The Metal Dream

By: Zach Feldt

"Finally, you made it. I've been waiting for an hour!" I said, my name is Steve. I was all mad because my
friend, Mark, forgot to come over and work on their project for the science fair. We
need to build something epic and win the science fair or i'd flunk the 9th grade.
"Sorry, my mom made me go to wal-mart with her. I told her I needed to come to your
house and work on our project, but no! I needed some black pants for our graduation."

I laughed. He said "What's so funny?" I told him "HA! Black pants!" He said "You don't make sense."
I said "Neither do you." Then, he started getting smart with me. "Why did I choose you for a partner?"
I responded "Because you're my friend and you want to help me get in college?"

Sometimes Mark didn't want to hear my crap. I didn't think I was full of crap, but everyone
thought I was full of crap, and I need to stop saying crap. "Whatever, let's just get this done."
Mark said, in a stressful way. "Alright, let's start, what should the project be?" "Dude, I told you
to find an idea while I was gone, what were you doing?" I thought for a second "… I might
have been listening to some Metallica, then Avenged Sevenfold, then Nickelback, then-"
"Stop! I get it! I can't believe you forgot to look for an idea!" Mark said angrily. Just to
mess with him, I said "Then Three Days Grace."

"That's it, I can't take working with an idiot who can't remember to do his freak 'in work! You can go ahead and fail the 9th grade!" Mark gets ready to walk out my bedroom door. I said
"No wait, dude-" but it was too late. Mark had walked out on me for the last time. I thought to
myself how am I going to win the science fair now? Then I thought to myself, what if I didn't compete in the science fair?... What if I didn't try to stay in the 9th grade?

Later that night, my mom called me down for dinner. After we were done eating, I said "Mom, can I talk to you about something serious?" My mom said "Oh my god, what did you download?" I told her "No, it's nothing about that." My mom said "Oh, ok."

I said "Mom, what would you say if I wanted to flunk out of school?" There was a long moment
of silence. Then finally, my mom yells "Steven C. Jones! Where on earth did you get that idea?"
I argued "Mom, I'm not going to win the science fair anyway, so I'm just going to flunk school and continue on from there!"

My mom argued back "Steve, if you don't go to college, what are you going to do with your career!" I said to her "You want to know what I'm going to do? I'm going to be a guitarist."
My mom laughed, then said "You don't even know how to play guitar, how are you going to be a guitarist?" I said "Just wait, we I come back, I'll be the best guitarist ever!" Then I walked out the door.

Chapter 2: The beggining

I walked all night until I finally got to guitar center. If your going to start a guitar career, guitar center is the best
place to start.