The other well, the other side

Chapter 1: the well

"Inuyasha what are you doing?" Kagome asked looking over the shoulder of the hanyou who was crouched and sniffing the ground like a dog.

"A demon went by here a little while ago." Inuyasha stood upright and pointed down a cut path. "It went that way. I'd say roughly a day or two ago."

"Wanna go after it?" Kagome asked with a smile giant smile on her face that creped Inuyasha to the bone. Inuyasha shifted his feet awkwardly.

"Kagome? What's got you so cheery?"

"Well Narakus dead and the jewel is gone. What is there not to be cheery about?" Kagomes smile got wider.

"Well, for starters, all that energy that radiates from you will attract any nearby demon. And any nearby demon could kill you in less than a second…I wouldn't be as happy as you are right now." Inuyasha frowned.

Kagome grabbed Inuyashas hand and dragged him threw the path. They stumbled into a clearing with a small well. "Look. Another well."

Inuyasha scoffed. "A sad excuse for one too. It's so small!" he walked over and leaned his back against the side of the well.

Kagome joined him but stared into the darkness. "I think it's kinda cute. Being small and all. Makes it original."

"It looks like it was abandoned…" Inuyasha turned to look into the darkness next to Kagome.

"That is just sad." Kagome didn't seem to notice Inuyasha turn.

"I would do the same. I wouldn't want a runt of a well." Chills ran down Inuyashas spine when he turned to see Kagome shooting him daggers. "What?"

Kagome just sighed and turned back to the well. Inuyasha took one of her hands into one of his and squeezed it affectionately.

"I just think anything should have a chance before being abandoned. It's just not fair!"

"Kagome, that's how life goes. This well looks like it's been abandoned for at least 70 years! And I don't smell any human scen-" Inuyasha had just caught the scent of a human coming from the well. As well as a whisper or two.

"What is it?" Kagome was worried when Inuyasha didn't finish his sentence. And how he was staring at the well with a look of confusion on his face.

"There's a man down there. I can smell it. And I'm hearing a whisper every now and then."

"Nat will you just shut up!" a young women's voice emitted from the well. She was yelling. "I dont care if it's a useless thing to do! I always do this so just go and shut up!"

Kagome was worried. "Inuyasha!" she had urgency in her voice. He just grunted and jumped in the well.

A flash of blinding blue light shone through the well. Kagome had to cover her eyes to not be blinded. Just as quickly as it came, the light was gone.

"Inuyasha?" kagome looked over the edge and called again. "Inuyasha?" silence. "Inuyasha!" she yelled into the well.

Kagome jumped into the well only to land roughly on her backside. "Ow." She stood and took in the small space the well provided. As hard as she hoped he wasn't, Inuyasha was gone.