can flirt with Mattie all they wanted just to piss the French mother fucker right off. On second thought, that IS a perfect idea…I'll have Prussia do it though, he'll get more of a reaction out of the frog. Alfred lifted his head and smiled an evil and devious smile that would make Russia's run and cry for it's daddy. He moved from his spot and kept walking. He paused at the monuments that were put up, he ran a hand along the walls. All those soldiers lost during those wars. He kept walking until he reached the area where he could buy food, and surprisingly he didn't feel like getting a burger, he instead bought a ice cream and sat down, once again looking out at the river. If only he could tell Iggy how he felt, then these problems would probably subside, true, he'd have to face rejection, but it was better than nothing right? He finished his ice cream and walked in the direction he just came to go back to his car. Once he put the key in the ignition he zoomed out of Buffalo.

'If I had you…'

So, there it is. Tell me, did you like it? Love it? Or hate it? And should I continue with the story? I'm thinking I should…because I wanna see write what goes down at the G8 meeting….but I want to know what YOU think. Also, IF I do continue, who should be the one to make poor France jealous? Prussia or Cuba? So, R&R, it'll make America feel slightly better about this situation he's in XD

Also, if you have never been to the Niagara Falls or the Water Front near the HSBC arena you should plan a trip to go, it's really beautiful. And I chose the Water Front for the setting because it's peaceful and I prefer it to the Niagara Falls, but that's just me…and there aren't any fanfics (as far a I know) that have Buffalo as a setting XD. So, I'm going to stop typing now, so you can R&R XD -Iggy-