"How much more patients do you have, Bella?" Jasper drawled charmingly. I smiled at him and waved him off.

"One more then we can get out of here." I laughed. He cleared his throat. I looked up to see a striking red head woman. She was pale with freckled adorning her face and neck. Her red lips were twisted into a sneer as she looked at me. Jasper nodded at me and left me alone with the patient and gaurd.

"You can stand outside, James." I muttered. He reluctantly stepped out of the room and the woman looked at me blankly.

"Would you like to sit down?" I asked. She nodded and sat down all the while looking at me.

"I'm Bella. You are?" I introduced. She looked down and fidgeted as much as she could considering the handcuffs.

"Victoria." She whispered. Her voice you would think would be low and sultry even but her voice washigh pitched like a girl with a lollipop.

"Why did you request to see me, Victoria?" I asked. We never made patients see us. The ones that do need care go to a different jail. We let all our patients come to us. We get paid whether or not we get patients. Its win, win for us.

"I don't like men." She said, her voice raw with tears. I got up and handed her a box of tissues. She looked up at me and I could see how vivid her green eyes were.

"Why don't you like men? I don't like men either but I'm sure my reasons different." I said, hopping on my desk. Her eyes filled with tears.

"What's your reason?" She asked. I smiled, not condescendingly.

"The one I gave my heart to gave it back to me torn and battered." I murmured. She gasped.

"How rude! You seem so nice, though." She exclaimed. I shrugged.

"Since I told you why. You tell me why you don't like men." I said, changing back to her.

"Men like to abuse me. Take advantage of me. All I want is to be loved." She cried. I nodded, I knew too well how that feels.

"I understand completely." I said, standing up to gather her into my arms.

"You do?" She sniffled. I nodded against her curly hair.

"Yeah. You want to be loved and will do anything to be loved, no matter what. You'll do anything a man tells you though you may not want to do it but you'll do it because you want his love. That's not a bad thing to want to be loved. Every girl wants to be loved in one way or another. You just haven't had the best of luck. Just like me." I told her, rubbing her arms soothingly. Or what I hoped ws soothing to her.

"You did that?' She asked, startled. I let a chuckled slip out and I nodded.

"Yes. It was hard for me at first to aclimate after he tore my heart out but I did and look at me now. I'm a strong woman who knows if a man really wants me, he'll come to me. Not the other way around." I said. stepped away from her and smiled sadly.

"Why don't you go to dinner and James will accomany you. I've known James as long as I've been here and I know that he'll take good care of you. We'll talk more next week, okay, Victoria?" I asked as I opened the door and I knew James heard the last bit since he kept looking at the clock. James never listened on sessions and only comes by the door when its time to go.

"He didn't hear me, did he?" She blubbered. I shook my head at the broken woman before me. There was more to her than met the eye and I hoped that I could be the person that she talked to.

"James only comes when its time to leave." She smiled a little watery smile. I gave a small one back and watched her leave. I sighed and plopped down into my chair. I picked up my desk and Jasper came in, sitting down in one of my patient chairs.

"Hard one?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Her story is kind of like mine. She doesn't like to be alone." I mumbled. Jasper gave a weak smile and I shook my head, holding my hand up.

"Don't. I know, okay? Let's just go get Rose and Alice and go." I whispered. He nodded and I grabbed my purse.

"Bella!" Alice squealed as she knocked me over in the middle of the hospital.

"Yes, Alice?" This wasn't a good squeal.

"He's here! Edward! He's asking all about you and everything. He's married! To a russian bitch, too!" She gasped. My eyes widened as I took in every word.

"That piece of shit! Where is he? Why I outta..." I trailed off while rolling my eyes.

"Its just Edward, Ali. He doesn't matter to me anymore. Where's Rose?" I asked. Alice looked to the ground looking incredibly adorable in her Hello Kitty scrubs.

"She maybe talking to Edward for asking about you. Emmett might be already here with her, too." She mumbled. I gasped.

"Alice! You have to find them! Emmett carries a gun on him!" I cried. She huffed but lead us to a room that had raised voices in it. Thank God it was in the back of the hospital.

"Don't you dare think that for one moment I will let my sister-in-law get zombified again by you! She's now happy! Leave her the hell alone." Rosalie hissed. I sighed and narrowed my eyes.

"Enough guys. If Eddie here wants to ask then he can. Who says you guys have to answer?" I asked. Emmett's hand was predictably on his gun.

"Bella!" Edward beamed in all his glory. All these years did god on him. He was a bit taller but still lean. You could see the hard muscles underneath the lab coat. His bronze hair was in a dissaray. His green eyes were bright with happiness as he looked at me. I noticed the platinum wedding band on his left ring finger.

"Hello, Edward." I said irked. What the hell did he need me for? He had his russian bitch like Alice said.

"Bella you don't know how good it is to see you! I've missed you so much!" He exclaimed. He tried to embrace me but I grimaced and stepped back.

"Sorry Eddie boy but if you lay a finger on her I'll arrest you for assault." Emmett growled, not looking sorry at all.

"Would you guys quit it! Haven't you noticed? We've moved on! I'm not the girl he left behind all those years ago! I'm a grown woman damn it! A grown, engaged woman to be exact. So stop trying to act like I'm going to leave Felix now that Edward's in town!" I exploded. The air seemed to deflate from Edward and the others relaxed.

"I mean seriously! He broke my God damn heart and you expect meto waltze back into his married arms like a home wrecker? I know how it feels to have your home invaded. It's not a good feeling. I wouldn't do it even if Felix wasn't here. I don't need you or anyone else to stick up for me no matter how much I appreciate it." I ranted more. By now, my face was red and I was yelling.

"If you guys don't mature and act your age I will not talk to you or have any contact with you at all. This is getting old with the protecting bull shit. I'm thirty years old, not fifteen." I finished and with that, I swept out of the room and stomped towards the parking lot.

"Bella wait!" Edward called. I spun around and looked at him with his sad puppy dog eyes.

"So you're saying there is no chance for us?" He whispered. My mouth opened in shock. I reared my hand back and slapped him across his face.

"You're married and I'm engaged to a fucking awesome lawyer! There's not a chance in hell with me!" I yelled in fury. I stormed out of there and to my Range Rover. Who the fuck does he think he is? Felix is my home, my life, my everything. No one can take my happiness away. Not even Edward Cullen.

"Baby what happened?" Felix asked when I came home. He wrapped me in his thick arms and I laid my head on his hard but comfortable chest.

"Edward Cullen that's who." I grumbled unhappily into his chest. Felix stiffened as I knew he would.

"It's nothing like that, sweetheart." I cooed. "He just asked me something I couldn't even fathom of doing." I looked up at him the same time he looked down at me.

"What did he ask?" He whispered. I let out a long sigh.

"He asked me if there was a chance between me and him still. I was so shocked by the question I was a stuttering mess and slapped him." I giggled. His deep chuckle rumbled through my petite frame.

"There will be only you." I said, stroking his smooth face. He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine. I let out a whine and tried to deepen it.

"Only you." He groaned and pulled me tightly to him, kissing me with the strength only he possessed. I knew that I would not regret my decision with this man I loved with my being. I was foolish with Edward. Our love was ancient. It was broken and could not be mended. I would never let Felix go for as long as we both shall live.

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