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Jill's P.O.V

The guys in this town make me sick. They're so superficial and immature(1)…Except for one. His name is Kai. I always had a crush on Kai, but he's made it clear that he doesn't nor ever will like me. Once I had tried to ask him on a date, but he said I was to bland for his liking. I reasoned he was just wanted a curvy blonde like Muffy. Muffy was like an older sister to me, always giving me advice, on make up and fashion. And I was just a plane-Jane who did nothing to arouse the interest of any one.

But still, I always feel so lonely, y'know like everyone has a perfect match except for me. Pickings sure are slim around here ,though. Why can't the perfect guy just come and sweep me off my feet?

I woke up 6 a.m. this morning, and headed to the beach to get some fresh air, only to be harassed by Gustafa.

"Good Morning, Jill!"

Oh Lord. Gustafa was so very annoying and I'm pretty sure he was about 8 years my senior, but that didn't stop him from always coming on to me.

"Hi, Gustafa."

"Howdy!(2) Would you like me to play you a song?"

"No, no thanks, Gustafa, I'm just on my way to the beach."

"Aww, come on, Jilly-Billy!" I cringed at that awful nickname.

"No Thank you." I carefully try to maneuver around him, only to have him grab my arm.

"Hey! Ow!"

"Come one, Jilly-Billy!"

"L-let Go!"

"I don't think-", Gustafa's sentence was interrupted by Kai's fist connecting with his face.

"You all right, Jill?", he smiled at me.

I nodded.

"Good!" He patted me on the back. I cursed in my head. A path on the back? Goddess, I felt like such a little sister.

"Well, bye!"

I hung my head and walked back to my ranch. In my path , came walking Marlin. "Yo, Jill.", I didn't reply, because Marlin had such a way with making you feel like an idiot.

He turned around.

"I sad HI. What are you deaf?"

I sighed heavily. "HI, Marlin, you happy? You got your damned hello. 'Kay bye."

"What are you PMSing or something?"

I turned around sharply and glared at him.

"Ha, you don't look bad this morning. In fact those shorts make your legs look-"

"What do you want?", I growled.

"Come with me to the summer festival tonight."

"No.", I said flatly.

"Oh Come on," he pressed, "If only to make Kai jealous."

I stopped. "Since when do you care about helping me?"

"Since I get something out of it," he said smugly.

"Which would be…?"

"I'd be making Celia jealous."

I looked at him. I pondered the proposal for a statement.

I go out with this asshole, and I finally show Kai what a woman I am.

"It's a date."

"Good.", he said. "Now I know this may be hard for you, but just please try to look sexy tonight."

"UHG!" I threw my arms up and walked back to my ranch.

I pulled my scrunchy out, releasing my medium length brown hair. It stopped at about part way down my back, but I guess Kai found that boring too. I undressed and got into my shower.

I was lost in my own world with my perfect guy. Kai. I sighed thinking about him. I imagined him with me in the shower,

UM, EARTH TO JILL? You're Fantasizing about Kai in the shower!

I mentally slapped my self for being so perverted.


I jumped! What was that? It's sound like glass being shattered. I jumped out of my shower and wrapped my towel over me.

"W-who's there?" I call out.

I see the window has been broken. It was probably Kate playing ball again, breaking my window, and running off. I sighed and turned around.

I met with the eyes of a silver-haired stranger. I tried to scream but his hand quickly covered my mouth I struggled, kicking and flailing my arms.

"Shh, I won't hurt you. I just need a place to hide."

I looked at him. He swiftly hugged me from behind, pressing himself into me.

"Just be quiet and I'll be leaving," he said smoothly.

"But you just lo so enticing. I have to ask for your name," he said sliding his hand off of my mouth, and down my waist slowly. I gasped. He chuckled.

"J-Jill,", I stuttered.

"Jill….?", he purred in my ear.

I slowly nodded

"Before I part, let me just say," he paused to smooth his hands over my abdomen, stopping at my chest, "you are breath-taking."

I turned around to ask for his name, but in an instant, he had vanished. I had pondered about this strange occurrence for the rest of the day.

1.) Again a music refference: Nowling for soup, highschool never ends

2.) I always think of Gustafa to be like That neighbor on the simpsons, I can't remember his name :P

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