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Complete & Utter Chaos

Chapter Eight

By Nerd xx3

"You kicked ass today," Tai complimented as he and Sora made their way back to the dorms. Their team had won the scrimmage. "I know you left quite an impression on the team. Ryo even looked a little intimidated." He chuckled. He'd known he was right about her. She had the strive and the dedication to be on the team. "Once the coach sees you, you have a spot on the team for sure." He didn't really know why he'd become so adamant about getting her a place on the team. He didn't usually drag girls to practices to have them try out or even compliment them on their skills, even if they were as good as he was. He didn't think he was capable of that because he always had to be the best and he didn't like the idea of somebody being better than him, or even at his level. And Sora definitely made him feel as if he needed to work harder. Because out on the field, she showed no mercy. Her fiery personality came out when she had her eyes on the soccer ball. Tai was beginning to think she had that color of hair for a reason.

"Thanks," Sora managed, heaving a sigh. She could still feel the energy coursing through her veins. Soccer had always done that to her. It was an adrenaline rush paired with a feeling of accomplishment that lasted for hours after she played. She relished in it, looking up at the night sky. It had fallen dark over campus and now she had to get back to her dorm and hit the books. "You really think he'll consider me?" It hadn't taken too long to win over a lot of the team members, but the coach? Wouldn't he just look at her and tell her to leave because she was a girl?

"I am quite persuasive, you know," Tai said, turning to look over at her. Her hair was a mess and her clothes wrinkled and dirty, much like his own, but it didn't necessarily matter how gross you looked or felt when you got off the field because all that was on your mind was the thrill of the game and the want to get out there and do it all again. He could feel that shared feeling radiating between them. Perhaps they'd finally found some common ground.

"Persuasive as in you force people to do what you want like you forced me to play today?" Sora asked, raising an eyebrow. "I'm not sure that's the word I'd use."

Tai shrugged. "I didn't force you to play. I forced you to be at the field. You could have walked off right then and there. I wouldn't have stopped you. But I knew how much you wanted to play and that once you got on the field, you wouldn't be able to say no," he explained with a grin. "I'm a lot smarter than I look, huh?"

Sora bit her lip, knowing what Tai said was dead on. "Well played, but I'm still not okay with the fact that you carried me halfway across the campus."

"You don't have to be okay with it. I got you to play and that's what matters."

She finally turned to meet his eyes. "Why does it matter? Why is it so important to you that I played? That I get a spot on this team?" The questions flew out of her mouth without warning. "If I recall correctly, you didn't seem to like me very much. You didn't seem to want a girl on your soccer team."

"If I recall correctly, I don't remember ever saying that I didn't like you," Tai shot back, a smirk making its way onto his face.

"You implied it. Or do you not remember tripping me so I didn't score that goal that first day I met you?" Sora narrowed her eyes at him, furiously. "You were an ass about losing to me. You couldn't let it happen." Normally she didn't call people out on their actions. It just seemed wrong and Sora would rather avoid the conflict. She blamed this sudden confrontation on the adrenaline soccer had given her.

She didn't know what she expected Tai to do. Maybe reply with some sort of snarky remark, or smirk and shake his head. But he didn't do either of these things. He'd merely slowed down his pace as the neared her dorm building. "That's because I'm competitive," he answered. "I don't give up on things I want. I'm persistent. And sometimes, that quality bites me in the ass by making me seem like an arrogant bastard."

She was shocked at his sudden confession. He spoke without boundaries, just letting the words fall as if it didn't matter to him. He was admitting how he was in a very serious matter. He didn't laugh or make a joke. Instead, he'd moved quickly to pin her lightly up against the brick wall of the building, his arms on either side of her.

"What is it exactly that you want me to say, Takenouchi?" He asked, staring at her for a reply. And when he didn't get one, he spoke again. "You're good. I've never seen a girl own the field like that. Ever. No girl has ever dared to try. It pissed me off when we played one on one that first time. It still kind of pisses me off." His voice became a little harsher for a second and he stopped as if to calm himself down. "But even I can't deny that I find it incredibly hot."

"What?" Sora wasn't really trying to speak, but she found that the confession was so odd that she had to voice her confusion out loud. She almost laughed at the idea, that he found her attractive because she was good at soccer. "I just wanted you to admit that I was as good as you were on the field."

"Well, there you go," Tai said, his eyes suddenly darting everywhere except Sora's face. He didn't want her to know that he was uncomfortable, that he hadn't exactly meant to divulge that last part to her. He cursed at himself, hoping his face wasn't flushed. He didn't get embarrassed!

"I don't understand you, Yagami," Sora said softly after a long moment of silence.

"I don't understand myself either," Tai agreed, finally able to concentrate on her face again. "But what the hell, I'm just going to go with it."

Before Sora had the opportunity to reply, he had moved his hands away from the wall as if to back off from her. Seconds later, his hands were back, but on her hips this time. And his lips were crushing against hers, moving her back against the wall once more.

T.K stared at himself in the mirror, fixing the collar of his shirt and then messing with his blonde hair. His date with Kari was soon and he would be walking over to her dorm room to pick her up. He had a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach, not just about the date, but about what Michael Washington was up to.

He didn't know why he'd kept the box of matches, why they were still sitting on his nightstand. The more that they sat there, the more it ate him alive. Part of him wanted to march right up to Michael and stand up to him, tell him to stop torturing him and that he didn't need to be on his damn basketball team, but the other half of him had a passion for the sport and didn't want to cause conflict.

He sighed, catching sight of someone in the mirror behind him. It was Davis. "Hey," he greeted the blonde, raising a hand in greeting. "What you all dressed up for?"

"A date," T.K replied nonchalantly, still mussing with his hair.

"Oh, Matt said something about that," Davis said, as if he'd forgotten. He stopped talking for a moment, just standing there behind T.K. It looked as if he was fighting the urge to say something.

T.K didn't know what, but it was definitely getting to him. "What's up, Davis?" he asked finally, turning away from the mirror to face his friend.

"Nothing," he said at first, waving it off and walking away from him and over to his bed where he flopped down, tossing a soccer ball into the air. T.K regarded him with a strange stare before the spiky haired male finally spoke. Well, more like blurted. "What's with the box of matches?"

T.K raised an eyebrow. He didn't know that Davis even knew about them. He searched for an answer as Davis continued on.

"Michael dropped them by yesterday when you weren't here. He gave them to Ken and I, saying we needed to give them to you. Why would you need a box of matches?" He caught the soccer ball in his hands and looked over at the blonde, expecting some sort of logical answer.

"I don't know why he gave them to me," T.K mumbled. "It's Michael. He doesn't make sense." It was a lame excuse, because he really did know why Michael had given them to him, but Davis didn't need to know that. He didn't need to know what T.K was involved in, that he was being threatened. It wasn't his problem to worry about. T.K would figure it out…eventually. He chewed on the inside of his cheek. Besides, Davis wouldn't dwell on it too long. He'd probably forget about it by the next day and then T.K wouldn't have to worry about it any longer. At least, he hoped so.

"Oh," Davis said. "Just wondering. It seemed kind of weird."

Weird wasn't the word T.K would choose.

"I'll see you later, okay?" he said, moving towards the door. He didn't need to leave yet, but he needed to get out of the room and away from Davis before the guilt drove him mad. He didn't like lying to a friend, but he just felt so caught up in a web. He grabbed the matches off of his nightstand and tossed them into the garbage on his way out as if to emphasize to Davis that they meant nothing.

Matt was unwilling to accept the fact that Mimi had told him no. He needed her, needed her voice. It would complement his perfectly. What bothered him the most was that she was obviously lying about having other priorities. He could see it on her face when she'd rejected him. What sort of rumor had she heard about him? He didn't want to know what sort of crazy ones had been conjured up now. People had a history of doing that.

There was once a rumor spread around the academy that he and Tai had some sort of secret affair going on. While Tai had laughed at the idea and turned it into some sort of massive joke, putting his arm around him in public, Matt hadn't found it the least bit funny. He found it annoying and pathetic and was irritated that Tai would keep fueling the fire as if he'd started the rumor himself.

He just had to think of a way to make it so Mimi couldn't say no to him. He just didn't know how to go about doing that. Girls worked in complicated ways, he knew that much. Mimi seemed conflicted about something. And Matt was curious about what the real reason for her rejecting his offer was. He wasn't going to give up on it.

And that's how he'd ended up at the door to Mimi's dorm room with the white board hanging on it with the four girls' names written in loopy handwriting. He knew where the room was because Tai's sister was also roommates with her. Now he just had to persuade her. He knocked on the door and waited eagerly.

A girl with glasses opened it up and took a look at him, smiling brightly. There was a bruise on her cheek. He tried not to stare at it for the sake of being polite, figuring it must have been Kari's friend Yolei who he'd never met but only heard about a few times in conversation. "Is Mimi here by any chance?"

Yolei gaped at him as if the question was preposterous and he stood there, unsure of what to do or so next, as her reaction had been so unexpected. Was it weird for someone to come to the door for Mimi? She seemed like a sociable girl. "Yes," she finally answered and just as she did, the door was pushed open even further and a frustrated Mimi stood there with her arms across her chest.

"Why are you here?" She asked, her eyes narrowing at him. "I told you that I was busy. I don't have time for your…singing group or whatever."

The way she'd said it made it purposely sound as if she didn't care. Matt knew that was just her way of trying to make him leave. But he wouldn't fall for that.

Yolei looked between them both. "Mimi, who is this?"

"This is Matt," she said. "And he's leaving."

And then she promptly shut the door in his face, or at least tried to. He stuck his shoe into the doorway just in time. "Busy is code for something, isn't it? Girls are never too busy for anything. They can paint their nails, talk on the phone and somehow coherently watch a television show all at the same time. They can balance many things at once. You can't possibly be too busy to sing with me. You seem to like to sing, so what's the problem?"

Yolei looked uneasily at Matt, sending him some sort of look that seemed to heed a warning. For what, he didn't know and then she disappeared into the room leaving him with the fierce looking girl.

"I do like to sing. Which is why I'm in productions, which is also why I cannot help you," she ranted. "Stop trying to act like you can see into a girl's mind. It's not that easy you know." She wanted him to leave and now. His appearance at her dorm room was only another strike against him. If she'd seen him on campus she might have waved to him in a friendly way after what happened before when he'd asked her, but now there was no chance of that. He was too persistent. It reminded her of someone she didn't like to think about. "Goodbye Matt."

She proceeded to shut the door this time and saw Yolei looking at her from where she sat on her bed. "What?" she asked irritably.

"Nothing, but don't you think you're being a bit rude to him? He seems like a nice guy," Yolei offered, wondering why she'd even opened her mouth to speak. It wasn't possible to convince Mimi of anything when she already believed so strongly in something else.

"Lots of guys seem nice." That was her only reply and Yolei decided it was best to drop the conversation after that.

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