Lilligant was running alongside her pal Whimsicott as the two were on the look out for food, as Lilligant was very hungry. Lilligant's stomach growled as Lilligant rubbed it, while Whimsicott looked frantically to the left and right to se if she could find anything.

"Oh Whimsicott, I hope we can find some food soon! I don't think I can go on!" Lilligant blubbered as she snuffled, placing her right leafy hand by her face.

Whimsicott sighed as she tried her best to comfort Lilligant. "Don't worry, Lilligant. I'll make sure ya don't faint."

"You promise?" Lilligant asked as she placed both of her hands behind her back, blinking cutely. "Do you really promise, Whimsicott?"

Whimsicott sighed as she shrugged. "I promise."

"Cross your heart and swear to fart?" Lilligant asked as she giggled, her stomach growling again.

"...What?" Whimsicott paused as she stared awkwardly at Lilligant, somewhat unsure now.

Lilligant closed her eyes as she raised her right hand, quoting, "Looks are deceiving when my hunger's involved."

"You're making me worried, Lilligant..." Whimsicott stated as suddenly, both Lilligant and Whimsicott fell down an incredibly tall pit! "EYAH!"

As the two grass type Pokemon crashed at the bottom, they both groaned in pain as they got up, being surrounded by the ever so persistent gear like Klink. Lilligant and Whimsicott hugged each other tightly as the Klink closed in, all chiming in unison as the pit was sealed at the top, Lilligant and Whimsicott screaming as the pit glew red, the earth shaking once more.

There was a pair of bushes nearby, one of them containing Zoroark, who coordinated the move. He chuckled as he ran off towards the western direction, being up to no good.