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Pairing: Goku/Kagome

Rated: T

He was lost.

His life seemed to have absolutely no purpose without Chichi there and he just didn't know what to do anymore. He still trained and ate, but it just seemed so empty now because he didn't have a goal.

His goal was to protect his family and now his family was gone.

That meant no purpose.

Goku wiped away the moisture from his eyes with frustration, punching at a tree with resentment. It shattered easily under his force of power and he clenched his fists and teeth when the anger still remained...

"What's that?" He gasped, widening his eyes when he sensed power and a lot of it. His hair stood on end as he quickly flew to source of the power. He couldn't explain it, but it felt so... pure and serene.

It washed away his anger.

"I've never seen this well before." Goku landed and scratched at his head, observing it curiously as he peered into it. His widened again as he finally spotted the source of pure power.

It was a young bloody unconscious girl...


Kagome watched with hazy glazed over eyes as Goku trained hard; his shirt ripped and his muscles rippling and sweat was tricking down his skin... 'Get your head out of the gutter, girl!' The miko shook her head, blushing to her roots at her slightly pervy thoughts. While Inuyasha had been lean and still developing, Goku seemed to made out of muscle...

"You want to get something to eat?" Goku wrapped his large arms around her slender waist, startling her. Her blush darkened as the Saiyan tensed behind her, burying his nose into her hair and inhaling deeply, scenting her light arousal, "Or we could do something else."

"L-let's go get something to eat," Kagome stuttered, still a bit unused to Goku's easy affection, "I'm... kinda still sore from last night." She muttered in an embarrassed rush, getting a hearty chuckle from Goku.

"Sorry!" Goku said goofily, "I always forget how gentle I have to with you!" He grinned widely, "You're so small!"

Kagome pouted, playfully hitting Goku on his shoulder, "Whatever..." She mumbled while childishly crossing her arms. She then squeaked when Goku easily picked her up bridal style, flying off at his full speed to some destination he had in mind.

She really did adore these days...

...But she certainly wasn't looking forward to meeting Goku's ex-wife...