Just a tiny ficlet of a thing for New Years. I wrote it at three AM and it's probably the fastest I've ever written a oneshot...
And by tiny I mean tiny. I know. But it's done. ^^"

Snow fell from the yellow tinted clouds and Teito tillted hid head back to catch the flakes on his nose and lashes.

"So, why's New Years such a big deal?" he asked, feeling a few freezing crystals land on his tongue. "I mean, isn't it just a marker?" He brought his gaze back down to find Frau, who had been working to find firewood, looking at him incredulously.

"Did you even live when you were at the academy, brat?" he asked, smirking a little but frowning at the same time as though he didn't know how Teito could be serious. "New Years Eve is great; celebrations, fireworks," Frau grinned, "Alcohol, women."

"Stupid pervert, that shouldn't be what makes it great!" Teito snapped, aiming a kick at the bishop's side. His foot connected instead though with a small, hard object that fell from Frau's coat to land in the snow at Teito's feet.

Frau grimaced at the kick to his ribs but didn't seem too bothered. "Yeah, sometimes there are gifts too. If you deserve them," he added, rubbing his side and Teito blushed.

"This is... for me?" he asked hesitantly as he bent to lift t from the snow. It was just a plain cardboard box, only a little bigger then his fist but he could feel the weight of whatever was inside.

"It isn't if you keep kicking me, but yeah," Frau answered.

Teito felt himself blush guiltily again but he didn't answer. Instead he focused on digging his finger into the sides of the box, prying the lid off with cold hands. Inside were a pair of dyed, soft leather gloves, new and durable against the harsh Raggs winters. Teito took them out gingerly and pulled them onto his hands to find they fit perfectly.

"Green?" he queried, holding his hands up to examine the dark emerald fabric. It was soft as rabbit fur and already Teito could tell they were warming his frozen hands.

Frau shrugged. "Your eyes are green," he said like that explained everything. Teito blushed yet again and looked away.

"Thanks, Frau," he muttered, trying and failing to hold back a smile. Frau caught his expression though and let out a laugh.

"See brat, I knew you could smile if you actually meant it!"

Teito's fists clenched at that but he could hardly feel annoyed with the soft, new fabric between his fingers. With a slight frown he though with regret how he had neglected to get Frau anything,

Frau turned away. "Fire should be ready in a second. I just gotta find a bit more dry wood."

Teito perked up at this. "I'll do it!" he said, leaping up at the chance to volunteer. Frau snickered as Teito ran off to find any wood not already soaked in the snow.

"Happy New Year, brat," he muttered, smiling to himself as he watched Teito race off, sending the snow up in flurries behind him.

Happy New Years and thanks for reading!

Buon Anno Nuovo e grazie per leggere!