A Set of Jacks

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Additional notes: Dialogue spoken in the language found on P4X-639 are marked with {brackets like these} to make things easier to read (and type). Both of the main characters in this story are named Jack. After the first few paragraphs, I will refer to them in a different way. Only the original Jack O'Neill will be referred to as Jack after that point. I borrowed a couple (very) minor elements from other stories I've read; I hope the authors don't mind.

Chapter 1

Jack Neilson didn't take long to get used to high school. After a week, he secured a favorable impression among students and teachers through a combination of his looks, athleticism, intelligence, and enthusiasm. It was clear to everyone that there was much more to Jack than he was willing to show; this mystique added to his appeal, more so when he revealed that much of his history was classified.

All MiniJack was missing, he thought, was a connection to his old life. He wanted to sever all ties at first, but he started missing the action he experienced and the teammates who became his family. As MiniJack walked into his English class, his first of the day, he noticed a new student. This new student looked very much like Daniel during his teen years. Jack shook off this observation as really wanting Daniel back in his life; he was determined to give Daniel a call soon.

"Class," Mrs. Jordan began once class started, "we have another new student here with us. This is Jack Share."

The new student corrected his teacher's pronunciation of his last name. "It's actually pronounced 'SHA-ray.'"

MiniJack frowned in confusion.

"Oh, I'm sorry. From what part of the world is that surname?" Mrs. Jordan asked.


MiniJack's mouth dropped. He could barely pay attention during the rest of class because he was too busy trying to decide if Daniel did something ridiculous or if this was a cosmic joke on him. As class ended and the new student approached him, MiniJack looked deep into the other student's eyes and decided it was the first possibility. "Space Monkey?" he asked.

"That's the first thing you are going to say to me, Jack?" MiniDaniel asked.

"Well, I wanted to make sure first that I hadn't gone crazy."

MiniDaniel smiled. "How much of that Ancient-derived language from P4X-639 do you still remember?" he asked MiniJack quietly.

MiniJack looked around. Mrs. Jordan and a few other students were still making their way out, so he opted to speak in the language no one else in school would know. {"Enough to talk with you. I think."}


{"What did you do?"}

{"I thought you would appreciate some company, so while you were still sleeping in Loki's ship after Thor fixed you, I asked Thor for a favor."}

"He must have been confused."

MiniDaniel laughed as he and MiniJack walked down the halls. {"Yes, but I explained that you would have to deal with teenage life away from the Air Force, and that you could use a friend from the past."}

{"Thank you . . . Jack."}

{"You're welcome . . . Jack."}

"I'm honored you chose my name."

{"Funny; I actually just wanted to switch my first and last names, but I didn't like Jack Danielson and Jack Daniels was too weird, so I stuck with Jack and chose my surname after Sha'Re."}

MiniJack realized that MiniDaniel had accompanied him into Biology class. "Are you in this class, too?"

"I'm in all your classes except Spanish. I got out of the foreign language requirement."

"How did you pull that off?"

"I had very long conversations with Spanish, French, German, and Latin teachers and wrote long essays in each language. After the principal was convinced that I am fluent in all the foreign languages taught in this district and many others, he exempted me with permission from the superintendent, but I will have to take electives in their place."

"Do you have the same arrangements as I do?"

"Mostly, I do. I'm emancipated, General Hammond is my emergency contact, I'm moving into your apartment complex this weekend . . . I have better relations with {my other}, though."

"That's not surprising."

"He gave me lots of money because I won't be getting help from the Air Force . . . and he got me a driver's license and a car."

A look of disgust and jealousy appeared on MiniJack's face. He would have said something, but Mrs. Maier had begun class.

The weekend came. By then, MiniDaniel had been fully integrated into Mountain Springs High School with MiniJack's help. Instead of driving back to Daniel's home each night as he was initially planning, MiniDaniel stayed at MiniJack's apartment. MiniJack convinced MiniDaniel that the time saved traveling would be worth it. However, MiniDaniel soon learned that the real reason for MiniJack's invitation was that MiniJack wanted rides from his friend.

When MiniDaniel finally started to move, MiniJack found out that SG-1 would be helping him. MiniDaniel understood why MiniJack decided to stay at his own apartment and play video games than help.

Later in the day, MiniJack had a visitor. He presumed it was MiniDaniel until he opened the door and saw himself.

"Hi," Jack asked. "How's it going?"

"Pretty well," MiniJack responded, "though everything would have been nicer if you got me a driver's license and a car."

Jack smiled, and MiniJack knew why. "Really?" MiniJack asked.

Jack pulled out a driver's license for his clone and a key. "I figured after Daniel was so generous, I could be, too. You can have the truck. I've already bought a new one."

"Daniel or Sam will drive you home?"

"Yeah. Hey, we're all done moving. Do you want to see them?"

MiniJack shook his head. "I think it will be better if I don't."

"All right. We were all going out to eat, but the other clone wanted to set everything up tonight, so we're going to take off now."

"Okay. Bye," Mini Jack said.

"Bye. Take care of him."

MiniJack smiled. "You know I will. Thanks for the license and truck."

After SG-1 left, MiniJack headed over to MiniDaniel's to help organize the apartment.

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