Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Oh Lilligant, what have I done to you. Since I have a stomach growling fetish, and since Lilligant is too cute... well... erm... how should I put this... fap away!

"...christ, I can't believe this idiot just wrote that." Arceus chuckled as he shook his head.

"You'll laugh at the additional note." Hydreigon added as he took a glance at it while holding the letter with his other two heads. "And now, I just added these in to let y'all know that all the English names are out. So yeah, here we go."

Lilligant farted as she folded her leaves together, since her arms were basically giant leaves. "I don't know how I feel about being sexually attractive..."

"It's great, trust me!" Aria Meloetta exclaimed as she was eating vanilla icing, with the others rolling their eyes as the story got underway.

Lilligant yawned as she woke up in her nice, soft grassy bed. Getting up, Lilligant stretched her leafy arms as she smacked her lips, heading to the stairs. She tripped, falling on the stairs several times as she damaged herself greatly. Getting up, Lilligant sniffled as she started crying, feeling immense pain.

Several short seconds later, Lilligant got over her pain and ran into the kitchen. She lucked her lips together as she opened her refrigerator, hoping for some food inside. Much to her dismay... there was literally nothing in. Not even a single crumb.

"Wha?" Lilligant exclaimed in horror as her eyes widened, looking frantically across the kitchen to find some food. "There's gotta be some food in here..." Upon having zero results, Lilligant groaned as she sat down by the table, placing her hands on her stomach as she groaned, closing her eyes. "Oh. That's just peachy. No food around here."

Lilligant's stomach growled, prompting Lilligant to go check the garden behind herself. Lilligant searched, much to her disappointment, to find no fruits or vegetables in the garden. Lilligant moaned again asher stomach kept growling loudly, making Lilligant's little hunger problem even more potent.

"I gotta find something to eat, and fast," Lilligant commented as she headed westward, hoping that there would be some Pokemon willing to hand her some food. She tripped over a vine in the ground, landing on her face as she looked up, to see Whimsicott staring at her, placing her hands on her hips as she shook her head.

"Oh Lilligant. You look more pale than the Chum Bucket," Whimsicott told Lilligant as she helped her up, asking, "What's wrong?"

Lilligant's stomach growled again as Lilligant sighed, rubbing her stomach with her right hand. "Oh, I'm hungry and I don't have any food at my house." She held Whimsicott's stubby little hands, asking, "Do you think you could help me find some sweets, please?"

Whimsicott chuckled nervously as she closed her eyes, replying to Lilligant in a rather shaky voice, "W-why of course I'll help, Lilligant! What are childhood friends for?" She continued laughing nervously as she sighed, following Lilligant, who was overjoyed to find some food to eat. Whimsicott whispered to herself, "Oh... what have I done?"