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Chapter 1: Wishful Thinking

Harry Potter was an accomplished, self-made man. He was an anomaly, breaking records and doing the impossible. To date, he was the youngest head Auror ever, at age twenty five. He was one of the most powerful men currently on the planet, feared by dark wizards, and praised by citizens of the light. He even had his own chocolate frog card, currently framed on the wall. The back read:

"Harry Potter is best known for his achievements in the Defense Against The Dark Arts. Known to many as The Chosen One, Harry fought and brought down the Dark Lord Voldemort at his height of power. He is the only one known to have survived the killing curse, dubbing him The Boy Who Lived. Among other achievements, Harry has slain a Basilisk, brought down a Nudu, fought a Horntail, and is fighting for rights of Werewolves everywhere. He has been elected to Wizengamot, and was mentored by the Slayer of Grindelwald himself, Dumbledore. It is rumored that Harry has even fulfilled the legend of the Deathly Hallows, becoming The Master of Death. The currently resides in London with his wife and child."

The other side of the card had a portrait of Harry holding the Sword of Gryffindor planted, which was into the ground, with one hand and holding his wand in the other. His cloaked tossed and tumbled with wind, and his piercing green eyes completed the picture. Harry walked over and removed the card from the frame and put it in his pocket. The card was actually given to him by Ron. It actually reminded him of their first meeting. Nostalgia, he was a bit too young for that, or maybe not.

However, even with all this, Harry was unsatisfied with his life. He was forced into the spotlight by a prophecy that resulted in the murder of his mother and father, and the deaths of countless others whom he held dear. He was constantly fighting dark wizards, and it was only the sense of duty to those who gave their life for him that kept Harry going. He had little time to watch his son James grow up, play Quidditch, or even just take time to just sit around and do nothing.

Most of all, he wanted his youthful years back. The time he spent in Hogwarts. He never got to properly enjoy it, it was always watching his back and making sure he didn't die. He wished he could have grown up with the Marauders themselves. They knew how to have a good time, darkness and danger cast aside as a simple obstacle in the way.

A small grin found its way onto Harry's face. That would be nice. Being with Sirius and Remus again. He missed the two more than his parents, since he actually had the time to know them. Harry sighed as he imagined what Sirius would be saying at the moment, "Harry, your still young, you got to kick back and have fun. Heck, your twenty sixth birthday is tomorrow, lighten up!"

Yeah, that was what he would have said.

Harry stood on the balcony of his house. It was cold, right in the middle of winter. Snow was falling gently from the sky to the ground. The scene was magical to say the least. Harry gazed up at the sky. He had done it. He had made it through most of his life. But that was the thing that bothered him. What now? What was he to do now? He had heard people say it all the time. Let go of the past. The past...

Harry took the chocolate frog card off the wall and put it into his pocket for the night. He then went through his usual rituals to go to bed.

Harry got into bed and lay silent for a couple minutes, an arm around his wife and staring out the window. It was still cold though. Harry brought his blankets closer to him. Harry laid there for quite some time, staring off into the winter snow. When he finally started to feel drowsy, a streak of light lit up the sky. Harry heard Ginny mumble, "Make a wish..."

Harry thumbed the chocolate frog card in his pocket. Harry pulled it out and put it onto his nightstand. He knew what he wanted, but it was impossible. Harry spoke silently to himself, "I wish I had a second chance... Maybe to do it the Marauder way..." And those were the last thoughts Harry had as he dozed off into blissful sleep, thinking of what happened, and what might have been.