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When America and England left things got rather heated. France and Prussia were throwing punches once they got near each other. Canada, who had once again been forgotten about, hid under the table. It wasn't like anyone would notice, well, besides Prussia and France…but they were fighting over HIM now. At one point he thought he heard France yell "LEAVE MY LITTLE CANADA ALONE!" and Prussia reply

"YOUR CANADA?" but he couldn't be positive. At one point when he looked out from under the table he saw Prussia was on top of France, and also noted that Prussia was beating the SHIT out of France. Those Germans are always on top aren't they? Canada smiled, he was never one to make an inappropriate joke, but deemed it necessary because if the situation. When he looked back out at the fight, France was now on top of Prussia. He noted that France was failing EPICALLY at trying to beat up Prussia, who was lying there pretending to be in so much pain because of the pathetic punches. Canada shook his head, he couldn't believe that France was one of the countries that 'fathered' him. Granted his fighting expertise came from hockey, but he was still pretty beastly, where as France (Who was under Prussia again) wasn't. He got lost in thought thinking about the wonderful sport that was hockey when he heard someone in the meeting room yell "NO! FRANCE NO!" He looked out from under the table just in time to see his brother (who was holding hands with England) rush in and started fighting. He sighed, someone was going to get really hurt, and judging by the way things were going it was going to be France. He noticed England was trying to break up the fight, because France was getting bloody, which made Canada bolt from under the table and start the other English speaking country. But stopped dead in his tracks when England's fist connected with France's jaw. SHIT! What the fuck did France do now! Judging by the way America was clutching his wrist to his chest and on the verge of tears, France probably broke and or sprained it. He watched as France and England were now fighting it out. Canada was shocked at how France was fighting remarkably better then he was before. He walked over to America who apparently forgot about his wrist because he was cheering England on. "Al" Canada said over the shouts "Alfred! Ar-are you okay?" He asked. America looked at his brother and shook his head no. Canada pulled his brother away from the fight and started to tend to his wrist with the help of Japan. Right at that moment, the doors flew open and a very pissed off looking Germany walked in with a ditzy looking Italy, pissed off Romano, and a pleased looking Spain. Germany walked over to where the two, well three countries, because Prussia got back into the fight, and broke them apart. "HUNGARY!" Germany yelled "TAKE CARE OF FRANCE!" He then turned to England and Prussia. "Vhat started zis fight!" He yelled to no one in particular.

"Prussia was 'flirting' with me, France got mad, Prussia and him started to fight, something happened, causing America to get into the fight, France broke America's wrist somehow, in which England avenged his honor, and than apparently at some point Prussia got back into the fight." Canada who became bold and less shy said and went back to tending to his brother's wrist. After that the room fell into an awkward silence as Germany whispered things to England and Prussia. They just nodded and with that Germany dismissed them. Prussia walked up to Canada. "I'll see you late my little birdie" He smiled and walked out of the meeting room. England than walked up and looked at America, cringing at the bloody nose and black eye. "I'll take it from here Canada" He nodded and walked back to his seat. Watching as England carefully took care of the broken wrist. He smiled. Hopefully they end up together soon…

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