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It has been nearly a month since the fall of the Empire. It has crumbled as the people have fought back and taken back their worlds.

Anak and I journeyed to Ilum and crafted three daggers made of clear crystals.

We are waiting for the signal to take Kira, Sierra, Jeorje and their children to wherever we need to take them.

"Do I have to go?" Adi asked.

"You will miss your family." I say as I inspect the dagger meant for Leia; it is perfect.

"But what if I don't want to be a Jedi?" She asks.

I laugh.

"You were so excited to learn that you have special powers and want to be just like your grandmother. So what's really the problem?" I ask.

Adi looks down.

"I don't want to leave you and Anak. I've only known your ships and everyone on them." Adi states.

I set aside the dagger and pull her close.

"Things change Adi. Suns rise and set. People are born and die and children grow up. We knew you would one day leave us, most likely for an university for a higher education; and met a man and marry him." I pause. "Change is a part of life. And change comes to everyone." I continue.

Adi sighs.

"I don't want to leave." She states softly.

"It's part of life Adi." I say.

"When I was six my mother died and my father had died shortly before my brother was born. I was raised by my aunt Ali who died when I was sixteen. I screamed, cried and even begged Ashla and Bogden to breathe life back into her.

"Kera, my mentor pulled me aside and told me that many of the things that happen are the Will of Ashla and Bogden and that we are fools to try to alter Fate."

I smile.

"She also told me that if there was no change then there wouldn't be seasons or children or even life. Because life needs change." I tell her.

Adi is silent.

The sound of footsteps reach us and we look up.

Kira, Sierra and Jeorge stand in the doorway, a smile shines on Kira's face.

"We just got a signal telling us to return to the Temple on Coruscant." Sierra says, excitement fills her voice.

"And Mon Mothma has asked us to return as well. We have been declared friends of the Republic as well as anyone that has protected us." Kira says, pleased.

I turn to Anak and see his smile.

"Set course for Coruscant." I say.


We pilot the Lightwhip through the skies of Coruscant.

"Should we land at a hanger or ask for permission to dock at the Temple?" Anak asks.

"I think we should land on the plaza in front of the Temple." I respond.


Luke Skywalker

I stand on the steps of the Temple.

I watch as a large freighter slowly comes in for a landing in the plaza.

Part of me wants to protest to them landing there but at the same time it seems fitting.

Suddenly I am surrounded by children, the same children from Naboo.

"What are they doing here?" One of children asks disgusted.

One of the children shrugs.

The ramp lowers.

By now Leia, Han, Jix, Ahsoka and others have joined me on the steps.

Down the ramp walks a group of humans, or near humans.

I count five children and five adults.

Two of the adults are nearly giants.

The male is roughly the same height as my father in the suit and the female is shorter by several inches. The rest of the adults are of average height.

Two of the women are excited while the children and one the men is nervous. I can't read the emotions of the other two.

They slowly walk up the steps.

As they draw closer the strange children shift uncertainly, as if something is bothering them.

Finally the two tall ones stop in front of me and Leia and kneel. In their outstretched hands are daggers made from what appears to be crystal.

"We made these for you, children of Light. May they serve you well." They say softly.

Cautiously I take the one being offered to me. It is a work of art.

One of the strange children, the blond boy that seems to know Jix, comes closer and looks at it.

"Ashlan." He states softly.

I twist the dagger around in my hands, examining it.

Ashlan, the extinct group of Force Users.

They stand.

"Since the Jedi Purge we have protected this family from the Empire and all those that wished to kill them." The man says. "It is now time for them to return." The woman states.

The two other woman come forward.

"I am Kira Dasha." the older woman says. "And I am Sierra Lukas, formerly Sierra Casta." The younger woman says.

Sierra reaches out and the other man comes to her.

"This is my husband Jeorje and our children Mace, Adi Stass, Aayla, Obi and Even." She says as she shifts the baby in her arms.

"Welcome back to the Temple." Ahsoka says brightly. "My children will be pleased to have some playmates and classmates."

The older children brighten.

I turn to the two towering humans.

"Thank you for protecting them." I trail off, not sure of their names.

"Anak and Mikayla." The man, Anak, supplies.

"And it was a pleasure to have them." Mikayla says smiling.

I study them and my jaw nearly unhinges. They resemble the Ashlans in my vision except their hair isn't silver or black.

They turn to Kira and Sierra.

"It is time." Anak says softly.

They reach out and touch Kira and Sierra's hair and slowly their hair changes color.

We watch in amazement.

When Kira's hair is graying brown Anak lowers his hand. Sierra's hair is now black instead of brown.

One of the older girls hugs Mikayla.

"Are you going to come and visit us?" she asks.

Mikayla smiles.

"If the Skywalkers allow us we will help deliver supplies and take them places." Mikayla responds.

I look at Leia and she looks at me.

For some reason we turn to the blond boy. He looks at us, obviously wondering why we were staring at him.

Mikayla looks at the boy and then says something to Anak in a language I didn't understand.

Suddenly they kneel in front the boy and Mikayla pulls out another crystal dagger and offers it to the boy.

I reach out to the Force.

"Forgive us child of Ashla/Bogden. Forgive us for what we have done." Mikayla says softly in what I guess is her native tongue.

The boy takes the dagger and examines it.

At last he nods.

"Please, free us." Anak whispers.

This confuses me.

What could they have possibly done to this child to warrant forgiveness?

Suddenly the boy traces the faint scars on the right side of Mikayla's face with his fingers. Mikayla is stiffer than an immobile object.

"I can't." The boy says softly in Basic.

Their eyes lower and Mikayla sighs.

Finally they rise.

"This is our code for our commlinks." Anak says as he hands me a datapad. " Comm us if you need anything. We will take you anywhere except Eras." Anak finishes.

"May Ashla smile on you and Bogden's servants never hinder you." Mikayla says.

"You too." I say.

We watch as they descend the Temple steps and board their ship.

The ship rises into the air and disappears into the skies.



I watch as Coruscant recedes on scans.

I feel lighter and heavier after my meeting with the Balancer.

He has forgiven us for what we have done but he couldn't free us.

I know in my heart that they will ask for our help more than once.



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