Helping Me, Helping You


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Sam nodded and approached Dean, pulling him into a tight hug. Dean raised an eyebrow for a moment, then relaxed and wrapped his arms around Sam as well, feeling his little brother in his arms. It felt right. Like Sam had been made to be in his arms. Sam closed his eyes and rubbed Dean's back, causing Dean to relax even more. Dean let go of Sam and ran his hands under Sam's jacket, pushing it off Sam's shoulders and just looking at his little brother. He liked what he saw. However, he wanted more. He wanted to see his brother's bare body just waiting to be touched. Question was…would Sam go that far right here right now?


Dean looked up at Sam, just trying to read him. He wanted to know how far Sam would let him go, but he wasn't getting anything. Sam just stared back at him, trying to hide the lust in his eyes. Dean looked into his eyes and took Sam's hand, kissing it. Sam yanked his hand away

"You said no kissing" Sam says, stroking the hand that had been kissed.

"When I said no kissing, I meant on the mouth" Dean says, taking Sam's hand again and kissing it again. Sam blushed a bit and watched Dean. Dean stopped loving on Sam's hand and looked up at him, then smiled and pushed Sam down onto the bed. Sam's eyes widened and he blushed deeply. Dean smiled and straddled him, taking in how Sam looked right now. Nervous, scared, vulnerable. Dean shivered with want and leaned in, kissing his brother's neck, earning him a soft moan from Sam. Dean smiled at that reaction and kissed down to where Sam's shirt started. He frowned and straightened again, causing Sam to look at him, confused.

"Your shirt is in my way" Dean says, irritated. Sam blushed and began undoing it, but Dean put his hand on Sam's.

"No no, let me do it" Dean says, moving Sam's hand and unbuttoning Sam's shirt. Sam blushed and closed his eyes, trying not to think of what he and Dean would be doing very soon. He wanted it so badly, but he didn't want Dean to know he wanted it. He didn't want Dean to know he was actually very horny and wanted Dean to take him right there and then. For all Dean knew, Sam was just helping him out. As Dean finished unbuttoning Sam's shirt, he pulled Sam up with one arm and pushed the shirt off his shoulders with the other. He pushed Sam back down onto the bed and admired him. For minutes, the two were just there, in that position, admiring each other. Dean leaned forward again and kissed Sam's collar bone, causing Sam to inhale slowly and close his eyes. Dean ran his hand down Sam's torso and stopped at his pant line, just keeping it there. Sam let out an involuntary whine and Dean stopped, surprised, and looked at Sam's face.

"What was that sound, Sam?" he asks

"…Nothing, Dean…just…don't worry about it" Sam says shakily. Then, he opened his eyes, looking at Dean. "Dean…you've seen me shirtless…now it's my turn" Sam says, yanking Dean's jacket off.

"Hey hey, easy" Dean says, glaring at Sam.

"Sorry" Sam says quickly, beginning to shakily unbutton Dean's shirt. Dean helped, looking at Sam, who was just looking down. When Dean's top half was bare, Sam took a moment to take him in, trying not to drool. Dean chuckled and pushed Sam down again, kissing all over his chest. Sam gasped softly as Dean began kissing each of his abs, all the way down to his pant line. When Dean stopped again, Sam let out a sigh of frustration and opened his eyes, only to see that Dean was undoing his pants. Instantly, all his frustrations faded and were replaced with nervousness. He knew what was about to happen, and he was ready…but he'd never done this with another guy. Dean pulled Sam's pants off and smiled down at Sam.

"Do you need to be touched Sammy?" he whispers into Sam's ear very seductively. Dean let out a soft sigh.

"Yes, Dean" he says, wrapping his arms around his brother. Dean smiled and kissed Sam's neck gently as he slipped his hand into his brother's boxers, gently rubbing him. Sam bit his lip and held in a breath. Dean continued kissing all over his brother's shoulders and neck as he rubbed and stroked him expertly, causing him to let out the breath he had been holding and tightening his grip on his brother. Dean shivered once and began massaging Sam, feeling Sam get harder, if that was possible. Sam gasped, then bit his lip again, making Dean frown.

"Come on, Sammy, make some noise for me" Dean says softly against Sam's chest. Sam moaned louder than expected when he felt Dean grip him tightly and run a finger all the way down to the base of his shaft, making Sam dig his nails into Dean's back. Dean gasped in surprise and moaned. Sam was now shaking, practically begging Dean for more. Dean felt Sam press against his hand and he took that as a cue to move on. Dean began pumping Sam, jacking him off. Sam let out a loud moan and arched his back. Sam was close, Dean could feel it. Dean began pumping him harder and faster until he found the right place and Sam came quickly into Dean's hand, panting hard. Dean removed his hand from Sam's pants and looked down, watching his little brother pant. Dean shivered at the orgasmic sight and held his hand to Sam's mouth. Sam opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow, confused.

"Clean it up. It's your mess" Dean says. Sam blushed a DEEP shade of red but nodded and licked Dean's pointer finger, causing Dean to close his eyes. Sam licked that finger and then took it in his mouth and began sucking all the semen off. Dean bit his lip as Sam went from finger to finger, cleaning Dean's hand thoroughly. When Sam finished, Dean opened his eyes, looking down at the beautiful frame of his brother.

"are we done, Dean?" Sam asks, still trying to regain his breath.

"Sammy, we are nowhere near done" Dean whispers into Sam's ear, nibbling his ear lobe. Sam inhaled slowly and heard Dean undo his belt and take it off. Sam helped Dean get his pants off and get his own underwear off. He blushed as he felt his erection become exposed. Dean noticed and looked down.

"Looks like you need this just as badly as I do" Dean says, slipping his own underwear off. Dean looked down at Sam and kissed his shoulder as he pressed his erection against Sam's, causing Sam to gasp and moan. Dean shivered as heat flooded his body, but ground against Sam, causing Sam to dig his nails into Dean's back again. Dean moaned and Sam fluttered his eyes open.

"Dean…s-stop…teasing" Sam manages to get out, blushing when he felt Dean lift his legs. Dean chuckled and opened the drawer on the bedside table, pulling out the lube. He quickly applied the lube and looked down at Sam.

"Sammy, this will hurt at first, but just stick with it, okay?" Dean asks, looking down at him. Sam nodded, his eyes practically begging for Dean to just get on with it. Dean noticed and obliged, slowly pushing into him, causing Sam to let out a long, slow moan. Dean shivered and stopped, letting Sam get adjusted. After a few moments, Sam nodded and Dean pulled halfway out, then pushed his way back in. Sam moaned again and Dean continued being gentle with Sam until Sam began telling Dean to speed up. Dean obliged and sped up, thrusting into Sam. Sam's moans turned into cries of pain and pleasure and his nails were fully in Sam's back and Dean had scratch marks all over his back, but he didn't care. He was fulfilling his desires. Dean thrust harder and faster and felt himself hit something and heard Sam scream. Sam blushed and covered his mouth as Dean looked down at him.

"Did…I just hit your prostate?" Dean asks, running his fingers down Sam's torso. Sam nodded, eyes closed, hand still over his mouth. Dean moved Sam's hand and stroked his lips

"It's okay, Sammy" Dean says, thrusting and hitting Sam's prostate again, causing him to scream again. Dean moaned at the sight and sped up even more, prompting Sam to scream louder and dig his nails even deeper into Dean back, causing him to bleed a bit. Dean continued thrusting until he felt himself get close. He made a move to stop, but Sam pressed on the small of Dean's back, keeping him there.

"Just keep going Dean…I-it'll be ok-kay" Sam says, shakily. Dean looked down at him for a few moments, about to protest, but then shook his head and continued, thrusting hard and fast into Sam as Sam's breath quickened and he came immediately. Dean continued for a few moments, moaning and riding out his orgasm before releasing into Sam. Sam gasped as he felt the warm liquid inside him and took a deep breath, panting as Dean slowly pulled out of him. Sam lay there, panting, releasing his hold on Dean. Dean stared down at him.

"Do…do you feel better Dean?" Sam asks, exasperated.

"Yes, Sammy, I do. Thank you" Dean says, slowly getting off his brother and sitting down next to him. Sam sat up and supported himself on his hands, then sat up all the way and kissed the back of Dean's neck. He sat with his legs around Dean's and his chest against Dean's back.

"I feel better too" Sam says, leaning his forehead on Dean's shoulder.

"Just remember, Sam. Tell NO ONE. And this doesn't mean anything. We're just helping each other out. Absolutely no attachment" Dean says. He felt Sam nod.

"Good" Dean says, relieved. He stood and found his underwear, putting it on again. He went over to his bed and lay down, back to Sam.

"Good night, Sammy" he says, closing his eyes. Sam watched him, then smiled, getting up and putting his own underwear back on and turning out the lights. He crawled back into his own bed and lay down as well.

"good night, Dean" he says, closing his eyes and drifting off into a deep, dream-filled slumber.


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