Sephiroth blinked.

"I think we are supposed to be engaged in combat."

Shrugging, Squall looked into the vast beyond and maintained his silence, using the taller male's chest to push his hair out of his eyes. He arched his brow at the loosening hold around his waist, his own grip tightening, and tapped his boot in incredulous impatience; when the swordsman began a tentative sort of withdrawal, he scoffed and bunched his hands into the thick leather jacket, irritated at the penetration of cold that came from the lack of closeness.

"Well, does it look like it's appropriate at the moment?"

The older man furrowed his brow. "No, apparently not."

"Then, don't move."

" … that is a wise tactic."

They didn't call him Commander Leonhart for nothing.


"These abominations are getting quite out of hand," Sephiroth stated in utmost dissatisfaction, throwing the brightly colored battle accessories back onto the table. "Somehow, Square Enix belivies that coercing me to wear …" There was a strained silence. " … all of this gear is ideal in promoting my 'dark' character."

Squall nodded as he cleaned Lionhart. "Someday, I'll be able to ignore the obnoxious amount of fur added to the wrong places."

"Do not worry: I happen to thoroughly enjoy the aesthetic values of your attire."

Arching a brow, the gunblader unsuccessfully combated an insistent tug of his lips. "Are you serious?"

Sephiroth turned his gaze towards the other.

"Without a doubt."


"How foolish: You truly believe that you will be able to obtain your crystal?"

Squall massaged his temple.

"I already got it."

Sighing in resignation, Sephiroth lowered his blade. "I know: However, what am I to say, now?" he inquired, gesturing towards the length of his frame after a puzzled while. "You can't mean to tell me that I had to fight shirtless for no reason. Again."

" … looks like it."

The other shook his head. "My career has been so limited."

"Tell me about it."


Cloud widened his eyes in complete shock.

"Did you just … kiss Sephiroth?"

" … I don't know, what did it look like?" Squall dryly replied, striding over to the blond after the aforementioned being dissipated within a haze of darkness. Swiping his gunblade for a quick checkup, he put it at rest on his side and walked past the incredulous swordsman towards the open portal that swirled invitingly nearby.

"Hurry up: There're more important things to do."

Oh, the sweet, sweet irony.