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Chapter 2.


Okay, can you say ow? My eyes blinked open, and I had to squint at the bright light of morning in my room.

Every part of my body hurt, especially my shoulder. I sat up, rolling my right shoulder around in a circle. Then I realized my face was wet. Had I really been crying!

I snorted to myself. Imagine crying over a silly dream. I walked over to the mirror that was above my dresser. I looked at myself and froze. In one motion, I yelled "AAAHH!" jumped over, flipped it slamming it into the wall, and stumbled backwards knocking over several things.

I forgot at that moment that I lived in an apartment complex, or a flat as the British call them. I live in London if you can tell. The manager claimed that the walls were 'completely sound-proof,', As if, they were like paper.

BANG BANG BANG! "Hey, buddy, you may have to go to school, but I'm still trying to sleep!" That was my cranky neighbor downstairs.

"I know! Shut up!" said my neighbor to my right. Oh great. Suddenly everyone down the hall and below was yelling at each other to shut up. I rolled my eyes, and flipped my mirror back around.

The stupid reflection was still there. It was not the reflection of me. Nope, it was the head of a dragon. Suddenly I heard a yawn. I whirled around, but no one was there. There was a smacking of lips, and then:

"Oh goodness what an odd dream." I pounded my head to make sure my brain was still there.

"Hey stop that!" My eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh, I'm insane! I need to be on medication, holy cow! I'm cracked!" I cried, running to my tiny bathroom and gazing at my medicine cabinet mirror. The dragon was still there. Then I felt that tingly feeling that came when the girl, Lyla, had touched the gem in my chest. I felt like I was being pushed back.

"Strange, where am I?" It was my voice, but I wasn't the one speaking. (What the)

"Oh, NO!" The thing controlling my body was looking at my hand.

"No! I'm hideous, I have shed my gorgeous scales! No, I can no longer be called the Prince of Dragons! I am now the Prince of Shame! Oh, the horror! The Shame!"

"Aw, you poor baby!" I couldn't help but think. The thing controlling me sopped, and cocked my head.

"Who is this?"

"Are you crazy? Who is this stupid whiny person controlling my body!" The person drew me up to my full height.

"Peasant! I am Abelwulf, the Prince of Dragons! Now, peasant! Tell me how I got in this dreadful form!" painful images of Valeesis laying there dead came to my mind. Then a picture of me stabbing the red dragon in the gem with the knife came.

"I-I think I bonded us together." I stammered, realizing that my voice wasn't echoed anymore. I lifted my hands on my own accord. I was in control again.

"You WHAT!" Abelwulf clanged in my head. "You robbed me of my true noble form and bonded us together! HOW DARE YOU!" I clapped my hands to my temples.

"Ow! I'm sorry it was an accident! Now stop you are giving me a migraine!" the 'Prince of Dragons' grumbled for a bit, before saying

"PEASANT! I DEMAND FOOD!" I rubbed the bridge of my nose.

"Well, you're not getting food if you demand like that! Anyway, I don't have time, I am going to be late for school!" I threw on a clean shirt and yesterday's pants, and grabbed my backpack.

"Peasant! You will obey me! Get me some food!" obviously, this 'Abelwulf' was used to having his way.

"Nope, sorry!" I jogged out of my flat and locked the door. That was when I heard the bus. Sprinting down the stairs, I made it out just in time.

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