Y Seithfed. The Seventh.


Draco and Harry sat in the Great Hall, enjoying its last day of being empty before the student population returned. The Gryffindor had been somewhat reluctant at first, not wanting to cause a stir if someone came in. After all, the sight of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy cuddling wasn't exactly something seen every day. The combination of Draco's kisses and his logic finally returning wore him down fairly quickly though. The entire school would probably find out tomorrow, anyway, and he really did want to, if he was honest with himself.

"So, how'd you get away from Granger?"

"What do you mean, 'get away' from her?"

"She's not holding you hostage until you're both fluent in Welsh?"


"I'm surprised she gave up so easily. Doesn't seem like her."

"Well, we're still going to work on it this evening, but I'm actually doing really well with it!" Draco coughed suddenly at that, and Harry pulled himself from the Slytherin's arms, regarding him suspiciously.

"You remember that day in the library?" Draco asked, grinning. Harry raised an eyebrow, not sure where this was going, or where it had come from, for that matter.

"Ye-e-es," he replied slowly. "You came in for no apparent reason and started bothering me while I was trying to work."

The Slytherin was grinning even more broadly now. "And you thought you'd be all smart and speak Welsh..." he prompted.

"Yeah, and we both know that you understood everything, now..." Harry said warily, not understanding what he found so funny.

"You called me an apple," he said as he started to, well, there was really no other word for it – he started to giggle.

"I – what?" Harry asked, caught completely off guard, not the least by Draco's somewhat odd behaviour.

"I think you meant to insult me, but you called me 'apple' instead," he said once he had collected himself somewhat.

Harry snorted. "Wow. I thought you looked like you were about to start laughing..."

"Well, when someone calls you 'apple' and they look and sound like they're trying to insult you..." he shook his head, still laughing.

"Shut up, apple."


Winter break was over, and Hogwarts was once again filled with the loud presence of its students. Breakfast on the first day back saw that the Gryffindor table was (as per usual) the loudest of the lot, but Harry found himself unbothered by it, for once.

"Oi, lover boy!"

Harry snorted, raising an eyebrow as he turned to the voice, not missing Ron's startled look as he recognized the speaker. Of course Draco wasn't going to miss an excuse to put on a show.

"Of all the names you could have chosen, that was the one you picked?"

Ron twisted around, to look at the Slytherin standing next to them. "Pathetic excuse for an insult, Malfoy. What, too hard to think of anything better?" he asked scathingly.

"I could think up better insults than you in my sleep, Weasley," Draco replied lazily, ignoring Harry's 'leave it alone' look. "And you're one to talk," he continued, looking at Harry. "At least I'm not calling you 'tomato', or 'orange'."

"That was an accident!" Harry protested. "You know full well I meant to insult you." Fully absorbed in the blond standing in front of him, Harry missed the bewildered looks of the Gryffindors around him.

Seamus broke the shocked silence around them, almost shouting, "What the hell do you want, Malfoy?"

Draco raised an eyebrow, obviously amused. "Well, I'm not sure how comfortable I am leaving you alone over here. " he said playfully, eyeing the other Gryffindors. "Not to mention that your state of dress is atrocious."

"No one's going to steal me," Harry replied, rolling his eyes and deciding to ignore the second comment. He wouldn't get anywhere in that kind of an argument, anyway.

Draco reached out, fixing Harry's loosely worn tie. "They'd better not," he growled, tugging the tie to pull Harry into a kiss.

The loud clatter of metal on stone broke them apart. Ron's goblet was rolling on the floor, a large pool of pumpkin juice creeping steadily towards their feet. Draco took a small step back from it, raising an eyebrow at the redhead.

"Manners, Weasley. It's impolite to stare."

Ron opened his mouth, but said nothing. Harry looked over at Hermione, hoping that Ron wouldn't jump Draco the second he turned away. The witch looked mildly surprised, though the disgust and shock present on Ron's face certainly didn't have a place with her. She looked somewhat amused, in fact.

Ignoring the looks he could see on the other Gryffindors' faces, Harry turned back to Draco.

"Right. I'll, er, I'll see you after classes, then?"

The blond smirked. "You'd better." He leaned in to brush his lips against Harry's before sauntering away. Harry rolled his eyes and turned back to his breakfast. Loud whispers broke out along the tables, and he sighed. This was going to be a very long day.



Well, that's all of it! Aha, and my first finished multi-chaptered story on here. ^.^ Hooray!

Now, I must apologise if the idea that the Great Hall is empty is just kinda… unbelievable. Didn't really want them in the library, though, and they couldn't exactly go to one of the common rooms without causing a stir. So we'll just assume that the remaining students were in the library or their common rooms. Because I couldn't think of a decent place for the two to be just hanging out. :P

Yours 'till death,