Hello fair readers of my story! Here it is. The epilogue. Please do enjoy as it is fairly well. On with the last bit of the story ^~w~^


"Inuyasha! Your son is trying to chew on the cats ears again!" Savannah was sitting on the couch as Hoshi the only boy child out of 4, tried to bite Buddy's left ear. Ali came running in to separate the silver haired, green eyed child from the rather old cat who once used to be an energetic kitten.

"My poor babies. Stop trying to eat each other!" Ali placed the cat on Savannahs lap and put Hoshi in the room with his three sisters. All but one had the eyes of their mother. Little Anna had her father's caring gold eyes. While Isabell, Alex, and Hoshi had their mothers daring green eyes. All had their father's demon ears but no claws.

"Ali, how many kids are you going to have? Enough for a daycare?" Savannah was picking up loose toys. Helping Ali clean up the mess her kids had left behind. "Where is you puppy of a husband anyway?"

"Now, now Vannah. You know he will yell at you if he hears you call him puppy." Ali tripped on a block and broke her fall with her hands. She stood and wiped the imaginary dirt from her pants. "And he's at work. He got a new group of yellow belts this morning."

"Ok. I do admit. Him opening the martial arts and Japanese culture center was a smart idea…when does he get home then?" Savannah dropped the toys in the bin beside the television.

Inuyasha walked through the door, he heard the question and provided an answer. "Now." He leaned down and kissed Alis cheek. "Hello sweetheart."

"Welcome home." Ali and Inuyasha shared a brief kiss. "The kids are trying to eat the cat again…"

Inuyasha smiled and his eyes lightened "Well they are my kids." Inuyasha laughed at the sarcastic glare from Ali. "Anyways, how was your day?"

"Besides getting attacked by your children, ok really" Savannah said and laughed.

"Vannah, I think he meant his wife. Me." Ali laughed and Inuyasha wrapped his arms around Ali from behind. He started to rock side to side with her. "Well how was your day? Any good students?"

Inuyasha smirked. "Is there ever a bad student? But I am very proud of my black belt classes. They have been working so hard. And the competition is coming up. So it all is going great. Oh and by the way darling," Inuyasha kisses Alis cheek again, "Happy 20th birthday."

Ali giggled. "And to think. We met when I was 14. And look at us now." She turned and started to kiss Inuyasha passionately.

"Ew! Save it for the bedroom you two! Besides. There are children in the other room." Savannah, Inuyasha, and Ali shared a laugh. Right on cue all four children came running out screaming welcome homes to their father who hugged all four of them. "Ali I think its time for me to go. You know. Got the husband home cooking. Scary. So I'll see you tomorrow." Savannah took her leave.

Ali laughed said good bye and looked at her children and loving husband. 'This, this is perfect. Four amazing kids. A wonderful husband. And all the happiness in the world. It can't get any better.' It was true. Life for Ali and Inuyasha, but their wonderful life would soon fall into a great dark abyss.

Here it was the epilogue! Woo. I'm kinda thinking I'm going to write a sequel. Gasp! Well. I think it's a good epilogue. Majorly short but yeah. Lol finally once and for all, I big ol' TOODLES for you ^~w~^