Something happened and Chapter 4 is titled Chapter 5. I don't know why but I'll fix that!

A tall, lithe creature strode alone a hallway of the planet Pangeara with powerful strides one night. She was very humanoid, but covered in red fur like feathers, right to her head, with dark red stripes. With more of a cat-like head, she had big, round, crimson eyes. Her four layers of a special feathers, called a shirt, that grows down to her knees was a beautiful blend of dark red to light red. She eyed the other Grounded Artlens as they walked passed her, doing their work probably, and each of them looked at her in what looked nervous or annoyed about her. She just snorted at the thought, like anyone would challenge her to a fight, this female Artlen is know for her fighting skills!

The she Artlen pushed a double door open to the head master's chamber. The blue colored Artlen looked up from his desk and smiled a little, Dark Blue stripes on his chest and arms, light blue shirt, sea blue eyes, baby blue spots around his eyes and everything else is the basic blue. "Ah Veara, I'm glad you made it! It getting harder to get around these days!" Veara smirked and looked passed the empire's Head Master's shoulder into space as do all Artlens do when picturing the past. "Yes..." She muttered "It was... hard to put things simply." She looked back at the Head Master "Master," Veara's ear twitched when she said master, she didn't think of him fitting for the role ''Master'' "What you do want for me?" The Head Master got up and walked up to a window to stare up at the starry sky "Veara, it time..." Veara's ear snapped up in surprise "Now?" She asked "Isn't it too easily to test the star ship?" The Head Master turned to face her "We are not too sure if its ready but then again we never tested this one before!" Veara scratched her neck, a sign that she didn't like the idea. The Head Master chucked "Veara, when did I even give you a dangerous quest?" 'True...' She thought. She sighed, not liking the idea for this all "What do I need to do?" She asked looking deep into the eyes of her Head Master. The Head Master smiled again and sat down, so did Veara and started to talk about the things that Veara needed to know.