Hey there! I have really worked hard on this story so I hope that everybody enjoys it. I've seen stories where Harry, (or his female counterpart,) is really the boy (girl) who lived, stories where Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived, and other such stories but I don't think that I have seen one quite like this. I just want to clarify a few things before you read.

Firstly, I ordinarily love James Potter very much, (not in that way, people since he's old enough to be my dad so don't even think about it) and I see his teenaged self as just that, a teenager. If you have got half a brain you will realise (hee, yay American me for using British spelling) that he is young, immature, and prone to mistakes. Most teenage guys are immature, egotistical, and will try and do whatever it takes to win over the girl they like or make themselves look cool or whatever. I had a bit of my own James Potter back in school but, unlike our lovely Lily Evans, I didn't wise up until I graduated. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! On the flip-side of that coin, that little bit of his more unsavory quality that Rowling shows us can be easily exploited and so we basically get a James Potter bash-fest going on here. That is what I have done. In this fic James's worst aspects will be quantified just as in many fics, some of mine that have not yet been published included, Severus Snape's more likeable traits are quantified.

Next, onto Lily. I don't know why but I just cannot bring myself to bash Lily. I think it is because, odd as it is, I feel I can relate to her. If I could compare myself or become any Harry Potter character it would be either Lily or cannon (bang bang) Hermione. Hey! I have bright emerald green eyes just like Lily and was born with dark red hair even though I have naturally black hair now so I'm almost there! I even have teeth I rather wish were a bit nicer like Hermione and my hair's curly. I also really love Lily's character and I hate people who bash somebody who would die for their only child. She could have just as easily left baby Harry to Voldemort's tender mercies and started a new life with Snape or something, she didn't have to die. Also, it is hard to bash somebody who is basically written into the cannon (bang bang) series as a sort of earthbound angel who can do no wrong. The only "strike" against her is her friendship with Snape but that isn't even that bad. Think about it: some kid tells you that you are magic and you find out it's true, wouldn't you feel that you owed them your friendship? I can write Snape either way, however, good, bad, or sort of in between.

Why did I make Lily into a pureblood? I'm not entirely sure, it was sort of spontaneous. I guess I thought it would be fun for Lily to be able to throw her heritage into Voldemort's face like that. I also wanted to give Sofia a relative to escape to with Neville that would be on their side and fight for justice. God knows Prune-Face (hehheh I meant PETUNIA) wouldn't be that; plus, she's a Muggle. And why Madam Bones? I don't really know; I'm just rather fond of her; she seems like a good, no-nonsense, justice-giving sort of woman. Also, I didn't want to link Lily with the Weasleys or the Prewetts because that's been done before and I didn't want her linked to a family I created. Madam Bones was already described in OOTP as having grey hair but she could have once had red hair. Also, her brother was young enough to have a daughter in Harry's year in cannon (bang bang.) Lastly, I have heard Susan Bones described as being a red-head or at least a strawberry blond. Lily's heritage isn't a big part of the plot yet so I can change it if you only tel me in a lovely review.

So how did I get Neville into the mix, you ask? How did he get a twin? If I love Lily so much why off her? (Yay! British terminology...I think...) Allow me to explain. I didn't want my female Harry (Sofia) growing up in a conflicted household or a single-parent household, I wanted her to grow up knowing what a mother should not bee; cold, neglectful, and somewhat cruel. I have seen Lily play this roll in most fics but like I said, I couldn't do that to her. Why did I off Lily instead of having her be stunned like James and wake up to find out what a jerk (I mean prat/git) her husband really was, and whisk the true saviour off to the states or somewhere else? Firstly, that's not realistic. Second, I wanted Sofia to grow up with her twin and to grow up in the shadows. She will have to face many things but she will learn by experience just how effed-up the wizarding world really is.

So Alice, Neville, and Neville's twin? Well I didn't want an OC to be in the position of James's wife and I did not want to use a woman that goes elsewhere in the story, that I did not think that I could properly bash, and that would never be caught dead with a "light" wizard. Also, I do not write slash so that's out. I decided Alice was fine because even less was known about her than Lily, good or bad, the only thing being that she was Neville's mum who was tortured into insanity with his dad. That was AFTER the Godric's Hollow attack where Harry, in cannon, (bang bang,) was declared the boy who lived. Also, I decided that I did not want Sofia growing up alone. I wanted to give her somebody that would be her best friend, like the twin she basically lost, and maybe something more. I decided to make Frank a likeable and honourable character like Lily because I got the impression that later in the cannon (bang bang) series Neville became a lot like his father and he was like his father before. That's what I think, anyway.

So what of Laurel and Caspian? Well I created Laurel to give James and Alice an excuse to stay together; some crap about the supposed Children-Who-Lived growing up in a proper home. I made Caspian and Laurel the boy and girl who lived, at least falsely, for a few reasons. Firstly, like I said, it had to be a twin from one family and a twin from the other so that James and Alice could get together like they would have done except for their respective conquests. Next, if I had made it Sofia and Neville, that defeats the purpose of the story unless, of course, I made Caspian a Harry and put the story from basically chapter two onwards in his perspective. Then again, I couldn't make Neville a snob; he's much too sweet for that. Anyway, as I am a girl I am not comfortable with the inner workings, thoughts, and feelings of boys. Although one of my best friends is male, I have never been intimately and emotionally involved with anyone and feel I am well on my way to spinsterhood, I even have the cats. As such, I feel I would royally suck writing as a guy. Neville is a large part of the story, almost as large as Sofia, and there might be some bits in his point of view but that's about all I feel I can do. If I had made it, say, Neville and Caspian who were dubbed the supposed children who lived, that takes away some of my fun because that romantic aspect between the shadowed twins would have been totally taken away. Well at least for me it would have because I do NOT WRITE SLASH OR FEMSLASH! I don't mind homosexuality, really, to each his own I say, but I can't write it. I don't know anybody that has actually admitted or otherwise shown signs of being gay/lesbian/bisexual so I would be ill-prepared to describe and weave such a relationship into something believable. I might be able to write or otherwise allude to a slash or femslash pairing as long as it's minor like, say, Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas or Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis or even, possibly, Siri and Rem but that's all. So now you know just why I chose who I chose.

What about Dumbledore, you ask? Dumbles, Dumbles, Dumbles. He's ever-so easy to bash, dear Dumbles. He is not all bad but not all good either. He will realise his mistake much sooner than the rest of the wizarding world but he's going to be reluctant about admitting it. He likes his power and prestige; anything that can take that away from him is a threat. He will be very manipulative and controlling in this fic; in short a total ass (oops, arse not ass, ARSE NOT ASS!) anyway, you'll probably grow to hate my incarnation of him. Like I said, he's easy to bash. You can't say he wasn't a manipulative old coot even in cannon (bang bang.) I was pissed (angry, not drunk, otherwise pissed off) when Rowling offed him because I was very fond (and still am) of him (even if I'm more fond of bashing him than anything else.) Throughout the fic, he'll try and "expose" Neville and Sofia as dark. Also, he won't stop their neglect nor will he give them the respect that they will earn in this fic. I think I will make him come around, though, at least be somewhat redeemed. Either that or he shall die in squalor and disgrace, mwahahaha!

There will be Weasley bashing a-plenty in this story so be warned. I dunno about Arthur, Bill, and Charlie yet but Molly, Ron, Ginny, and Percy will be bashed extensively. Also, Fred and George will be the only Weasleys that I outright refuse to bash (at least much) because I just love them so. Ron will be Caspian's best friend and Ginny will be Laurel's if not Hermione. I'm still not sure about Hermione Granger; I might at least bash her for the first year or two. Also, Luna Lovegood will not be bashed. I plan on making her Sofia and Neville's best friend at Hogwarts from second year on; I might even make her a year older so she can be in the same year. If I wind up not pairing Neville and Sofia together, Neville and Luna will be a couple for sure. I will, however, not do a threesome as I am generally uncomfortable about those except for one I am doing where a female Harry (Ivy/Jessamyn/Rosemarie, not sure which) is paired, due to her veela nature, with both the Weasley twins although the twins are not "with" each other but that's another story for another time. Also, I might make Draco Malfoy if not a friend than an ally. Also, Susan Bones will become a close friend as she is, unknowingly, Sofia's cousin.

And what of Siri and Rem? I really don't know. I plan on bashing one of them at least a little bit, probably a lot, but I'm not sure which one. There are either of two possibilities for them.

The first one is where Remus is the loving sort of distant uncle or cousin who visits them from time to time and shows Neville and Sofia affection. He knows what it is like to be lonely and looked down upon and so he understands. He will try and be the best sort of male roll model he can be but will not have much of a chance to spend time with Neville and Sofia as he is always being dragged away by either James or Alice to be with Caspian and Laurel. Sirius, on the other hand, will treat the forgotten twins like scum, worse than house-elves as James will because they, unlike their twins, are not symbols of the light, at least so he thinks. He will insult and belittle them just as his parents always did to him for not fitting into the proper and expected mold. He, in the end, will either be disgusted with himself and James, end their friendship with punches and a string of profanities, and spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to Neville and Sofia who is his goddaughter or he will continue to be a complete bastard like James.

The second scenario is this. Sirius knows what it is like to be the outcast, to not be loved in one's own household. Because of this, he spends all of his possible time with Neville and Sofia, supposed Children-Who-Lived be damned. He will be a great father figure and be very affectionate. Through him Neville and Sofia will be spoiled without actually becoming spoiled like their twins because they know not to take it for granted. He will only put on the facade of being James friend and of caring for the supposed Children-Who-Lived so that he can look after Neville and Sofia because if he fails to act as such, he will be banished from the house for good. Remember that he comes from a family of dark Slytherins so in this case he will act more Slytherin. He does, however, hate James Potter and Alice Potter (formerly Belle and Longbottom's) guts with a passion. I might, if I choose this scenario, pair Siri with Madam Amelia Bones. Remus, on the other hand, will be downright hostile to Neville and Sofia. He sees Caspian and Laurel as symbols of the light and, being a supposed dark creature, wants to ensure that everybody knows just how light he is despite that. He won't dare sully himself with the twins that Voldemort supposedly decided to pass over that fateful night. He might come around or he might not but I'm not sure, probably he'll always be a bastard in this case.

Honestly, now it's written down, I think I might go with the second one. In many of these false chosen-one stories, Sirius is almost always the one bashed, not Remus and that annoys me. I find Sirius to be quite loveable and, like James, he was a teenager once and made mistakes. I can do Siri and Rem either way. Remus is usually the good guy but on the flip-side of the coin he might do anything to prove he is not a monster even if he just becomes the very thing he tries not to become.

A few notes before I close this insane rambler of an author's note. I meant it when I typed 1991 and not 1981, that wasn't a type-o. I might want to take advantage of some technologies not made available until the late nineties at the least so I've pushed it up. I also don't know all the details of technology in the eighties and nineties since, although I am a nineties kid for the most part, I didn't really care back then. Who did? All most kids, (myself included,) thought was "Hey, this is fun!" so you get my point.

My next point, as you can probably tell by my funny parentheses near the beginning, I am totally and completely, 100% American, a west coast girl to be exact. I will try my very best to use all British phrases an exclamations and slang as well as spelling correctly. There is a special brit-picking do-it-yourself sort of guide by Pinky Brown that I highly recommend all Americans writing HP read. Trust me, it helps. All I had to say after reading that was "Damn do I feel stupid!" Anyway, all Brits reading my fanfics (at least all fanfics as of now as I will be taking my first three down for massive revision) please do not automatically press the "back," otherwise known as the "exit this god-awful story because I goddamn hate it" button; if I have made a mistake or committed some ghastly foe-pas. I ask that, if you're so inclined, please just let me know so I can better my non-American writing style. I'll never be as good as you real Brits, I don't even have British ancestry, I'm mostly German, but with Pinky Brown's Brit-checking guide and setting my spell-checker to United Kingdom I think I'll be all right.

Also, I am not sure how quickly I will be able to update. I'm sure this might piss some people off a bit but I just have the one chappy written out, the rest is still floating in disjointed little bits in my head right now. I will try and update at least bi-monthly if not more, university and all that lovely stuff. If in a month I have nothing I will try and let you know; if in three months I don't have anything, not even an author's note, you are more than welcome to send me irritated reviews and PM's, (although not too mean because I'm a rather sensitive person and cry easy,) and if in six months there is nothing I will post an author's note asking for somebody to either help me write this or just adopt it with the condition that I am their beta for this story so it doesn't fluctuate to much from its destined path. Oops, I sounded a bit like manipulative Dumbledore for a sec, didn't I? Anyway, I don't want this story to come to an untimely end so I hope if I cannot complete it somebody else can. I like to think that this story is better than the last three stories I posted here (shudders) and I hope it is enjoyed, or at least tolerated, by all. On that note, I shall attempt to end this insanely long, (five and a half pages,) author's note. I thank you for listening (or reading if you're not using Jaws For Windows screen-reading software like I do) to my wordy explanations and crap and hope that you haven't gotten bored with me already and pressed that back button. If you're still with me, (even if you skipped the author's note to go to the story,) I salute you. Now I tell you with a smile to sit back, relax, and watch the story of the Outcasts-Who-Lived unfold.

A/N 2: Oh, and reviews would be really, really appreciated. They motivate me. I don't care if they're "I like it," I hate it," whatever. Flames keep me warm at night but good reviews make me really happy. Just review, PLEASE?

Chapter One: The Attack

"Oh James." a young woman, around twenty-one years of age, sighed. "Are you sure it's a good idea? I want to see Frank and Alice as well as little Laurel and Neville just as much as you do; They're like my own children, you know, but are we safe? I know how much you trust Peter but I'm just not sure..."

"Don't worry, Lily-Love. Peter wouldn't DREAM of betraying us. We're perfectly safe. And don't you think that you and me and Frank and Alice, with the prophecy hanging over our heads, could just use a break? That we deserve to relax a bit? That we need a night just to forget our troubles? We'll be just fine. Plus, I bet the kids would love to play. Sofia and Neville, Caspian and Laurel, they each get along so well with each other. I'm even considering a betrothal contract between them; our son with the Longbottoms' daughter, our daughter with the Longbottoms' son." a man of the same age said confidently and not without some measure of cockiness.

"James Tiberius Potter!" the woman, Lily, huffed. "I will NEVER force my children into potentially loveless and miserable marriages and you KNOW THAT!"

"But Lily-com" her husband, James, protested.

"No buts, James. We've talked about this before and it completely goes against the very foundation of my beliefs. The wizarding world is SO seventeenth-century in SO many ways! The entire system, in my opinion, needs a total overhaul and a make-over. If Caspian and Laurel and Sofia and Neville, hell, if Caspian and Neville and Sofia and Laurel fell in love with each other I'd be happy but if not, I'd still be happy. Now enough of this, I don't want to talk about it any more." Lily snapped, bright emerald eyes flashing fiercely, angrily swiping a tendril of wavy, dark red hair which had fallen out of its clip away from her face.

"Yes, Lily." James said with a sigh, averting his hazel eyes and running a hand through his unruly, jet black hair. Damn that wife of his to hell for being so intelligent. It was times like these that made him severely regret this particular conquest, for that was all this relationship was to him. Lily Evans was pretty, hell, she was drop-dead gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful. Lily Evans had a fiery spirit that would not be quelled. Lily Evans was outspoken and independent. Lastly, and most importantly to James, Lily Evans was the only girl of the entire school to refuse his advances. That first day in third year where he had decided to totally enamour the brainy red-head Muggle-born and she had deliberately and obviously snubbed him for everyone in the Great Hall to see, James had decided that, come Hell or high water, Lily Evans would be his and his alone. Sure, all those traits were totally attractive to a teenage boy who was not yet married and the more she showed that iron will of hers the more he wanted to achieve this particular conquest but being married to her was always one trial after another. Those love potions and loyalty drafts he had slipped to her over their sixth and seventh years and had continued slipping to her didn't cut off her free will, after all, at least not the free will that didn't have to do with James. Yes, it was times like these that James Tiberius Potter wished he'd just taken a trophy wife like most all the other purebloods.

"So Alice and Frank? Shall we invite them over, then?" Lily asked her husband. "I suppose I don't see the harm."

"EXCELLENT! I'll go floo-call them." James piped, smiling and rushing out of the kitchen and into the living room. But of course he didn't tell Lily that the main reason he had volunteered to floo call them was because he wanted a good view of Alice Longbottom, formerly Prewett's, long legs, tan skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Sure, Lily was beautiful; she had that hair, those eyes, that round face and creamy skin. She had long legs as well, a relatively large bust, and an hour-glass figure. But Lily was also tall and willowy, reaching a grand five ten. James was one of those short guys, only five six, and Lily practically towered over him. He hated it, it made him feel inferior. Lily didn't seem so tall in third year. What he loved about Alice was that she was small, petite, and pixy-like. At five three, she was shorter than him. She had ample curves and bust. For her height, she was leggy and James liked leggy women. So fixed on his horny fantasies was he that he stood there for a good three minutes or so. Eventually, he snapped out of it. Grinning broadly, he threw a pinch of floo powder into the fireplace, stuck in his head, and shouted the address. His head felt like it was spinning like a top on steroids but after awhile the spinning stopped to show a well-decorated sitting room. After a few minutes of waiting James grew impatient and called out.

"Heeelooo! Aanybooody hooome?" There was the sound of running feet and James was pleased to see that it was Alice who came to answer the floo.

"Hello, good lovely sir, so sorry to keep you waiting. I do hope you haven't been in that blasted fire for too terribly long." She said, smiling saucily down at James.

"Fear not, my fair lady, I am in no distress." James responded, sending Alice a flirtatious wink and grin. Alice giggled prettily, fluttering long blonde lashes.

Alice was much like James in many ways. Where Lily was James's conquest Frank was Alice's. The woman had grown up poor so the very thought of the Longbottom fortune had made her practically salivate from the time she first laid eyes on Frank. He was a mild-mannered sort of man who didn't get angry easily and who didn't like confrontation. Most other rich pureblood heirs were too domineering, too intellegent, either that or they just weren't rich enough for Alice's tastes. But Frank, he was easy to sway. Alice might have gone for James herself if she hadn't known from that day in third year he'd want Lily Evans as his own personal conquest. It was hard, however. Frank was shy and had no confidence whatsoever. He was, however, apparently used to being pushed around by the women in his life for he let Alice be the leader and man of the relationship no problem. Unlike James, Alice didn't need to secretly feed Frank love potions although she did give him a small dose every day to be on the safe side. He did used to appear to fancy Lily Evans, after all. Lily, James, Frank, and Alice had all been in the same year at school but in different houses. James and Alice were Gryffindors while Lily had been a Ravenclaw and Frank a Hufflepuff.

"Lovely." Alice responded after a moment.

"So what's going on on your end? Anything earth-shattering happen in the absence of my presence?" James asked cockily.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Frank's mother has been killed. Yes, you heard me right, killed. Old Augusta thought she'd shop around a bit in Diagon Alley but unfortunately for her she had to come right during a raid. The crone didn't stand a chance. Personally, and I'm sure you'll agree, I'm glad to see her be put down, and permanently." Alice said. Now, with Augusta Longbottom out of the picture, Alice could raise her children how she wanted to and she would never have to endure the old woman's snubs or harsh critiques again.

"Clearly. Well I have flooed you to ask if you and your lovely little family would care to come over to our place? Just to relax a bit? Forget about this war and the prophecy for a while?" James asked.

"Oh, we'd be utterly delighted. Thank you, James, thank you so much. I can tell Frank it will help numb the pain of the hag...erm...his mother's passing." Alice said.

"Yeah. And maybe if we're lucky you and I will get to perhaps convince Lily and Frank into signing betrothal contracts for our children. Just bring out the aged Firewhiskey." Alice said.

"True." James conceded. "But Longbottom might be a total lightweight, drunk after a thimble of the stuff, but you no Evans, she could drink the best of us under the table in no time; a constitution of unbreakable steel, I swear, and she still remains sober."

"Can't blame a woman for trying. Now you go on back to your lovely little wife and tell her we'll be over soon." Alice said. With a flirtatious little smile, wink, and wave she flounced out of the room and James pulled his head back away from the flames.

Not fifteen minutes later Alice Longbottom stepped gracefully through the floo, two fifteen-month-old toddlers in her arms.

"ALICE!" Lily exclaimed. "How are you?"

"Hey, Lil, I'm all right but I suppose things have been better. Frank's mother found herself in Death Eater crossfire this afternoon and she didn't make it. So how are things?" Alice asked her so-called "friend," a friend she had manipulated into being so just as James had manipulated Frank into being his friend. Before this prophecy hoopla, the Potters and the Longbottoms had been acquaintances of a sort. James was chummy with Alice and Lily and Frank got along well but it didn't go beyond that.

"They're going well, very well. Caspian still hasn't talked very much yet but Sofia is just a torrent of non-stop talking when she's around me, at least. James says she still wont say much around him but I don't know. Caspian is a mischievous little scamp, I caught him climbing my bookshelves the other day. How are sweet Neville and little Laurel doing?" Lily asked.

"Oh, splendidly! Laurel likes to talk a lot as well but I can barely understand her, just baby babble, really. Neville is shy and he doesn't talk much but when he does it is, like with Sofia, in near complete sentences. Both of them are walking well, Laurel likes to dance. Now where is that husband of mine?" Alice asked nobody in particular. Right at that moment, a man came whizzing through the fireplace, toppling over and sliding a good deal on the hardwood floor and half way under the coffee table. Blushing profusely, Frank Longbottom slowly got up and dusted himself off. Frank was a tall, broad man of about six foot three. He had wavy mahogany hair which he kept nearly to his shoulders, a kind, roundish face which was not so round due to the fact he was no longer a child, and soft forest green eyes.

"Ahem...sorry about that...bloody floo always trips me up." he said ruefully.

"Frankie-my-love, it's a good thing I don't let you go through the floo with the children, isn't it?" Alice asked with a, to Frank, sincere laugh.

"Guess so." he responded, gingerly taking Neville from his wife's arms and cradling him.

"Good to see you, mate." James said, clapping his free hand on Frank's shoulder. Lily had set Caspian in his other arm before the Longbottoms came. Currently, she held Sofia in her arms.

"Good to see you too, James." Frank said. With a tired sigh, he sank onto the Potters' couch.

"I'm so sorry to here about your mother, Frank. She was a good woman and will be missed." Lily said, genuine sadness etched into her soft face.

"Yeah, mate. A real shame, that." James said. Frank didn't catch the sarcasm there but Lily and Alice certainly did. Alice winked at James while Lily gave him a look that said that they would be exchanging words later.

The adults carried on, having a good old time while the children played in the playpen in the corner of the living room.

"Goodness it's getting late!" Lily exclaimed, looking over at the sleeping children. "Frank, Alice, would you like me to take the children upstairs to bed?"

"Thanks, Lily. We'd appreciate that." Frank said, smiling gently at the red-head mother of two.

"Frank, why don't you help her?" Alice asked. Frank nodded and stood up, grabbing his children. Lily smiled at him and took up her own son and daughter into her arms. Together, the two headed upstairs into the nursery. Lily put Caspian and Sofia in one crib, Frank put Laurel and Neville into the other. Just as they were straightening up, there came a bang from downstairs.

"What's ha-ha-happening!" Alice yelled from downstairs.

"It's him, IT'S HIM! Lily! Take Cass and Sofe and RUN LIKE HELL!" James shouted up the stairs, being extra-theatrical.

"FRANK! Get Laur and Nev and go with Lily to safety!" Alice shouted.

"NO!" Frank and Lily both shouted back.

"James, my love, I can't leave you!" Lily cried out.

"Alice, I can't leave you on your own." Frank loudly proclaimed.

"GO!" James and Alice shouted.

From his spot in the doorway, Lord Voldemort sneered at the display shown. Stupid mudblood, stupid blood-traitor! Did they not realise they were being played like a violin? That their supposed "loves," their own spouses didn't love them? That they were going to die? And this was why it was he, the feared Lord Voldemort, would never love. It was a filthy, disgusting thing that made people act like a pack of wild, sex-crazed barbarians with a penchant for soap opera drama, not that he, the great Lord Voldemort, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-named, and all that rubbish knew about something so lowly as a Muggle soap opera, of course. All he knew was that love was a foolish human emotion that he would never feel. However, he wasn't against using it to manipulate people to do his bidding. And so he decided, for now, that he would spare the devious couple in the living room. It was leverage. Gliding into the living room, Lord Voldemort cast two silent stunners, they never saw them coming. Then, cackling like a mad hyena, he shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA!" as loud as he could, two times at two different things; a vase and a candy bowl which fell to the floor with a bang before shattering into a million tiny pieces.

"Alice, Alice, AAALLLIIICCCEEE! NOOOOO!" came the voice of the blood-traitor.

"James...not James...please no...God no..." the mighty Lord Voldemort, with his super-awesome hearing, heard the mudblood mumbling. His laughs increased when he saw that the fools upstairs didn't even have their wands; oh what fun it would be for he, the dark Lord Voldemort, to take them out. Smirking a snake-like smirk with his thin lips, he grabbed up the wands and put them in his pocket. Cackling even more madly to himself, oh how fun this was, the all-powerful Lord Voldemort slowly slithered, as much as a two-legged one can slither, up the stairs.

The fools had actually tried to barricade the door. It was sad, really, the Muggle-like attempt at protecting themselves. Lord Voldemort simply snorted and with a silent "BOMBARDA!" the door and the changing table on the other side of it exploded into a multitude of splinters.

"FOOLS," he laughed cruelly, "Did you think that you could keep I, the great Lord Voldemort, out? Your Muggle attempts DISGUST me."

"Like we really give a damn what disgusts your murdering arse, you hypocritical half-blood bastard child?" Lily snarled, emerald eyes flashing angrily, face set in a position of clear defiance. Frank Longbottom, the woman of the Longbottom marriage, Lord Voldemort was certain, was standing just as defiantly next to her. What Alice never seemed to realise was that in battle Frank Longbottom was just as fierce as the rest of them, perhaps even more so because when he was the tender age of sixteen Death Eaters killed his father and older sister, Noelle. Lily was so fierce because one, she hated that snake-faced bastard and all that he stood for and two, it was he that killed her parents. It was during the summer and the intent was to kill Lily and her Muggle sister, Petunia, as well but both Lily and Petunia, at the time, were out of the house. Lily was just thirteen years old. At least, she always thought sadly to herself, her father was able to get one good shot in. Her father, an avid nature fanatic, had been filming some deer in their back yard because they lived out in the country on a few acres of land with horses and everything. When Voldemort had come, he had dropped the camera onto the coffee table and never turned it off. Lily knew, because of this, that her father had shot Voldemort right above the heart, sadly not a fatal enough blow to kill him, before he was tortured for his sheer gall and killed along with Lily's mother.

Lord Voldemort swelled in rage at the mudblood's assertion; how did she find that out? How did she know? How DARE she talk to him in such a way? The filthy mudblood bitch would pay for that, that was for sure.

"How DARE you talk to me like that? How DARE you say such a thing about I, LORD VOLDEMORT?" he snarled.

"Oh yes, Lord Flight-For-Death, how DARE SHE? Hmmm, how about because it's true?" Frank Longbottom sneered out, his timid personality vanishing as soon as he entered the battlefield and yes, that's what this was to him, a battlefield.

"That's right, Tommy dearest. You've got some major Daddy issues, haven't you? Just because Mummy Merope Gaunt was a cross-eyed, inbred, near-Squib who was too ugly and crazy to get the handsome, aristocratic, snobby Muggle Tom Riddle to fall in love with her without a love potion? Just because when she took him off the potions in the ridiculous hope that a man like him might love a foul woman like her he left her, pregnant and pennyless on the London streets? Just because Mummy Merope gave birth to you at an orphanage and didn't use magic to save herself, leaving you in what might as well have been the very pits of Hell itself? Just because Daddy Tom never went looking for you? Oh HELL YEAH, Tom Marvolo Riddle, you got issues." Lily snarled.

"Foolish little mudblood whore, I would not be talking like this to me, the great Lord Voldemort, if I were you. I hold your life in the very palm of my hand, Lily Evans, and I can squeeze it out, little by little, like one squeezes a lemon or I can pop it like one pops a balloon." Lord Voldemort hissed with a twisted grin.

"Or you can slither your filthy self back into the disgusting pit from whence you came and forget that this EVER happened." Frank said.

"HA! You wish it so, do you not, blood-traitor? Tell me, why do you two defy me? Join me and you could be GREAT! Your husband and wife are dead by my hand tonight. Your husband and wife that lost their lives to protect you. Your husband and wife that so CLEARLY loved you. You could join me, Lily Evans, Frank Longbottom. I shall even look over your prier mistakes and those of your family. I shall even look over the fact that one of you is a-com"

"Pureblood, I'm a pureblood. I might as well tell you, Tom. I found out that I am not, as you put it, a mudblood but a pureblood. Does the name Lillian Bones, stolen at birth, ring a bell? I thought so. But nobody knows, not Amelia, Edgar never knew, nobody but my birth parents and I told them on their deathbed. But that doesn't mean I'll ever join you." Lily said smugly.

"Still, you could both be great. And now I know you are of pureblood stock, you shall be even more of a grand addition to my ranks. I shall only ask one thing, a token for your entrance. Give me the children, all four of them. Do not worry about them, they are only children and you can always have more with each other or somebody else. I have many loyal followers who would love to procreate with a Bones or a Longbottom, two very prestigious families indeed. We must ensure that the prophecy is fulfilled PROPERLY, mustn't we?" Lord Voldemort asked nastily.

"You...you...you COMPLETE and UTTER BASTARD! If your hideous, hairless ARSE thinks that I would give up MY BABIES then you've got another thing COMING!" Lily snarled. And then, the nasty, blood-traitor, as-good-as-a-mudblood bitch ran up and PUNCHED him in the NOSE! "You insolent little BITCH! You shall DIE for that!" Voldemort roared.

"Well at least I got one last shot in, just like my DAD. The dad that raised me." Lily said proudly.

"Frank? What about you? Surely you have more sense than this fool?" Lord Voldemort asked silkily.

"Never...I am better than that...I can't give up MY CHILDREN! ONLY IN YOUR DREAMS, SNAKE-FACE!" Frank said, getting louder and louder. Both parents moved in front of the cribs housing their respective children.

"You are fools, do you know that? FOOLS!" the great and fearsome Lord Voldemort roared furiously.

"GO TO HELL!" the two chorused together.

"Have it your way! AVADA KEDAVRA, AVADA KEDAVRA!" the merciful Lord Voldemort, who decided to kill them instead of torturing them first, roared. The two curses hit the targets dead on, they didn't stand a chance. Both the bodies of Lillian Amelia Bones, also known as Lily Mia Evans-Potter and Franklin Augustus Longbottom fell with a meaty thunk to the floor.

"Mmmmmuuuuummmmmaaaaa! Mumma no-go-go!" shouted a little girl in the left crib, a little girl with dark red hair and bright emerald eyes just like her mother.

"Da-da faw-dow bye-bye?" asked a little boy in another crib, a little boy with mahogany hair and forest green eyes. The other two children, a pudgy black-haired boy with hazel eyes beneath his lids and a twiggy little blonde girl whose eyes would open and show themselves to be blue, slept on soundly.

"That's right, you nasty little brats, and YOU'RE NEXT!" Lord Voldemort cackled. He could feel the power rolling off those two children in particular in waves, the magic of the other two was mediocre at best compared to them. He wanted to get both of them out of the way at the same time in case the other retaliated so he pulled out his second wand, one for special occasions, and held it in his right hand. His first wand was yew and phoenix feather, thirteen inches; his second was ebony and Hybridian Black dragon heartstring.

"Bye-bye, BRATS!" AVADA KEDAVRA!" A green jet of light erupted from both of Lord Voldemort's wands at the same time. They soared towards their targets, hitting both tots at the same time on the middle of their foreheads. Instead of slumping dead as the knowledgeable Lord Voldemort expected them to do, the tiny tots stayed in the same position, standing upright in their cribs, grasping the bars, and glaring defiantly at him. The curse did nothing more than carve cuts into the middle of their foreheads in the shapes of lightning bolts. Lord Voldemort was so entranced by what he was seeing that he did not, or could not, move. A bright gold light enveloped both of the tots and they staggered closer and closer to each other. When their hands grasped and clasped at each other through the bars of the crib, (a feat not too difficult as the cribs were back-to-back,) the glow surrounded them in a dome of pure gold light that was dazzling and blinding in its intensity. Then, two beams of pure gold energy lanced out from their foreheads and pierced Lord Voldemort right in his chest. He shrieked in pure agony as his makeshift body exploded in a shower of magic. His spirit, only held in tact by his anchors around the country, fled the house as quickly as it could. As the spirit fled, so too did a grey rat with a long tail, two wands between its teeth. The magical backlash of the reflected killing curse bounced and vibrated around the room, causing the walls and ceiling of the nursery to begin to cave in. Everything, non-organic that is, in the room was charged with wild magic so as two pieces of plaster scratched the tender skin of the other two children, two scars were created that, like the scars of the true vanquishers, could not be healed.

At the half-death of the caster of the stunning curse, both James and Alice jerked quickly awake.

"Hmmm...wha?" Alice murmured, rubbing at her eyes. It was then that both of them felt the house shake and heard the sound of part of the house crumbling.

"Come on, Alice, NOW! We have to get up there and see just what happened." James said, getting to his feet and holding out his hand to help Alice up.

"Oh...you're right, I suppose. I don't know just why...but I feel that You-Know-Who is gone at last." Alice said. Quietly, sneakily, and stealthily the two crept up the staircase and towards the nursery. They came upon it to find the door blasted into bits as well as what looked to have been the changing table. They entered and gasped at what they saw. The nursery was half-destroyed, a gaping hole exposing it to the elements. Both moved some of the rubble aside with their wands to reveal not only the floor but what was on it. The first things that they saw were the bodies of their respective spouses. Lily lay in front of Caspian and Sofia's crib; her red hair splayed out like a blood-red halo, that last look of defiance etched onto her porcelain visage and still showing in her glazed emerald eyes. Frank lay in the same state as Lily in front of Laurel and Neville's crib; his gentle features showing determined defiance, his forest eyes still showing the echo of an angry flash, his mahogany hair tousled around his head.

"Oh...oh my." Alice gasped. Frank was dead and it was not through her own machinations.

"Lily." James said softly. The more human part of him was somewhat sad at the loss of the woman who so loved him, if only artificially, but the main part of him simply thought, oh well...it was fun while it lasted. The odd thing was that neither Lily's or Frank's wands were around. Between the two dead bodies they found something most peculiar. A crumpled black cloak was there, all covered in ash.

"Do you think?" Alice asked.

"Yes, I do." James said. Two children wailing loudly broke them out of their musings and James and Alice rushed over to the cribs holding their children. The children crying so loudly were not the true saviours but their twins. Looking upon them both James and Alice gasped at the cuts on their children's cheeks. Alice tenderly cradled her daughter as James did the same to his son. Both of them were absolutely certain that it was Caspian and Laurel who defeated Lord Voldemort for, unlike Neville and Sofia, they were awake and, unlike Neville and Sofia, their cuts still bled. Also, the cut on Laurel's left cheek was in the shape of a heart, the symbol of happiness and love and the cut on Caspian's right cheek was a cross, the symbol of purity and goodness. Both of them were so proud, so certain that they had saviours for children. They did, all right, but not the ones they thought.

They sent a patronus message to Albus Dumbledore right away and he arrived promptly. Upon examination of all four children, he agreed with James and Alice's conclusions. He told them that both Caspian and Laurel had clearly survived the killing curse for the residue was around their cuts. Also, the symbols that their cuts were shaped as were clear indicators. Lastly, They were still awake, clearly their was much power to behold if they were still awake after such an ordeal.

Conversely, he discounted any thoughts of Neville and Sofia having anything to do with the dark lord's downfall. For one, they weren't even awake. Then, their scars were not of any significant symbol although the residue clung even more thickly around them. Lastly, they were just that, scars, already healed. And so the leader of the light concluded, upon seeing the plaster bits in each crib, that Neville and Sofia must have been cut by the plaster which was charged by the wild magic that had destroyed Lord Voldemort. This plaster created scars that could not be healed. It was nothing more, he was sure. But if only he had not gotten it flip-flopped.

The news that two toddlers had defeated such a feared lord as Lord Voldemort spread fast, being published in a special edition of the Daily Profit the very next morning. Nobody truly and completely believed it until Albus Dumbledore himself along with James Potter and Alice longbottom held a press conference.

"Let it be known," Dumbledore proclaimed, "that on the night of October 31, 1991, two children defeated Lord Voldemort, the most feared dark lord since Salazar Slytherin himself. They were each hit with a killing curse sent by Voldemort and reflected it back on him, becoming the first people ever to survive said curse. Let it be known that Caspian James Potter and Laurel Alice Longbottom are the boy and girl who lived." And from there everything changed. From there two children were thrust into the limelight and treated like royalty. From there two children were shoved back into the shadows and treated like arrant pests. But it would be a considerable amount of time until the wizarding world found out the mistake it had made for Neville Franklin Longbottom and Sofia Lillian Potter were the true boy and girl who lived.