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Yami sat on a tree stump and shuffled his deck as Yugi began to pitch the tent. He was forbidden from helping ever since he nearly set fire to their bags. It had been Yugi's idea to go camping and Yami had reluctantly agreed, he did need some time off from dueling for a while and out there, there was no one around for miles.

He got bored of looking at his many impressive cards and turned to watch Yugi struggle with the tent. Yugi had the material laid on the ground and was attempting to push the flexible poles into the correct slits (A/N Oh Ra, that sounded bad). Yami watched as his little Hikari bent across to pick up a corner of the tent, his ass wiggling in the air and barely resisted the urge to run the 5 metres separating them and molest him.

Yugi continued to struggle with the tent for about 5 minutes before Yami's train of thought left the station. As he watched Yugi bend over to get another pole, his mind started to create images. He saw Yugi, on his hands and knees in front of him, sweating, naked and begging for more as he slammed into him. Yami continued with his fantasy, watching the whole thing play out in his mind. Just as Yugi was about to scream his name in immense pleasure, real life Yugi called out "Yami…Yami?" This snapped Yami back to reality. What he saw made him chuckle.

Yugi had somehow managed to get himself tangled in the half-formed tent, and pretty badly too. His left leg was sticking out here a window was, his arm poking out through a tear and his head caught between two poles. "Yami, help." Yugi grunted as he fidgeted with the material that had him trapped. Yami continued chuckling and sauntered over to where Yugi lay on the ground struggling.

Yami bent down and started to try and free Yugi from the clutches of the tent, when his imagination started to run away with him again. He no longer saw the tent, what his hands were doing or what surrounded them, he only saw Yugi's flushed and strained face writhing and puffing beneath him.

"YAMI!" Yugi squeaked, making Yami aware of the world again. He realized that his hands had snaked under the material of the tent and were currently cupping Yugi's member through his clothing. Yami recoiled and tried to jump back, only to fail as he realized his hands were caught on the material of the tent. He pulled sharply; the force and momentum proved too much and he fell backwards on his back with Yugi landing on top.

Yami opened his eyes to see his Hikari lying on top of him; this gave him another mental image. He was lying on his back and Yugi was straddling his hips, both of them were naked and Yami cried out in pleasure as Yugi lifted himself and dropped right back down, impaling himself on Yami's cock.

Real life Yugi struggled and Yami broke out of his fantasy long enough to help Yugi up and untangle him properly. All of these mental images had taken their toll on Yami's body and he excused himself to the woods to use the bathroom. It was a shame that he couldn't act upon his fantasies…


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