The Day of War

This story portrays the life of soldiers fighting in World War is from a soldier's standpoint and if you cannot understand the terms I recommend you see a doctor.

Chapter 1

B Company wasn't very big. In fact it might have been unofficially recognized as the smallest in the regiment. Its nickname was Bee Company, even though no one knows why. With other Companies the nicknames were earned or rightly deserved. The leader of B Company was nothing special, most of the men thought neutrally about him. He made the right decisions and proved himself a great leader but the men couldn't push themselves to like him. His name was James Ergo and he was well built and a good fighting man. But, it must be said that he abused his power frequently, unknown to the regiment commander, of course.

The regiment commander chose to put B Company in the front lines when they reached Normandy firstly because he trusted the leader, secondly because they where the most experienced men in the regiment. But one little problem haunted him. He hadn't told the leader yet. He knew James wasn't the type for last minute changes and a change that required all of his men to be in the most danger of all the regiment, certainly wouldn't help the situation. So he dreaded every minute he hadn't had the guts to tell him. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and he charged strait down to James's cabin.

"Do you want all of my men to die, sir?" said an infuriated James. "No, I just thought that your men were the most experienced and it would make sense to put them in the front" said the commander, trying to keep his voice calm. "Just because there the most experienced doesn't make you have to put them in the front!" said James growing angrier every second. "Look I don't like this any more than you James, but" "But what? What could we possibly achieve by killing off a whole Company?" said James cutting him off. "Nothing at all James, which is why im putting your company in the front," As James gave up he accepted the inevitable and walked out the door silently cursing to himself.

As the ships approached Normandy, B Company was readying there gear and James was trying to encourage the men. They all knew the fate of the regiment would be on there shoulders. The men who had seen action before knew what they where up against and adjusted their equipment to the circumstances. The recruits where constantly checking their gear and ammo. As the boats where lowered to the roaring sea below B Company, recruits and battle ready officers, where trembling with excitement. Excitement or fear, either way it didn't matter. Then they heard the signal to launch the boats. They where headed for ruff seas and artillary and at least one hundred men would die.