All right! First Harry Potter fic! Hooray! We-e-ell, this is Draco/Harry slash. If you hadn't guessed. ^.^ And takes place during year six…though I'm sure something will come up later on that will point that out. Aha. Hm. I'm so used to having a whole load of stuff to put up here…Ah well. On we go, I suppose…

Y Cyntaf. The First.


"Aw, come on, 'Mione!" Harry moaned, looking at the three thick books before him.

Hermione looked down at them, then back to her friend. "What?" she demanded.

"I said I'd help you review, and you said one language!"

"But I need someone to practice with!"

"What about someone in your classes?"

The girl glanced away somewhat sheepishly. "They're not for classes, exactly," she said before turning back to him, excitement filling her eyes. "I need to learn them so that I can get more out of the cultures when I visit these places! They've got incredibly important historical sites to the Wizarding world, Harry!"

" 'Mione, I'm already behind in schoolwork, you know that! Isn't there someone who can do this with you?" he asked desperately, looking around their nearly empty common room.

"Who? Ron? He still has to master the English language. It's not like any of his brothers could help, either. And I don't think Neville could help even if he wanted to." Hermione stared him down, hands on her hips.

Harry found himself searching the common room again, feeling cornered. "Ginny? Or Luna?" he suggested weakly. Hermione raised an eyebrow, amused now.

"Even you can tell you're not getting out of this. Luna? Really, Harry?" Harry sighed, looking back at the books. Of course she had chosen now to do this, when he had just gotten in from Quidditch and was still completely exhausted.

"I'm not doing anything with another alphabet," he warned her, eyeing the title of the thickest volume. The blue leather spine was covered in golden symbols that vaguely resembled the letters he was used to. Hermione's face fell a little, but she perked up again when she realized that that meant a 'go' for the other two.

"Thank you, Harry!" she exclaimed, crushing him in an unexpected hug. "It'll be fun, I promise!" Harry just groaned as she gathered her books and bounded up the stairs to her dorm.


Harry sat on a desk in an empty classroom, Hermione walking among the tables around him as she tried to recite the forms of the verb 'bod'. She had informed him at breakfast that they would be starting with Welsh, and moving on to Icelandic once they had mastered it. Privately, Harry doubted if she would ever get to the second language if she insisted he was learning them along with her.

As Hermione continued through her already memorized list, Harry's gaze drifted out of focus. He had a DADA essay to finish…that really needed to be done: he had to hand it in tomorrow. He really ought to put some effort into this one, too. Snape was a harsh grader in general, and his essays were often 'Poor' at best. And of course, Snape always had to sweep around the room while he handed them back, implying oh so obviously as to who had gotten the terrible grades he was talking about. And then Malfoy would look over at him with that damn smirk on his face, his perfect blonde hair falling into his silver eyes –

"Harry!" Hermione's irritated voice snapped him back into the present.


The witch frowned at him. "Your turn…" she said pointedly. Harry grimaced.

"Er, right. 'I am'," he glanced down at the paper beside him. "Ree-do ee."

"No, no, no," Hermione interrupted, almost before he had finished. "It's ruh-do. Remember? The first 'y' is obscure. So it's 'uh', not 'ee'."

Harry rolled his eyes. "All right, all right. Rydw i. 'You are', er, rue-it tea."

"Rwyt ti," she repeated. "Don't exaggerate the vowel sounds so much. And say it all together, don't chop it up into pieces."

" 'He is', er-" when he went to look at his paper again, Hermione snatched it away.

"You're supposed to be memorizing this with me," she said accusingly, taking a few steps away to hide the parchment.

"'Mione!" he complained, jumping down from the desk. "I can't memorize them if I don't get to see them in the first place."

"Well you should have been reading this over when I gave it to you," the witch pointed out stubbornly. Harry held his hand out for the parchment, but she shook her head.

"You're the one who wants me to do this with you," he countered.

"Not interrupting anything, am I?" the pair looked over to where Malfoy was leaning against the doorframe, his prefect's badge gleaming on his chest.

"What do you want?" Harry asked, keeping his eyes on the silver pair staring at him. Malfoy smirked.

"Nothing, nothing. Just checking the empty classes, is all. I guess I'll be off, then. Don't want to disturb the lovebirds in here," he said, not moving.

"What? We're not- I mean, I wouldn't – Hermione and I aren't – I'm not-" Harry tried to explain in a hurry. He wasn't trying to assure Malfoy of anything. He was just trying to stop any rumors that the blonde wouldn't hesitate to start.

"Whatever you say, Potter," the Slytherin slipped out of the room, chuckling.

"Bechgyn dwp," Hermione scoffed.

"Ooh, the mudblood's insulting me in another language!" Malfoy called from the hallway, the amusement clear in his voice.

Harry looked at her curiously. "What did you say?" She rolled her eyes.

"Bechgyn dwp. Stupid boys." When she saw the interest in his eyes, the witch sighed. "I could have used this as incentive all along."


Hermione had refused to stop their 'lesson' until supper, and even then, Harry could see she was reluctant. He'd taken off before she could try to convince him to stay.

Harry sank into his seat beside Ron, who had already loaded his plate, and poured himself some pumpkin juice.

"Where you been, mate?" the redhead asked around a – surprisingly - small mouthful of food. "I was down at Hagrid's before, thought you were gonna come with."

Harry sighed, taking a long drink out of his goblet. "Roeddwn yn dysgu Cymraeg," he said, refusing to admit that he felt slightly proud at the fact that he pronounced everything correctly. Ron looked at him blankly. "I was learning Welsh," he repeated. "With Hermione."

After staring at him for a few moments, Ron managed a 'why'.

"She asked me the day before yesterday if I'd help her review while she was learning another language. That was after you got her all upset, so I couldn't exactly say no. Then yesterday she brings out these huge freakin' books, and I couldn't find a way to get out of it."

Ron looked slightly guilty for a moment, then brightened. "It's nearly Christmas, though! She can't possibly make you do extra work over the holidays, even Hermione isn't that bad."


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