Veara woke to a beeping sound. She raised her head, which was the only thing that wasn't strapped down. She could feel something on her mouth, feeding her saw that she was in a dark room and the only light was right above her. Suddenly she could hear breathing. She turned her head the best she can to look at a two Grox. She hissed at them, curling her lips to bare her sharp teeth "What Do you want?" She snapped. One walked over to her so she didn't have to strain her neck to looked at him, "I am the Grox Emperor!" He said. From the way he held himself to the deepness of its voice it was clear he was an Emperor. "We claimed you for a reason, your skills." Veara's ears dropped, confused. "Your flying skills did put my men into shame, if it wasn't for that meteor you would have claimed the Staff of Life and gone home without even so much as a scratch on your ship!" "Don't remind me..." Veara growled looking away, ears flat against her head showing shame. "Now I would like it if you join us, the Grox, and teach us your skills!" Veara's head snapped to look at the Emperor "HELL NO!" She barked "Those skills are for Artlens only!" The Emperor smiled evilly "You have no choice!" He said "By now, we the Grox are very skilled in brainwashing! Soon you'll forget about you past life and only remember your skills! We can even plant false memories, ah yes soon you'll be one of us even if you look different!" The Grox turned around so Veara can only see his back "With your help, even the boarder empire, The New Tharian Empire, won't stand a chance!" He laughed as he walked out of the room, "SAH' CHA HA!" Veara roared at him, she started to trashing around trying to break free. Then the other Grox quickly infected a very powerful Grox Anesthetic making Veara black out.. again, the last she she thought was 'I faint too much...'

Veara woke once more, she felt light headed. She slowly got up and looked around then at her body. Most of her left are was metal, she flecks her hand it worked just fine. Veara could also tell that her left eye was a bionic one. Veara got out of the bed she was laying on. Then walked to the door, wondering why she couldn't remember half of her life. "Ah Veara!" Said the Grox Emperor walking to her "You're awake! How do you felt?" Veara paused of a moment then said "Fine, I guess... W...What happened?" She rubbed her head. "You were attacked." Said the Emperor, then gestured her to follow him. As they walked, the Emperor told Veara ''what happened''. Veara listened then after the story, agreed to teach the Emperor's army her skills.

Veara walked down the hallway with powerful strikes, just like on planet Pangeara but she was now part of the Grox. They did the right thing to them by sparing her.

She didn't disappoint them in many ways...

SAH' CHA HA = Fuck You!