Helping Me, Helping You

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Dean and Sam Winchester had just finished hunting down and killing a demon. To say that had been a pain in the ass was an understatement. Dean nearly died trying to save Sam, again, and he had a few broken bones, and, on top of everything, he was sexually frustrated. He wanted to go pick up a girl, but he and Sam never had time, considering they never stayed in one place that long. Dean sighed and turned on his side, away from Sam, who was researching on his laptop.

"Dean, you alright?" he asks, looking over at his brother, concerned.

"Peachy" Dean says sarcastically, sighing.

"Dean, I know you better than that. What is it?" Sam asks, looking at Dean's back. Without realizing it, his eyes began scanning Dean's body. From his hair, to his back, to his ass, to his thighs, to his feet. Sam had never noticed it before…but Dean was beautiful.

'The Perfect specimen of man. Hot…Smart…Fearless…caring…loyal…Wait! What the hell are you saying Sam? This is DEAN…your BROTHER…'

Sam sighed and slumped in his chair. Dean turned to face him and Sam found beautiful Hazel eyes watching him, causing a very faint blush to spread onto his cheeks.

"You really want to know?" Dean asks, looking at Sam, who nodded.

"Fine…I'm feeling a little…pent up…" he says, looking down at the floor.

"How do you mean?" Sam asks, confusion in his eyes. Dean rolled his eyes and sighed.

"I'm…..frustrated" Dean says, a mad blush covering his face.

"Frustrated about what?" Sam asks.

"Jesus christ I would think College Boy would know what I mean when I say I'm frustrated. I'm sexually frustrated, idiot" Dean says, irritated. Sam's eyes widened and he looked down in shame.

'how could I not know that? I feel like an idiot.'

Dean sighed, "I'm hungry, pizza good?" he asks, sitting up.

"Fine…" Sam says, half paying attention. He was too busy thinking about Dean; wondering what Dean could do to him, could do for him. He got up and went over to his bed, laying down and thinking about Dean. He didn't even notice when Dean called his name.

"sam…Sam…SAM!" Dean calls, more irritated.

"…Huh? What? Sorry…" Sam says, coming down from his thoughts.

"I asked if you wanted the traditional toppings" Dean says, glancing at Sam.

"That's fine" he says, getting up again and going into the bathroom. He closed the door and ran some cold water, splashing some onto his face.

'God Sam what is wrong with you? This is DEAN you're talking about. Dean! Your older brother! Your protector! Your partner in crime! Your best friend! Your…your…everything….oh who am I kidding? I'm getting…weird…conflicting feelings for dean…Whatever I do. HE. CAN'T. KNOW!'

There was a knock on the bathroom door.

"Sammy, you okay in there?" Dean asks through the door.

"Fine…just trying to wake up some…" he lies.

"Wake up, why?" Dean asks, confused.

"Researching all day tires you out…and fighting a demon and all…" Sam says, opening the door. Dean looked up at him and gave him a small once-over. Then, he doubled over in pain.

"Dean! Are you okay?" Sam asks, immediately kneeling down next to him and placing a hand on his back.

"My ribs…hurt…bad" he says, pained. Sam frowned and stood. "Can you stand?" he asks

"I don't know" Dean says, a hand on his ribs.

"Well, we don't want to risk it" he says, concern in his voice. He carefully scooped Dean up in his arms bridal-style.

"Don't need you to…carry me…ain't weak" Dean manages to spit out, shaking a bit.

"Dean…for once, accept help when it's offered" Sam says, carrying Dean over to the bed and laying him down gently. Dean scoffed but stayed quiet. Sam sighed and thought for a minute, then got a first aid kit that they had brought. It didn't have everything in it, but it had the essentials.

"alright Dean, let me see your ribs" he says, coming over to Dean and sitting down on the bed next to him.

"I don't need you to take care of me" Dean says, trying to sit up. Sam frowned and pushed him back down.

"Dean! For once in your life, Let me take care of you! You ALWAYS take care of me! Let me return the favor…just this once…" Sam says softly, looking down. Dean looked at him, then sighed.


Sam smiled and began removing Dean's clothing, starting with his jacket. He carefully helped Dean sit up and pulled the jacket off. Then, he propped Dean up on his hands and pulled his shirt off. When Dean lay back down, Sam couldn't help but stare. Dean had a FANTASTIC body. Toned, muscular, beautiful. Sam shook his head and tried to focus.

"alright, Dean, I'm going to apply pressure and you tell me if it hurts" Sam says, Dean nodded. Sam gently pushed on Dean's ribs; causing him to flinch, but nothing more. He applied a bit more pressure.

"Ow…" Dean says, wincing.

"Well…I don't think they're broken…but they're definitely sprained…or fractured. So you're going to have to stay in bed for a few days" Sam says, pulling out some bandages. Dean sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Don't be rude, Dean" Sam says, frowning and slapping him gently on the ribs, causing him to swear and curl up.

"What the hell was that for, little bitch?" Dean asks

"If you're going to be rude, I'll hit your ribs" Sam says, looking at him.

"Alright, alright." Dean says, propping up on his elbows so Sam could wrap the bandages around him. Sam bandaged Dean as carefully and gently as possible, trying not to cause his brother any unnecessary pain. Dean held back any whines or cries of pain and watched Sam bandage him. Before this, he had never actually noticed how much his little brother had grown. Sam's hair was long and shaggy, his body skinny and tall and lanky, his hands large and warm; Dean smiled at that fact because it would be very unpleasant to be bandaged by cold hands, his legs were long and, overall, he was hot. Dean stared for a moment then shook his head.

"No no, Dean, no thinking that way." he says softly.

"What was that?" Sam asks, looking up at Dean.

"Nothing Sammy" Dean says, "Thanks for bandaging me."

"Anything for you, Dean" Sam says, giving him a big, Sam-like grin.



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