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"K-kai?" I found my self totally dumbstruck and in awe. All I could do was gape at him, who was gaping at me in my damn near transparent garments.

It was awkward, to say the least. Until Skye possesively snatched my wrist and pulled me toward him.

"Ah, hello there." Skye spoke in a suspisciously soft monotone to someone he wasn't very fond of.

"Hi.." Kai mumbled.

I managed wriggle out of Skye's iron grip and make my way over to Kai.

"Um, what are you doing here, kai?"

"Well I came to find a nice spot to fish..."

So that's it? He came to fish? And NO ONE noticed my absence? I clenched my fists. It angered me to think that my closest friend didn't notice that I had disappeared and wasn't even looking for me.

"No one noticed I was missing?" I say while glaring at him.

He had a genuine look of confusion on his face.

"Yeah, we all did."

I sighed, relieved. Of course Kai ,of all people, wouldn't forget about me. I mentally slapped myself for doubting him.

"Well at least you're safe." He said.

I nodded pleasantly, happy that he cared for my well-being.

"I mean you are here with the town theif, after all." I was taken aback by this. As he said it his faced contorted with anger.

"You're fraternizing with the enemy, Jill!"

He has a point. "O-oh y-yeah, I um.." All I could do was stammer, because he did have a point.

"Don't tell me you've been in cahoots with him the whole time..?" He questioned suddenly.

"No! I would never!"

"Then why were you hugging him?"

He stumped me. I literally couldn't think of anything to get myself out of this.

Kai sighed. "Jill, I'm so disappointed, I...thought I could trust you."

"You can-"

"You lied to me! And betrayed everyone in town! Because of you, we've all been suffereing!"

He pointed an accusing finger at me.

"But, Kai-"

"Save you're excuses, Jill, you aren't the person I thought you were."

I could feel tears welling in my eyes. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat and speak, but I couldn't. I opened my mouth to say something, but Skye spoke up.

"No. Jill would never do that. I've been stealing from your town."

Kai's face twitched in anger. He walked towards Skye and without a moment's noticed sucker punched him.

I clasped my hands over my mouth and watched pathetically, as Skye got up, grabbed Kai by the collar and tackled Kai to the ground. It was brutal. One on the other. They were exchanging blows to the face.

But then I felt Angry. I could just feel my ears and face go red. How dare he accuse me of stealing from my own home town? And how dare he assault my captor.

I walked over to the scrap in front of me, suddenly unafraid and grabbed the back of kai's shirt with force causing him to jerk up infront of me. He looked at me bewildered, but before I knew it, I had balled up my fist, and hit him directly in the jaw.

He stumbled backward. Skye looked at me, eyes wide, and mouth agape.

But I didn't stop there, I was gonna hit him for everythime he hurt me. A ran toward him, and punched him again. That was for going to homecoming, with Lumina instead of me!

And again

That was for telling me I'm like a kid sister to you!

Yet again.

That was for accusing me of stealing!

And finally I balled up my fist to throw the famous left hook I'd used on him when we were kids.


Right as I was about to deliver the final blow, I felt something catch my hand.

Skye had somehow appeared in front of me. I blinked and looked down at Kai who was now on the ground and had a bloody lip, and a bruised right eye.

I caused that? I looked up at Skye and saw that he too had a bloody lip, which only made me angrier to know that Kai caused it. I lunged at Kai yet again, and Sky restrained me effortlessly. I wailed and kicked my feet and flailed my arms.

Kai got up and glared at me and I glared right back. Neither of us backing down. Of course I knew that if Skye had let me got, Kai could've easliy kicked my ass, and the only reasons I was able to deliver those blows before was because I caught him off gaurd. But he's not that type of person. And at that moment that was the only thing I was sure that I knew about him, because everything else I thought I had known, was completely false.

Kai scoffed angrily and walked back toward where the hell ever he came from. I was finally calm.

"Damn." I heard Skye say.

"Didn't know you were a scrapper." he chuckled.

I smiled warily. I had just lost my best friend and the love of my life.

Suddenly Skye pulled my chin up and carefully examined my face.

He sighed. "I'm glad you're okay." He smiled.

I got a good look at his bloddied lip. Without thinking, I lifted my hand to wipe away the blood. I looked sadly into his eyes. He only smiled and warmly embraced me.

I shivered a bit, my clothes were still wet, after all.

"You wanna go back to my place and take a warm shower...?"

I raised an eyebrow, not falling for his trick. He chuckled.

"Seperately?" he added.

I giggled and nodded.

As I was showering, I realized that final punch I would've hit Kai with could've really done some damage. My eyes widened as I realized it was on Skye's behalf. I sighed and slumped against the shower wall. I must've really developed a bad case of stockholm syndrome.

I giggled. Yeah right, he's still not my favorite person in the world...

After my shower and a fresh pair of clothes ( plain gray tank top with dark baggy jeans), I met Skye at the dinner table, eating some left over strawberries and drinking some milk.

"Milk", I thought.

"THE RANCH!", I screamed in realization.

Skye looked up at me.

"I've got to go!"

"Go where, angel?"

"I've really got to tend to my ranch.." But to do that I'd have to face Skye and everyone else he'd probably told about the whole incident today.

"Then I'll come with you." he said standing up.

I blinked. Come to think of it, this was my perfect chance to escape.

"I...I'll go by myself.."

Normal. P.o.v

Sky thought for a moment. Would it be wise, to let her go? Clearly he loved Jill, and knew she had to take care of her animals.

"Okay." he said.

Jill looked at him for moment. Would he really let his prisoner escape?

"Then I'll go now..bye.."

"Wait," Skye interjected.

She turned around to have her lips kissed roughly. Skye's mouth covered hers and gently carresed her back.

Jill's eyes fluttered closed, and she was lost in the kiss.

"Be safe." he said.

"Yeah.." She agreed.

She silently walked out of the door. She'd use the same trail Kai used to get back. She was going home and didn't have to come back, and Skye knew this.

When you really love someone, you gotta set 'em free. Stay tuned.